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What accent colors go with benjamin moore pashmina?

Benjamin Moore’s Pashmina AF-540 is a popular neutral paint color that works well as a base for selecting accent colors throughout a home. Described as a pale mushroom shade, Pashmina provides a soft, cozy backdrop that pairs nicely with colors from all shades of the spectrum.

When selecting accent colors to complement Pashmina walls and trim, the goal is to choose hues that provide pleasing contrast without clashing. Accent colors can come in the form of artwork, pillows, rugs and other decorative accessories. They can also be used strategically on architectural elements like doors, cabinets and built-ins.

This article will explore some of the best accent color options to pair with Pashmina, from bold brights to soothing neutrals. Tips will be provided for selecting accent colors for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas painted in this versatile neutral. Recommended specific paint colors from brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr will be suggested.

Color Theory for Choosing Accents for Pashmina

Before diving into specific color recommendations, it helps to understand some basic color theory that guides accent color selection.

Some key considerations when choosing accent colors include:

– **Hue** – Accent colors work best when their hue (base color) contrasts with the base wall color. Since Pashmina is a neutral mushroom/tan shade without much color, this provides a lot of flexibility.

– **Saturation** – The intensity of a color, or saturation, impacts how bold or subtle it appears. For maximum contrast, pair a muted color like Pashmina with richly saturated accents. But less saturated tints can also provide pleasing contrast.

– **Light vs. Dark** – Lighter accents tend to visually recede, while darker shades come forward. Balancing light and dark provides needed contrast.

– **Warm vs. Cool** – Pashmina is considered a warm neutral. Warm accent colors like reds, oranges and yellows will harmonize, while cool accents like blues and greens provide more contrast.

– **Personal Preference** – While color theory provides guidance, choose accent colors you find pleasing and appropriate for the room.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are some accent colors that work beautifully with Benjamin Moore Pashmina.

Bold Bright Accent Colors

For those who like to make a statement, rich saturated brights provide an energetic pop of contrast against neutral Pashmina walls. Here are some vivid paint colors that pair nicely:

Paint Brand Color Name Color Temperature
Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290 Warm
Sherwin Williams Roycroft Brass SW 2838 Warm
Behr Caribbean Coral PPU26-07 Cool
Benjamin Moore Jadeite 2058-40 Cool
Sherwin Williams Alpine Sky SW 6461 Cool
Behr Citrus Burst PPU24-12 Warm

These vivid paint colors provide plenty of punch to liven up a Pashmina room. They arerecommended for accent walls, artwork, decorative objects and textiles. Use them sparingly to provide an energizing contrast pop.

Soothing Neutral Accents

For a more subtle, peaceful feel, consider layering neutral accent colors in with Pashmina walls. Soft neutral accents provide a whisper of contrast while maintaining a calm, serene environment. Here are some soothing neutrals that complement without overpowering:

Paint Brand Color Name Color Temperature
Benjamin Moore Cliff Gray HC-180 Cool
Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray SW 7074 Warm
Behr Silver Drop PPU18-1 Cool
Benjamin Moore anchor Gray 2134-40 Warm
Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036 Warm
Behr Desert Sand S-G-N 240D Warm

These hushed neutral paint colors have enough contrast to provide visual interest against Pashmina while maintaining a calming backdrop. Use them to paint accent walls, doors, trim and cabinets.

Accent Colors for Living Rooms

The living room is often where we want to express our design style. Accent walls and bold artwork make great focal points. Here are some living room accent color ideas for Pashmina walls:

– **Paint the fireplace wall** a rich contrasting hue like Behr’s Caribbean Coral or Benjamin Moore’s Caliente AF-290. The saturated color will make the fireplace a stunning focal point.

– **Use accent chairs** in bold colors like emerald green, sapphire blue or citrus orange to create an energetic vignette. Sherwin Williams’ Roycroft Brass makes a gorgeous accent chair.

– **Layer rugs and pillows** in contrasting textures and patterns, like a Moroccan trellis rug and colorful embroidered pillows. Mixing patterns adds visual interest.

– **Choose vibrant artwork** featuring bright florals, abstract shapes or colorful landscapes for punchy focal points. Black and white photography also pops against Pashmina.

– **Paint built-in bookshelves or cabinets** a contrasting color to define the architecture. Benjamin Moore’s Cliff Gray makes shelving recede, while Caliente makes them stand out.

The living room is a great place to have fun with enriching accent colors!

Accent Colors for Bedrooms

Bedrooms should feel peaceful and inviting. Accent colors here can be darker and warmer to create a cozy retreat. Consider these bedroom accent ideas:

– **Use deeper hues like navy blue** on accent walls or architectural elements. Sherwin Williams’ Naval SW 6244 is a sophisticated dark accent.

– **Paint or wallpaper the headboard** in a lush patterned print featuring accent colors like deep teal or eggplant purple. Patterns feel lively but cozy.

– **Upholster bed benches or chairs** in vivid jewel-toned fabrics like ruby red or emerald velvet. Benjamin Moore’s deepest green 2058-10 makes a jewel-toned chair pop.

– **Choose bedding and pillows** in contrasting patterns and textures. Layering woven textiles and nubby knits adds depth.

– **Select artwork featuring nature** like botanical prints, bird illustrations or landscape photography to create a peaceful mood. Black framesenhance contrast.

Soothing, cocooning accent colors help make bedrooms feel like a sanctuary.

Accent Colors for Bathrooms

In bathrooms, accent colors need to feel fresh yet soothing. Clean whites, soft greens and watery blues create a spa-like ambiance. Try these bathroom accent ideas:

– **Paint ceiling beams, trim** or architectural elements like windows in a crisp white to contrast with Pashmina walls. Sherwin Williams’ Pure White SW 7005 is a perfect clean white.

– **Select pale blue-green paint colors** like Behr’s Silver Drop or Benjamin Moore’s Olde Blue 2053-40 for bathtubs, sinks and other features. These watery hues are both relaxing and refreshing.

– **Choose artwork featuring ocean themes** with blues, greens and turquoise colors that coordinate with fixtures. Black and white beach photography also provides contrast.

– **Bring in natural elements** like woven baskets, rattan mats, driftwood shelves and bamboo organizers in neutral wood tones. Natural textures make luxe organic accents.

– **Add plenty of greenery** with potted ferns, eucalyptus bundles, succulents and leafy greenhouse plants. Greens contrast beautifully and enhance the spa vibe.

Use cleansing cooler colors and natural elements to create a serene spa-bathroom feel.


Benjamin Moore’s versatile Pashmina AF-540 provides a beautiful, cozy backdrop for thoughtfully selected accent colors throughout a home. Whether you prefer bold brights or muted neutrals, the soft mushroom hue accommodates both energetic and soothing accent palettes.

When selecting accent colors, consider the lightness, darkness, temperature and saturation to strike the right balance. Make sure accent colors work cohesively from room to room but aren’t so matchy that they become monotonous. Most of all, choose colors you find beautiful, uplifting and design forward. Pashmina allows your inner artist to confidently apply color!