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Should I send flowers to someone I just started dating?

Should I send flowers to someone I just started dating?

Sending flowers can be a thoughtful gesture when you’ve just started dating someone new. However, it’s important to consider the stage of your relationship and what message you want to send with a floral gift. Flowers may come across as too intense if your relationship is still casual. But they can be a sweet way to show you’re thinking of someone if you’ve gone on several dates and are growing closer. Read on for tips on deciding whether flowers are appropriate, what type to send, and how to present them when you’re still getting to know someone.

How Many Dates Until Flowers are Appropriate?

When you first meet someone and go on a first date or two, hold off on sending flowers. Lavish gifts can come across as overbearing when you barely know each other. Wait until you’ve gone out a few more times and have established mutual interest before gifting flowers. Here are some general guidelines on when flowers may be appropriate:

Number of Dates Is it Too Soon for Flowers?
1-2 dates Yes
3-4 dates Maybe, depends how well you know them
5+ dates No, a small floral gift is appropriate

After a handful of successful dates where you feel a connection growing, a bouquet shows you’ve been thinking about them and appreciate their company. Just don’t go overboard with a dozen red roses – keep it casual with a small colorful mix or single blooms. Wait until you’re officially dating exclusively before splurging on large romantic flower arrangements.

Does Sending Flowers Come Across as Romantic?

Flowers are often associated with romance, so gifting them to a new dating partner may imply you’re interested in a serious relationship. Whether flowers seem too romantic depends on your dating intentions and how you present them:

– If you’re hoping for a casual summer fling, elaborate floral gifts will likely feel too intense. Opt for a more low-key date gesture.

– If you’re open to a relationship but still getting to know each other, choose a small bouquet and present it casually, not as a grand romantic overture.

– If you know you’re both interested in eventually being exclusive, flowers are a sweet way to show you care when presented thoughtfully.

Just be sure you’re on the same page about relationship goals before making overtly romantic gestures. And don’t put pressure on the recipient to react a certain way. Offer the flowers sincerely without expectations.

What Type of Flowers are Best for New Relationships?

When selecting flowers for someone you recently started dating, opt for types that are cheerful but not too intimate. Here are some recommendations:

Flower Type Good for New Dating?
Roses No, too romantic
Tulips Yes, especially colorful varieties
Daisies Yes, casual and sweet
Sunflowers Yes, warm and happy
Orchids Maybe, depending on arrangement
Lilies No, more appropriate for established relationships

Avoid classic romantic flowers like red roses or calla lilies when you don’t know each other well. Opt instead for cheerful blooms like daisies, wildflowers, sunflowers, or a mixed color bouquet of less intense flowers like tulips or gerbera daisies. Save the dozen roses for when you’re officially a couple.

Should I Give Flowers in Person or Have Them Delivered?

When you begin dating someone, consider giving flowers in person rather than sending them to their home or workplace:

– Hand-delivering flowers shows thoughtfulness without being overly eager or imposing.

– Having flowers delivered may come across as too intense or create an awkward situation if you barely know each other.

– Giving them in person allows you to include a sweet card without the message seeming too deliberate or serious.

Hold off on delivery until you’re in an established relationship. For new dating, go for a casual in-person presentation. Offer to put the flowers in water at their place so they don’t have to carry them around.

What’s the Best Message to Include with Flowers?

When you give flowers in early dating, include a card with a simple, low-pressure message. Here are some ideas:

– “Hope you enjoy these flowers as much I enjoy spending time with you!”

– “Thinking of you – hope we can see each other again soon.”

– “Saw these and thought they might brighten your day.”

– “Looking forward to our next date!”

Keep the note light and cheerful without romantic declarations or expecting a particular reaction. Be sincere but don’t put pressure on continuing the relationship. Let the flowers show you’re interested in getting to know them better without demanding a response.

How Do I Follow Up After Giving Flowers?

Don’t badger them about receiving the flowers – give space for them to appreciate the gesture:

– Say you hope they enjoy the flowers when you give them, but don’t push for a reaction.

– Wait a day or two before contacting them again and resume normal communication.

– Briefly say you’re glad they liked the flowers if they thank you, but don’t dwell on it.

– Plan another date to continue building your new connection.

Avoid constantly bringing up the gift or insisting on effusive thanks. Be gracious if they seem uncomfortable with the gesture. Not everyone loves receiving flowers, so don’t take it personally if they don’t react as you hoped.

Are There Any Pitfalls to Avoid When Giving Flowers?

Be mindful of these potential pitfalls when gifting flowers to a new dating partner:

– Coming on too strong with lavish or overly romantic bouquets.

– Not considering if flowers align with their personality and style.

– Sending to their home/workplace too soon rather than giving in person.

– Including overly effusive or love note-style messages.

– Forgetting about allergies and gifting flowers they can’t enjoy.

– Pressuring them to react a certain way or pushing to continue dating.

As long as you opt for a small casual bouquet, present it thoughtfully, include a simple card, and don’t have expectations, flowers can be a nice way to show you care when dating someone new.


Flowers can be an appropriate gift when you’ve been dating someone new for a little while and are starting to develop feelings for each other. Wait until you’ve seen each other a handful of times before presenting a small colorful bouquet in person. Include a cheerful, low-pressure card and don’t expect effusive thanks or push to continue dating. With the right floral gift given considerately, flowers can add a sweet touch when you want to show someone you care and appreciate them. Just be sure to avoid coming on too strong in early dating stages. Take it slowly and let a small bouquet enhance the natural progression of your new relationship.