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What are Hogwarts dorms called?

What are Hogwarts dorms called?

The four Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter series – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff – each have their own dormitories where students sleep and spend time together. The dorms are located in different parts of Hogwarts Castle and have unique characteristics representing the traits of each house. Knowing the names and locations of the house dormitories provides insight into the houses and their members.

Gryffindor Dormitory

The Gryffindor dormitories are located in one of the castle’s towers, known as Gryffindor Tower. The entrance is located on the seventh floor behind a portrait of the Fat Lady that swings open when the correct password is given.

The Gryffindor common room is a circular space decorated in the house colors of scarlet and gold. It has a cozy feel with squashy armchairs, tables for studying and socializing, and a fireplace. The dormitories are accessed through doors leading off from the common room.

There are separate dormitories for boys and girls. The boys’ dormitory is located up a spiral staircase to the left, while the girls’ dormitory is up a spiral staircase to the right. Each dorm room has four-poster beds with deep crimson hangings and gold linens.

Gryffindor Tower provides commanding views of the school grounds, including the Quidditch pitch, reinforcing the daring and adventurous spirit of the house. The tower’s height requires bravery to climb all those moving staircases!

Slytherin Dormitory

The Slytherin dormitories are found down in the dungeons of Hogwarts Castle. The entrance is a damp stone wall located in the dungeons and is concealed from view. To open it, a password must be spoken in front of it.

The Slytherin common room has a grand atmosphere with greenish lamps and chairs sumptuously upholstered in buttoned leather. The dungeon extends under the lake, and the light from it casts flickering green reflections across the common room. The dormitories lead off from the common room down corridors lit with green-flamed torches.

The boys’ and girls’ dormitories are separate and contain four-poster beds covered in emerald green silk quilts and hung with emerald velvet curtains. The dormitory windows provide views into the depths of the lake, where creatures like the giant squid and merpeople can sometimes be seen.

The secluded dungeon location and greenish lighting reflects the sly and cunning nature of this house. Slytherins also pride themselves on their ambition and heritage, which the grand scale of their dormitory accommodations reinforces.

Ravenclaw Dormitory

The Ravenclaw dormitories and common room are located in one of the castle’s towers known as Ravenclaw Tower on the west side. The entrance is located on a spiral staircase behind a door with a bronze eagle knocker. To enter, a riddle proposed by the eagle knocker must be solved.

The Ravenclaw common room is wide and circular with a domed ceiling painted with stars. Tables, chairs, and bookcases furnish the room, and a statue of the house founder Rowena Ravenclaw sits beside the door into the dormitories. The dormitories are accessed through a door decorated with a bronze eagle knocker that asks riddles to enter.

Both the boys’ and girls’ dormitories contain four-poster beds with blue and bronze silk curtains and linens. The Ravenclaw dormitory windows provide stellar views of the surrounding mountains.

The airy, stargazing atmosphere of the Ravenclaw dorms suits the intelligence and individuality embraced by its members. The entrance riddles also keep one’s mind sharp!

Hufflepuff Dormitory

The Hufflepuff dormitories are located near the castle’s kitchens, down the same corridor as the still life painting that forms the entrance. To enter, the painting’s pear must be tickled, which giggles and transforms into a green door handle.

The Hufflepuff basement is earthy with low ceilings and circular windows that allow sunlight in. The common room is decorated in warm colors like yellow and has overstuffed sofas and armchairs. The dormitories are also accessed through doors in the common room.

Both the boys’ and girls’ dormitories have four-poster beds hung with patchwork quilts. The dormitory windows are level with the ground, providing views of rippling grass and dandelions.

The cozy warmth of the Hufflepuff dorms provides a friendly, welcoming environment that reflects the loyalty of its members. The proximity to the kitchens also reinforces the house’s association with hard work and dedication.

Key Differences Between the Dorms

While the Hogwarts house dormitories share some common elements like four-poster beds and house colors, there are distinctions between them that reflect the core values of each house:

House Dormitory Location Distinguishing Traits
Gryffindor Gryffindor Tower Tall tower, commanding views, red and gold decor
Slytherin Dungeons Under the lake, greenish lighting, grandeur
Ravenclaw Ravenclaw Tower Airy, domed ceiling with stars, bronze and blue
Hufflepuff Basement near kitchens Earthy, sunny, circular windows, yellow and black


While all Hogwarts students share classes, meals, and common spaces, the house dormitories are unique spaces that cultivate house identity and community. Their locations and decor reflect the core values and traits emphasized by each house founder. Gryffindors dwell in brave heights, Slytherins in shadowy grandeur, Ravenclaws in lofty wisdom, and Hufflepuffs in down-to-earth warmth. Knowing the names and locations of the dorms provides deeper insight into the houses and their members. Though the houses compete on the Quidditch pitch and for the House Cup, the dorms remind readers that Hogwarts students are united by their shared home in the castle.