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What are the colors for the 100th anniversary of Disneyland?

Disneyland is gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2055. As part of the celebrations, Disney has announced special commemorative colors that will be used throughout the resort. These signature colors will likely appear on merchandise, food packaging, attraction décor, and more. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind the colors selected for this momentous milestone.

The Colors

Disney revealed four main colors for the 100th anniversary:

  • Celebration Gold – A vibrant, shimmery gold color that represents joy and optimism.
  • Ethereal Azure – A bright, sky blue hue that evokes a sense of magic and fantasy.
  • Cherished Crimson – A rich, deep red that symbolizes passion and cherished memories.
  • Nostalgic Teal – A soothing, greenish-blue that calls to mind nostalgia and the history of Disneyland.

In addition to these four signature colors, Disney noted that more traditional Disney colors like royal purple, sorcerer blue, and pixie dust gold will also likely be incorporated into anniversary celebrations.

Behind the Color Choices

According to Disney designers, each color was carefully selected for its symbolic meaning and ability to represent different aspects of the 100th celebration. Here’s a closer look at the inspiration behind each hue:

Celebration Gold

The vibrant gold shade pays homage to some of Disney’s most treasured icons like Cinderella’s Castle and magical Moments. Gold has long been part of Disney’s color palette, used in everything from the original Mickey Mouse cartoons to princess ball gowns. For the 100th, designers wanted a bold, shimmery gold that feels both timeless and forward-looking.

Ethereal Azure

The clear sky blue color is meant to capture the feeling of soaring into a world of fantasy and make-believe. Disneyland has always been a place where people can let their imaginations run free, and this cool, airy blue reflects that magical, whimsical spirit. It’s the color of the vast storytelling potential that lives at the heart of Disney.

Cherished Crimson

Disney parks inspire deep emotional connections and treasured memories for many guests. The rich crimson red was chosen to symbolize that passion while also giving a nod to classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse. Red feels celebratory and lively, perfect for commemorating 100 years of Disney magic.

Nostalgic Teal

With 100 years of history behind it, Disneyland carries a strong sense of nostalgia for long-time fans. The calming teal blue represents that nostalgic feeling while pointing to Disneyland’s continued evolution and forward momentum into the future. It’s a color that celebrates the resort’s storied history and looks ahead to the next 100 years.

Using the Colors

Disney revealed some of the ways these signature colors will likely be incorporated throughout the Disneyland resort for the anniversary celebration:

Location Color Usage
Attractions Ride vehicles, marquees, and queue designs will feature the colors
Merchandise 100th anniversary souvenirs and apparel will use the colors
Food Packaging Cups, bags, and boxes will contain the colors
Castle Sleeping Beauty Castle will feature gold and blue decor
Decor Banners, bunting, and other décor will use the colors

Disney has said they want the anniversary colors to create visual continuity and harmony throughout the resort. Expect to see the hues on everything from guide maps to hotel room keys when you visit Disneyland in 2055!

Merchandise Preview

Disney has already started giving sneak peeks at some of the 100th anniversary merchandise that will feature the commemorative colors. Here are some of the new products revealed so far:

Celebration Ears

Mickey Mouse ears in anniversary gold with blue and red accents. Retro-inspired design.

Spirit Jersey

A sparkly blue spirit jersey with red and gold embroidery. The back features a vintage-style Mickey Mouse in an old-fashioned car.

Commemorative Pin Set

A limited release, boxed set of four pins, each featuring one of the anniversary colors along with classic Disney characters and attractions.

Color Collection Dress

A dress sporting all four colors in a bold, geometric print. Part of the Disney Parks Designer Collection.

Castle Key and Coaster Set

A set including a gold drink coaster and a blue-hued key designed like the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

These previews offer just a small sampling of the extensive line of products Disney is planning for the milestone event. Collectors and longtime Disney fans will have plenty of commemorative items to choose from as 2055 approaches.

Food and Beverages

Disney’s culinary team has already begun brainstorming food and beverage options to tie into the 100th colors and branding. While no concrete menu items have been revealed yet, here are some possibilities we may see at Disneyland in 2055:

  • A shimmery gold anniversary cocktail garnished with pixie dust sugar
  • Blue milkshakes and cotton candy
  • Red velvet cupcakes with blue buttercream frosting
  • Popcorn boxes and souvenir cups sporting the colors
  • A specialty anniversary dessert served in a gold-rimmed bowl
  • Sparkling apples or caramel apples dipped in blue, red, or gold candy coatings
  • Teal-colored foods and drinks featuring matcha, blue spirulina, or butterfly pea flower

Food has become an increasingly important part of the Disney parks experience, and the cuisine for the 100th will likely be reminiscent of both classic snacks and more innovative offerings. With 30+ years to plan, Disney’s culinary team will surely dream up delicious eats to delight guests in 2055!


Disneyland’s 100th anniversary is still decades away, but plans are already kicking off for what will be an incredible worldwide celebration. The commemorative colors – Celebration Gold, Ethereal Azure, Cherished Crimson, and Nostalgic Teal – will form the backdrop for the festivities, adding beautiful visual harmony and deeper meaning. These signature hues speak to Disneyland’s storied past, magical essence, and bright future. As 2055 draws nearer, expect to see Disney roll out even more exciting announcements regarding attractions, entertainment, merchandise, food, and other surprises they have in store to honor 100 years of The Happiest Place on Earth.

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