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Should I get my hair done first or haircut?

Getting your hair done and getting a haircut are two common beauty routines that most people have to juggle. While both are important in maintaining healthy, stylish hair, the order in which you do them can make a difference in the final results. This article will examine the pros and cons of getting your hair done versus getting a cut first, to help you decide the best order for your unique hair needs and preferences.

Getting Your Hair Done First

There are a few advantages to getting your hair colored, permed, or chemically straightened before getting a haircut:

  • Your stylist can cut your hair to match the new style. After lightening, perming, or straightening your hair, the texture and fall will be different. Getting a cut after allows the stylist to shape and style your hair to suit the new look.
  • Less maintenance between appointments. By getting your hair cut last, you can go longer between cut appointments since your color or chemical treatment grows out.
  • Cut will be fresher for longer. Any new haircut style will look its best immediately after the cut. By cutting last, you get to enjoy the fresh cut look for as long as possible.

Some potential cons to having your hair done first include:

  • More damage to hair. Coloring, perming, or straightening hair chemically damages the hair shaft. Cutting hair afterward means cutting already damaged hair.
  • Cut could impact hairdo. Some layered cuts or short styles may not work as well after perming or straightening hair.
  • Regrowth will be very obvious. With colored hair, regrowth is obvious sooner because the new growth contrasts sharply.

Getting a Haircut First

On the other hand, there are good reasons you may want to get your hair cut before having your hair done:

  • Hair is healthier when colored or permed. Freshly cut hair has not been chemically treated and is generally healthier.
  • Cut can factor into hairdo. Your stylist may incorporate your desired chemical treatment into the cut and style.
  • Regrowth blends better. When your hair is cut first, regrowth blends more seamlessly into the new growth.
  • Easier to manage during grow out. If you plan to transition back to your natural color or texture, a cut first makes the grow out stage easier to style and manage.

Some possible drawbacks to cutting your hair first include:

  • Cut may not suit new texture or style. Your new cut could be wrong for a perm or color change if your stylist doesn’t know your plans.
  • Cut will look dated faster. As your new color or texture grows out, your cut will start to look outdated faster.
  • More frequent cut needed. You’ll need to get your hair trimmed more often to keep the shaped matched to new growth.

Other Factors to Consider

When deciding whether to get your hair cut or done first, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Your current hair’s condition – If your hair is very damaged, focus on the cut first. For hair in good condition, either order works.
  • Time between appointments – Schedule cuts around when your color starts to look brassy or overgrown.
  • Cost considerations – Cuts are usually cheaper than coloring or chemical treatments. Get your more expensive service done last to stretch time between appointments.
  • Hairstyle preference – Do you care more about an updated cut or color? Schedule your priority service last so it stays fresh longer.

Pro Tips for Scheduling Cuts and Styling

Here are some professional tips for figuring out the best order for your haircut and hair do:

  • Discuss plans for both with your stylist and get their advice on order and timing.
  • Bring photos of desired colors, cuts, and styles to appointments.
  • Keep a hair care journal noting when you get services and when grow-out begins to look unflattering.
  • Schedule a cut or trim mid-way through a color or perm’s grow-out cycle.
  • Plan chemical treatments right before important social events to look your best.
  • Get a cut within 2 weeks after perming or straightening hair for best layered shaping.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key points to help you decide whether to cut or color/perm first:

Get Hair Done First Get Haircut First
Cut suits new texture and style Hair is healthier when chemically treated
Longer between cut appointments Easier to manage grow out
Cut stays fresh looking longer Regrowth blends more seamlessly

The Best Order for Your Hair

When deciding the best order for your haircut and hair do, consider:

  • Your hair’s current condition
  • Your priority and budget
  • Time between appointments
  • Grow out management

Discuss your specific hair needs and plans with your stylist. With professional guidance, you can come up with the perfect schedule to keep your hair looking fabulous.

While both a cut and color/perm are important for healthy, attractive hair, the order you choose can make a difference. Evaluate your individual hair goals, maintenance preferences, and stylist’s advice to decide whether to cut or treat first. With the right strategy, you can maximize the beautiful results from both your cut and hair do.