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What are the bridesmaid colors for April?

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress colors for an April wedding can be a fun but challenging process for brides. April weddings are associated with springtime, which opens up a wide range of color palette options. Ultimately, the bride should select bridesmaid colors that complement her own wedding vision and style.

Popular April Bridesmaid Colors

Here are some of the most popular bridesmaid dress color choices for April weddings:


Pastel colors like light pink, mint, lavender, and peach perfectly capture the delicate feeling of spring. These soft hues look gorgeous against April’s natural backdrop of blooming flowers and budding trees. Pastels also photograph beautifully in outdoor settings.


Yellow is a sunny springtime color that evokes feelings of warmth and happiness. From pale lemon to bright daffodil, yellow suits both casual and formal April weddings. It looks especially lovely alongside April’s popular pastel palette.


Green bridesmaid dresses align perfectly with April’s renewal of nature. Fresh, vivid greens like emerald and lime reflect the verdant spring scenery. For a more muted look, sage and olive green offer sophisticated options.


Blue is a soothing, peaceful color that pairs nicely with April’s spring vibe. From powder blue to navy, blue bridesmaid dresses capture the colors of April’s cloudless skies and waterways. Cornflower and periwinkle blue are whimsical pastel choices.


Coral is a vibrant spring shade that adds energetic pops of color. Ranging from soft salmon to rich melon, coral looks stunning against April’s colorful blooms. It’s eye-catching yet completely natural for a spring celebration.

Factors to Consider

When selecting bridesmaid dress colors for an April wedding, here are some factors for brides to consider:


Consider how the bridesmaid colors will look against the wedding venue’s backdrop. For example, pastels suit outdoor venues beautifully while deeper tones may stand out better against urban backdrops.


Coordinate the bridesmaid dresses with floral choices. Soft pastel bridesmaid gowns complement spring blossoms while vibrant shades like coral pop against neutral flowers.


Formal black tie weddings call for richer jewel tones while casual venues allow for lighter, brighter hues. The bridesmaid color palette should match the overall formality.

Skin Tones

Choose colors that complement the skin tones of all the bridesmaids. Cooler hues like blue and green suit fairer complexions while warmer shades like coral and yellow flatter darker skin tones.

Personal Style

Take each bridesmaid’s personal style into account. Bolder brides can pull off vivid shades while shyer maids may prefer muted pastels. Aim for colors they will feel comfortable and confident in.

Popular Color Combinations

Blending two or more hue in the bridesmaid dresses creates a cohesive, complementary look. Here are some popular April bridesmaid color combinations:

Color Palette Description
Mint, peach, and lavender Soft pastel trio evoking flowers and sunrise
Lemon and robin’s egg blue Bright citrus paired with soothing blue
Coral and sage green Vibrant coral pops against earthy green
Yellow, gray, and blush Sunny yellow with elegant neutrals
Navy and metallics Navy blue with shimmering golds and silvers

Blending complementary hues creates a cohesive, vibrant palette reflecting April’s exuberance of color.

Choosing Accent Colors

Accent colors are secondary hues that harmonize with the main bridesmaid dress shades. They can be incorporated through:

  • Sashes
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Clutches
  • Wraps or jackets

Popular April accent colors include:


Classic white complements any bridesmaid hue as sashes, jewelry, or clutches for a springtime look.


Gold, silver, and copper metallics add glamorous accent notes befitting April’s celebrations.


Incorporating fresh green accents reflects April’s new foliage in a charming way.

Vivid Brights

Pops of vibrant oranges, reds, or violets make lively contrasting accents against softer bridesmaid hues.


Cream, tan, brown, and gray neutrals provide classic accent pairings with any color scheme.


April offers brides an abundance of gorgeous options for bridesmaid colors. From cheerful pastels to vibrant jewel tones, the possibilities reflect springtime’s colorful blooms and optimism. When selecting hues, consider the wedding style, venue, seasonality, and how colors complement each other and the bridesmaids themselves. With thoughtful color choices, April brides can create a cohesive, polished bridesmaid look that reflects the joys of springtime.