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What are crystals used for spiritually?

What are crystals used for spiritually?

Crystals have been used for spiritual purposes throughout history in many cultures around the world. In recent decades, crystal healing has experienced a major revival and crystals are increasingly popular tools for spiritual development and wellbeing.

Crystals are believed to hold subtle energetic vibrational frequencies that can act as healing and elevating agents. According to crystal healing philosophy, different crystals have different metaphysical properties based on their composition, structure, origin, and color. When used with intention, crystals can purportedly bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

There are a number of ways that crystals are used for spiritual purposes:

  • Crystal healing – Using crystals in energy healing sessions or placing them on the body to promote overall wellbeing
  • Chakra clearing and balancing – Using particular crystals to unblock and bring your chakras into alignment
  • Meditation – Holding crystals during meditation to facilitate focus and connection
  • Manifestation – Programming crystals with your intentions and desires to amplify manifestation potential
  • Protection – Using crystals known for protective qualities to ward off negative energy and influences
  • Divination – Consulting crystals by gazing into them to gain spiritual insight and guidance
  • Connecting to higher realms – Using crystals to connect with angels, spirit guides and higher dimensional energies
  • Raising vibration – Using high vibration crystals to elevate your personal vibration and consciousness

The type of crystal used depends on the specific intention and desired effect. Certain crystals are considered to have innate attributes that make them better suited to particular spiritual uses.

Crystal Healing

In crystal healing, practitioners place crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to chakra locations, or use crystals as massage tools to promote physical and emotional healing. This is based on the premise that crystals can act as conduits for restorative energies from the earth and universe to address imbalances and blockages in the body’s energy field or aura.

Some examples of crystals used for crystal healing and their metaphysical meanings include:

  • Amethyst – Stress relief, calm, inner peace
  • Rose Quartz – Unconditional love, self-love, emotional healing
  • Carnelian – Creativity, motivation, vitality
  • Green Aventurine – Heart-centered balance, emotional resilience
  • Clear Quartz – Harmony, clarity, amplification of intentions
  • Fluorite – Mental clarity, focus, releasing stuck energies
  • Hematite – Vitality, grounding, EMF protection
  • Jasper – Nurturing earth energy, courage, stability

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Chakras are the main energy centers of the body according to eastern philosophy. When chakras become blocked or imbalanced, it can manifest in physical or mental-emotional issues. Crystals are commonly used to clear, align, and balance the chakras.

The seven main chakras and their associated crystals are:

  • Root chakra – Red and black stones like hematite, garnet, red jasper, obsidian
  • Sacral chakra – Orange stones like carnelian, orange calcite, tiger’s eye
  • Solar plexus chakra – Yellow stones like citrine, golden topaz, yellow calcite
  • Heart chakra – Green and pink stones like rose quartz, jade, emerald, malachite
  • Throat chakra – Blue and turquoise stones like sodalite, blue lace agate, aquamarine
  • Third eye chakra – Indigo, lavender and purple stones like amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire
  • Crown chakra – Violet, clear and white stones like clear quartz, selenite, amethyst

You can place appropriate chakra stones on the corresponding chakra, visualize their energy radiating into the chakra, or hold chakra crystals during meditation.


Due to their calming and focusing effects, crystals are excellent meditation aids. Holding a stone in each hand or placing them on the body can help still the mind, deepen awareness, and promote a greater sense of peace.

Some of the most popular meditation crystals are:

  • Amethyst – Brings clarity and spiritual connectedness
  • Lapis lazuli – Instills wisdom, insight, truth
  • Quartz – Amplifies focus, mindfulness and energy
  • Malachite – Removes stagnant energy, enhances emotional balance
  • Moonstone – Aligns you with lunar cycles, helps intuition
  • Obsidian – Strong grounding and protective energies


Due to their receptive energy structure, crystals can be programmed and used to amplify intentions and desired outcomes through the process of manifestation. This involves clearly stating your intention for the crystal, then visualizing this coming to fruition.

The most potent manifestation crystals are:

  • Citrine – Abundance, prosperity
  • Green aventurine – Opportunity, success in new endeavors
  • Carnelian – Creativity, confidence, boldness
  • Clear quartz – Power amplifier
  • Pyrite – Financial wealth and stability
  • Tiger’s eye – Willpower, determination, breaking through barriers

Ways to use crystals for manifestation include: holding the crystal in meditation and repeating your intention; putting the crystal under your pillow at night; and placing crystals in certain areas of your home or office related to your intention.


Due to their protective and cleansing attributes, some crystals are used metaphysically to guard against harmful energy, psychic attacks, EMFs, or negative vibrations and influences.

Protective crystals include:

  • Black tourmaline – Strongest all-purpose protector
  • Obsidian – Grounds, shields against negativity
  • Smoky quartz – Transmute negative energy to positive
  • Fluorite – Cleanses aura of muck and toxicity
  • Selenite – Shielding stone that reinforces the aura
  • Labradorite – Protects aura, intuition, mystic perception
  • Fire agate – Protective stone of courage and strength

You can place protective stones in your environment, hold onto them during vulnerable times, wear them as jewelry, or visualize enveloping yourself in their shielding energy.


