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What are friendship roses?

What are friendship roses?

Friendship roses, also known as rainbow roses, are a beautiful and symbolic gift to give to friends. As the name suggests, these roses represent friendship, loyalty, and lasting bonds. In this article, we will explore what exactly friendship roses are, what they symbolize, tips for gifting them, and how to care for them.

What Are Friendship Roses?

Friendship roses are rose bushes that have been specially grafted to produce multicolored blooms on a single stem. The grafting process involves joining different rose plant stems together through specialized methods to grow as one plant. This allows the bush to produce roses in an array of colors all on one stem.

The most common colors seen on friendship rose stems are:

  • Red – Represents love and romance
  • White – Symbolizes purity and innocence
  • Yellow – Stands for friendship and joy
  • Orange – Indicates enthusiasm and fascination
  • Pink – Expresses admiration and sympathy
  • Purple – Signifies enchantment and charm

When several of these rose colors come together in a single bloom, it creates a visually striking effect. The vibrant rainbow of colors is a beautiful representation of the diverse qualities that make up solid friendships.

Meaning and Symbolism of Friendship Roses

Beyond just their lovely appearance, friendship roses also carry a symbolic meaning about relationships. Each color has its own significance, but when combined, they represent the multi-faceted nature of true friendships. Here is an overview of the symbolism behind each color:


The red roses intermixed with other colorful blooms represent the love shared between best friends. Red roses are iconic symbols of romantic love, but in the context of friendship roses, the red instead signifies the deep bonds that form between true friends.


White roses indicate the purity and innocence of new friendships in their early stages. As the friendship grows over time, the white roses symbolize the trust that continues to strengthen the connection.


Yellow roses in a friendship bouquet represent the joy and happiness that friends bring to your life. They also stand for the ability to keep spirits high during difficult times through unwavering support.


Orange roses signify the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from sharing life’s adventures with friends who share your passions. They represent the wonder that comes from exploring new things together.


The pink roses convey gentle, heartfelt affection towards close girlfriends. Pink blooms also symbolize sweetness, grace, and admiration for the positive feminine qualities that girlfriends bring out in each other.


Regal purple roses indicate the magical feeling that comes from connecting deeply with a kindred-spirit friend. The enchanting violet shade represents the magnetic draw that brings and keeps soulmate friendships together.

How to Gift Friendship Roses

Giving a bouquet of friendship roses makes for a touching gift for any special friend. Here are some tips on how to select and give rainbow roses:

Pick a Variety of Colors

For the most meaningful bouquet, choose one featuring the complete spectrum of colored roses. Each color has a unique significance, so the full rainbow best represents the multi-dimensional nature of true friendships.

Add Greenery and Accents

Compliment the colorful roses with fresh greenery like ferns or ivy and decorative accents. Some popular friendship rose bouquet additions include:

  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus
  • Myrtle
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Iris
  • Ribbon or twine

Pick a Vase

For presenting the roses, select a sturdy vase in the friend’s favorite color. Glass, crystal, or porcelain vases all make lovely gifts that can be enjoyed even after the roses are gone. Consider including a custom message engraved or etched onto the vase.

Include a Heartfelt Card

A personalized card with a meaningful message emphasizes the significance behind the roses. Share sentiments about the qualities you admire in your friend and the positive impact they’ve made in your life.

Deliver in Person When Possible

Giving the roses in person allows you to see your friend’s reaction and delight in their excitement. If a visit isn’t feasible, opt for fast shipping to ensure the roses arrive looking their freshest.

Caring for Friendship Roses

With proper care, friendship rose bouquets can last one to two weeks. Follow these tips for maximizing the life of your rainbow roses:

Trim Stems

Use a sharp knife or garden shears to trim 1-2 inches off the bottom of the stems. This opens up the stem to allow it to better absorb water.

Use a Clean Vase

Arrange the roses in a thoroughly cleaned vase filled with fresh water. Change the water every 2-3 days.

Keep Stems Hydrated

Recut the stems by an inch every few days to maintain their water intake ability. Remove any roses that start to wilt or deteriorate to prevent bacteria spread.

Display Out of Direct Sun

The colors will fade faster if placed in direct sunlight. Keep the roses in a cool spot out of intense light and heat.

Consider Refrigeration

You can prolong the life of the roses by chilling them. Keep the vase in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours at night and display as usual during the day.

Where to Buy Friendship Roses

You can find lovely rainbow rose options both online and at local florists. Here are some top places to buy friendship roses:

Online Florists

  • 1-800-Flowers – Offers same-day and next-day rainbow rose delivery.
  • UrbanStems – Ships beautiful, minimalist friendship rose bouquets nationwide.
  • The Bouqs Co. – Sustainably sourced roses shipped straight from eco-friendly farms.
  • Flora2000 – International company with friendship rose delivery in over 190 countries.

Local Flower Shops

Many brick-and-mortar florists also carry friendship roses. Check reviews and visit shops in person to evaluate quality. Local stores allow you to customize your bouquet on the spot.

Supermarkets and Online Retailers

Major supermarkets like Whole Foods and Safeway often have florist departments. Big-box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club get shipments of bulk roses. Online retailers like Amazon also offer friendship roses.

The Perfect Way to Show Your Friendship

Friendship roses are a uniquely meaningful gift that embodies the beautiful sentiment, “You fill my life with color.” The rainbow of blooms represents the joy, affection, and diversity of bonds shared between true friends. With proper care, these roses will continue brightening your friend’s day long after they’re received. So if you have a special friend who fills your heart and life with color, friendship roses are the perfect way to show your appreciation and celebrate your unbreakable connection.