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What are the colors of the vape pen power settings?

Vape pens have become increasingly popular over the last decade as a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis concentrates. Most vape pens have variable temperature settings that allow the user to customize their vaping experience. These temperature settings are often correlated with different colors that denote the heat level. In this article, we’ll take a look at the common vape pen power setting colors and what they mean.

Vape Pen Basics

First, let’s go over some vape pen basics for those who may be unfamiliar with how these devices work. A vape pen is a portable, battery-powered device used to vaporize cannabis concentrates, dry herb, or e-liquids. Vape pens heat these materials at much lower temperatures than combustion, resulting in smoother, lighter vapor rather than smoke. This vapor is then inhaled by the user.

Most vape pens have three main components: a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge or tank. The battery powers the heating element known as the atomizer. The atomizer vaporizes the material in the cartridge or tank. Cartridges are prefilled with cannabis oil, while tanks require the user to manually fill them with cannabis e-liquid or oil.

Vape pens are controlled through variable voltage or variable temperature settings. Variable voltage pens allow the user to adjust the voltage supplied to the atomizer, which in turn adjusts the heat level. Variable temperature pens enable precise control of the heating coil temperature. Most pens have an LED indicator that displays the current voltage or temperature setting.

Voltage and Temperature Settings

So what do the different color and heat settings mean on a vape pen? Here is a quick rundown of the common heat ranges and their effects:

  • Low settings (3.0-3.6V or 200°F-300°F): Produces lighter, wispier vapor that is easier on the throat. Brings out lighter, subtler flavor notes.
  • Medium settings (3.6-4.2V or 300°F-400°F): Provides a balance of vapor density and flavor. Considered ideal settings by most.
  • High settings (4.2V+ or 400°F+): Generates thick, dense clouds of vapor. Brings out strong, more complex flavors.

Higher temperature settings tend to produce bigger clouds and stronger effects, while lower temps provide a milder, more restrained experience. However, going too high can potentially burn the material and produce harsh, irritating vapor. It’s generally best to start low and gradually increase to find your optimal setting.

Common Vape Pen Setting Colors

Now let’s look at the specific colors used for vape pen power settings and what they represent:

Color Voltage Range Temperature Range
Green 3.0-3.4V 200°F-300°F
Blue 3.4-3.8V 300°F-350°F
Purple 3.8-4.2V 350°F-400°F
Red 4.2-4.8V 400°F-450°F
White or Pink 4.8-5.0V 450°F-500°F

As you can see, the colors correspond to increasing voltage and temperature ranges, with green at the lowest end and white/pink at the highest. Let’s take a closer look at each color:

Green Settings

Green represents the coolest and lowest power setting on most vape pens. At 3.0-3.4V or 200°F-300°F, the green setting produces mild, wispy vapor that is smooth and easy on the throat. Flavors come through lightly but cleanly. This temp is ideal for vaping CBD and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids.

Blue Settings

Blue indicates slightly warmer settings in the 3.4-3.8V or 300°F-350°F range. Vapor production and effects increase, providing a nice balance between flavor and density. This is considered the ideal temp range for many vapers.

Purple Settings

Purple corresponds to medium-high settings from 3.8-4.2V or 350°F-400°F. Expect noticeably denser, thicker clouds with stronger effects. Flavor comes through very nicely as well. Most vapers settle on purple settings for their daily use.

Red Settings

Once you get to the red zone, you’re entering higher voltage and temp territory from 4.2-4.8V or 400°F-450°F. These settings crank up vapor production to the max and deliver intensely potent hits. Flavors come through very strongly. Red settings provide an intense vaping experience best suited for occasional use.

White or Pink Settings

At the top end of the spectrum, white or pink represents the maximum power settings from 4.8-5.0V or 450°F-500°F. In this range, vapor is incredibly dense and can be quite harsh. While flavors are very pronounced, the experience may not be pleasant. Pink/white temps are generally too hot for most vapers and risk combusting the material.

Temperature Control Settings

Some advanced vape pens also offer temperature control (TC) settings. Rather than preset wattages, TC mods allow you to manually dial in a specific temp. Common TC range options include:

  • 300°F-600°F (150°C – 315°C)
  • 200°F-500°F (100°C – 260°C)
  • 100°F-300°F (50°C – 150°C)

With these custom TC settings, you can truly fine-tune the perfect temp for your needs. The full spectrum gives flexibility for light, terpene-forward sessions or huge vapor production.

Key Takeaways

To summarize the key points about vape pen power setting colors:

  • Settings are correlated to voltage, temperature, vapor production, and effects.
  • Lower settings produce lighter vapor, while higher settings make denser, thicker vapor.
  • Common colors include green, blue, purple, red, and white/pink from lowest to highest.
  • Higher temps bring out more flavors but can be harsh. Lower temps are smoother.
  • Most vapers settle on medium settings in the blue to purple range.
  • Temperature control mods allow full customization of heat settings.

Experimenting with the various color-coded heat settings on your vape pen can help you find your perfect temperature for flavor, smoothness, and effects. Be sure to start low and work your way up slowly for the best experience. With the right settings, your vape pen can deliver pure vaping bliss.


Vape pen power settings are commonly correlated to colors that make it easy to gauge the temperature range. Lower green and blue settings produce lighter vapor, while medium purple and high red settings make dense, potent vapor clouds. Most vapers enjoy medium temps in the blue to purple ranges. Temperature control mods allow full customization from very low to extremely hot temps. The ability to fine-tune heat settings gives vape pens versatility across many styles of vaping. Understanding the color-coded heat spectrum helps ensure you find your ideal vape pen settings for flavor, smoothness, and effects.