Some crystals are used for the ancient practice of scrying, which involves gazing into a reflective surface to access intuitive wisdom, see future events, or communicate with other realms. Transparent, highly reflective crystals like clear quartz and obsidian are common scrying stones.

To scry, relax into a meditative state while gazing into your crystal. Let your eyes relax and hold a gentle focus, without straining. Be open to any images, symbols, or sensations. Clear quartz and amethyst in particular are considered potent divination tools to receive spiritual messages.

Connecting to Higher Realms

Due to their high vibration, some crystals are believed to activate mystical states and facilitate connecting with angels, spirit guides, and higher dimensional energies. These otherworldly stones have a refined, spiritual vibration.

Crystals for ascension and interdimensional work include:

  • Herkimer Diamond – Access to spiritual wisdom and Akashic records
  • Moldavite – Transformation, connection with celestial realms
  • Tanzanite – Communication with spirit guides and ascended masters
  • Petalite – Astral travel, incubation visions, out-of-body exploration
  • Brookite – Shift consciousness to higher perspectives
  • Natrolite – Channeling tool for interfacing with angels

Using crystals in meditation, energy work or sacred rituals allows consciousness to attune to more subtle dimensions of reality beyond the physical plane.

Raising Vibration

Some crystals emit high frequency energy that can elevate your personal vibration, consciousness and awareness when meditating with them. Many contain silica, which facilitates greater spiritual alignment.

High vibration crystals include:

  • Diamond – Purity, spiritual brilliance, enlightenment
  • Selenite – Access higher self, angelic connection
  • Moldavite – Rapid transformation and evolution
  • Tanzanite – Awakening to spirit realm
  • Azeztulite – Mystic crystal of the Nameless Light
  • Herkimer Diamond – Attunement with cosmic energy

Choosing high vibration crystals reinforces and expands your own vibrational patterns to help you evolve spiritually.

Selecting and Cleansing Crystals

When obtaining crystals, it is advisable to select ones that feel right energetically. The crystal chooses you as much as you choose it. Go with your intuition. Crystals from ethical and sustainable sources are ideal.

To cleanse new crystals or recharge ones you already have, there are several methods:

  • Soak in salt water overnight then rinse
  • Place in sunlight or moonlight
  • Smudge with palo santo, sage or incense
  • Bury in earth then rinse
  • Sound bath with gongs, chimes or bells
  • Pass through incense or crystal smoke
  • Place on rock crystal cluster or quartz geode

Using Crystals in Your Spiritual Practice

When working with crystals, proper care and respect is important. Crystals are not meant to take the place of inner work but rather enhance it. Here are some tips for using crystals consciously:

  • Treat your crystals as sentient tools to be honored
  • Pair with attunement practices like meditation, breathwork, energy healing
  • Create a sacred space by cleansing the energy
  • Clarify your intentions before beginning any crystal work
  • Trust your intuition and inner guidance when selecting crystals
  • Cleanse crystals regularly
  • Learn the unique energetic properties of different crystals
  • Journal to integrate crystal experiences

Working with crystals for spiritual purposes can be enriching but requires a respectful and thoughtful approach.

Types of Crystals and Their Uses

There are numerous crystals, each with unique properties that lend themselves to different spiritual uses. Here is an overview of some of the most popular types of crystals and their metaphysical applications:

Crystal Uses and Properties
Amethyst Intuition, psychic ability, meditation, stress relief, sobriety, spiritual connection
Black Tourmaline Protection, grounding, EMF protection, cleansing negativity
Carnelian Creativity, confidence, vitality, fertility, sexuality, manifestation
Citrine Abundance, prosperity, success, optimism, creativity, digestion
Clear Quartz Amplification of energies, programming, clarity, harmony, healing
Fluorite Mental clarity and focus, aura cleansing, releasing stuck energy, protection
Green Aventurine Heart-centeredness, emotional balancing and resilience, luck in new endeavors
Hematite Grounding, vitality, confidence, willpower, strength, EMF protection
Jade Harmony, self-actualization, wisdom, compassion, emotional release
Jasper Grounding, stability, nurturing earth energy, animal allies, courage
Lapis Lazuli Truth, wisdom, intuition, insight, spiritual connection, communication


Crystals have served spiritual seekers for millennia due to their unique energetic qualities. When used consciously, they can accelerate and enhance healing, intuition, self-realization and manifestation. Working with crystals requires an open mind, patience, care and personal responsibility.

Exploring the world of crystal energy offers a profound path of connection with the wisdom of the earth that can expand self-awareness and evolution. The advice of qualified crystal healers helps ensure responsible practices. With an attitude of humility and gratitude, crystals reveal their gifts when there is readiness to integrate higher mystical understanding into everyday life.