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What are the lds leatherette scriptures?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) publishes several different editions of the scriptures used in their faith. These include the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. One popular format for these scriptures is a leatherette-bound version.

Overview of LDS Scriptures

The LDS scriptures include the following texts:

  • The Bible – Both the Old and New Testaments
  • The Book of Mormon – Considered another testament of Jesus Christ
  • The Doctrine and Covenants – A collection of revelations and teachings
  • The Pearl of Great Price – A selection of writings and translations

Members of the LDS Church view these works as divinely inspired scripture. The church publishes official versions of these texts through their publishing company, Deseret Book. In addition to paperback editions, they also produce bonded leather and leatherette versions.

What is Leatherette?

Leatherette refers to a material that resembles leather but is not made from animal hide. It consists of a cloth base coated with a plastic polymer and embossed with a leather-like texture and grain. The term “leatherette” is based on the French word “cuir” which means leather.

Compared to genuine leather, leatherette is less expensive to manufacture. It is also sometimes called imitation leather or faux leather. Leatherette is durable, flexible, and water-resistant while maintaining the look and feel of real leather.

Benefits of Leatherette Scriptures

There are several advantages to the LDS leatherette scriptures:

  • Durability – Leatherette is very durable and lasts a long time with regular use.
  • Affordability – Leatherette scriptures cost significantly less than bonded leather versions.
  • Appearance – Leatherette has an attractive leather-like grain and sheen.
  • Lightweight – Leatherette scriptures are lighter weight than their leather counterparts.
  • Easy Care – Leatherette wipes clean easily with just soap and water.
  • Flexibility – Leatherette covers flex and bend without cracking or getting damaged.

For these reasons, many LDS church members opt for leatherette scriptures over leather versions. The leatherette offers excellent durability and appearance while remaining budget-friendly.

Features of LDS Leatherette Scriptures

The LDS leatherette scriptures published by Deseret Book have the following features:

  • Durable synthetic leatherette cover
  • Available in black, brown, burgundy, and blue colors
  • Each volume contains the 2013 edition of the scriptural text
  • 16 pages of full-color artwork and maps
  • Chapter headings and footnotes
  • Two ribbon markers in each book
  • Page edges stained with metallic silver, gold, or bronze leaf
  • Size of approximately 6″ x 9″
  • Sold individually or as a 4-volume set

The leatherette scriptures are available with either silver, gold, or bronze page edging. This metallic edging gives the closed book a beautiful gilded appearance while also protecting the pages. Ribbon bookmarks in complementary colors are also included.

Pricing for Leatherette Scripture Sets

The LDS leatherette scriptures are very affordably priced, especially compared to leather. Here are the prices for the 4-volume sets as of September 2023:

Cover Color Page Edging Price
Black Silver $69.99
Brown Gold $79.99
Burgundy Bronze $79.99
Blue Silver $79.99

The individual book prices range from $13.99 to $19.99 each. As shown above, the silver edged black leatherette set is the most affordable at just under $70. However, the other colors and edge styles have great prices as well for a complete 4-volume scripture set.

Buying Options

There are several ways that LDS members can purchase leatherette scriptures:

  • Deseret Book website – Order scriptures directly from for shipment to home.
  • Deseret Book stores – Visit a retail location to buy in person.
  • LDS Distribution Centers – Pick up or order for shipment from a local distribution center.
  • Phone orders – Call Deseret Book customer service at 800-453-4532 to order over the phone.

Deseret Book often runs sales and promotions both online and in-store. So it pays to keep an eye out for leatherette scripture deals throughout the year.

Reasons LDS Members Purchase Leatherette Scriptures

There are several common reasons that LDS members purchase leatherette scriptures for their personal use:

  • Less expensive than leather for new members or those on a tight budget
  • Good option for younger children and teens
  • More durable than paperback editions
  • Easier to transport to church than large print editions
  • Stylish appearance for gift-giving occasions
  • replacing worn outolder scriptures
  • Matching set for newlyweds or missionary send-offs
  • Lighter weight than leather makes it ideal for travel

Leatherette combines affordability, appearance, and durability that appeals to many LDS church members. It offers a great middle ground option between paperback and premium leather.

Caring for Leatherette Scriptures

With proper care, leatherette scriptures can last many years. Here are some tips for caring for leatherette scripture covers:

  • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight to avoid drying out the material
  • Avoid letting the books get wet or submerging in water
  • Use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe away any dirt or dust
  • Clean with gentle soap and water solution if needed
  • Store upright on a book shelf when possible to avoid slumping
  • Use book covers or bags during transport to prevent scuffing
  • Apply a leather conditioner very sparingly if covers become dry

Don’t use harsh cleaners, bleach, or abrasive brushes on the leatherette covers. With proper care, the leatherette should maintain its flexibility and appearance for many years of study and reading.

Significance of Scriptures for Latter-day Saints

Scripture study is deeply important to members of the LDS faith. The church places great emphasis on gaining spiritual knowledge and drawing closer to God through regular, thoughtful reading of the scriptures. They believe the texts contain ancient and modern revelation that provides divine guidance and teaches gospel principles for living.

Latter-day Saints generally encourage frequent personal and family scripture study sessions. Many follow a reading plan to study sequentially through the standard works. The leatherette-bound volumes facilitate this goal of regular study and application of teachings in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.


For Latter-day Saints wishing to have an attractive, affordable set of scriptures for study and worship, the LDS leatherette scriptures offer a great option. Their durable faux leather covers, color choices, ribbon markers, gilded pages, and approachable pricing make them an ideal choice for many church members. With proper care and handling, these leatherette volumes can provide many years of devoted scripture reading.