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Is yellow good colour to wear for wedding?

Is yellow good colour to wear for wedding?

When choosing an outfit for a wedding, the color yellow can be a great option in some cases but not ideal in others. The appropriateness of wearing yellow to a wedding depends on a few key factors. In this article, we’ll dig into the pros and cons of wearing yellow to a wedding and provide some tips on how to wear it stylishly.

Quick Pros and Cons of Wearing Yellow to a Wedding

Pros Cons
– Cheerful, sunny color – Can look casual/informal
– Stands out in photos – Some associate with caution/cowardice
– Goes well with common wedding colors – Can clash with certain skin tones
– Variety of yellow shades to choose from – Risk of looking like the bride

As shown in the table above, yellow has some advantageous qualities that make it potentially work for weddings, like its bright, joyful vibe and ability to stand out well in photos. However, yellow also comes with risks, like looking too casual or clashing with the bride. With careful selection of the right shade and style, yellow can be a fun, eye-catching choice. But it’s not necessarily ideal for every wedding.

Is Yellow Appropriate for Different Types of Weddings?

Whether yellow is appropriate or not depends largely on the formality and overall style of the wedding:

Casual, Daytime Weddings

Yellow is often a great choice for more casual daytime weddings, like outdoor garden weddings or beach weddings. Its bright, playful vibe suits the relaxed setting.FLOWER DESIGNER POSH – Scuba Yellow wedding flowers

Formal Evening Weddings

For more formal weddings where guests are dressed in dark suits and long evening gowns, yellow may stand out in a way that’s distracting. Darker, more muted yellows can work but bright hues are less appropriate.

Black Tie Weddings

Yellow is generally not recommended for ultra formal black tie weddings, where attire is very traditional and conservative. However, small yellow accents may be okay.

Themed Weddings

If having a colorful, quirky themed wedding, yellow can be perfect for playing into the theme – like for a fiesta, luau or carnival wedding. But avoid yellow if it clashes with wedding colors.

Smaller vs. Larger Weddings

At an intimate wedding with only close friends and family, a brighter yellow may be fine. But for a larger wedding where you don’t know all guests, more subtle yellows are safer.

Location of Wedding

Yellow pops more at indoor weddings. Outdoors it can blend in with natural yellows like flowers and sunlight. Choose brighter yellows for indoor weddings and softer shades outdoors.

So in summary, the more formal, traditional and large-scale the wedding, the more you’ll want to avoid bold yellows and stick to softer versions instead. Always consider the overall wedding style and colors when choosing yellow.

What Shades of Yellow are Best?

Not all yellows are created equal when it comes to weddings. Here are some yellow shades that tend to work well:

– Mustard or Golden Yellow

Deeper yellow tones like mustard and gold come across as more subtle and sophisticated. They can work well for formal weddings.

– Buttercup or Daffodil Yellow

These medium yellows with a hint of orange are cheerful without being overly bright. They work for a range of wedding styles.

– Pale or Pastel Yellow

Light, creamy yellows and soft pastels give off an elegant, romantic vibe. They’re versatile for many weddings.

– Citron and Lemon Yellow

These brighter, zesty yellows are best for casual outdoor weddings rather than formal occasions.

– Ochre and Straw Yellow

These muted, earthy yellows with brown undertones have a vintage, rustic feel. Great for barn weddings.

To be safe, steer clear of neon or banana yellow unless doing a very playful, informal wedding. Also avoid yellows that are too close to the bride’s dress color.

What Types of Yellow Outfits Work Well?

In addition to shade, the type of yellow outfit you choose also makes a difference:

– Yellow Dresses or Gowns

A chic yellow dress or gown can look lovely, just take care not to upstage the bride. Softer pastels or darker yellows work best.

– Yellow Suits or Tuxedos

Yellow suits and tuxedos instantly grab attention. They’re better for more avant-garde couples who want colorful attire.

– Yellow Rompers/Jumpsuits

These playful yellow one-pieces are great for casual garden or beach weddings, especially when paired with neutral accessories.

– Yellow Coats or Jackets

Add a pop of yellow over a more neutral outfit with a yellow jacket or coat. This allows you to take the color off if needed.

– Yellow Ties, Vest, Pocket Squares

Gentlemen can incorporate yellow into suits/tuxedos with yellow neck ties, vests or pocket squares. This adds just a touch of color.

– Yellow Shoes, Purses, Jewelry

Yellow shoes, handbags and jewelry are another way to wear the color without going overboard. Stick to pale or metallic yellows.

Who is Yellow Most Flattering On?

Yellow flatters most on people with the following skin undertones:

– Warm, Golden Undertones

Those with warm peach and golden complexions look great in mustard, gold and orange-y yellows.

– Medium to Olive Skin Tones

People with medium tan or olive skin can often pull off a wide range of yellow shades.

– Cool Undertones with Pinkish Skin

People with fair cool-toned skin look lovely in soft buttery and pastel yellows.

– Darker Skin Tones

Deep, jewel-tone yellows like ochre and gold flatter those with rich darker skin.

Avoid yellow if you have very fair rose-toned skin or ruddy undertones. And steer clear of yellow if it makes you look sallow.

What Other Colors Pair Well with Yellow?

If wearing yellow to a wedding, coordinating it with complementary colors is key. Colors that tend to look great with different shades of yellow include:

– White or Ivory – A crisp white paired with yellow evokes a clean, summery look.

– Light Blue – Soft powder blues complement lighter yellows for a calming vibe.

– Navy – Dark navy blue offsets mustard and golden yellows in a preppy way.

– Pink – From soft blush pink to fuchsia, these feminine hues match nicely with yellow.

– Gray – For a more muted effect, charcoal grays look elegant alongside yellow.

– Green – Leafy greens, emerald, sage and mint all accent yellow attractively.

– Purple – Regal purples create a sophisticated royal color story with yellows.

Stay away from pairing yellow with reds, oranges or browns, which can feel too bold or autumnal for a wedding.

How to Accessorize Yellow Outfits

Accessories offer great opportunities to complement a yellow outfit:

– Metallic Shoes – Gold or silver shoes add glamour to a yellow dress.

– Neutral Handbag – Carry a tan, gray or white bag to avoid clashing.

– Statement Jewelry – Yellow gemstone or enamel jewelry makes a fun accent.

– Yellow Floral Crown – For a boho vibe, add a yellow flower crown.

– Bold Lip Color – Pair yellow with a fuchsia, berry or coral lipstick.

– Neutral Nails – Stick to nude, pale pink or cream nails so yellow stands out.

– Minimal Makeup – Avoid going overboard with makeup and let the yellow be the star.

– Yellow Shoes – Tie everything together with matching yellow heels or flats.

– Metallic Belt – Cinch a yellow dress with a glitzy silver or gold belt.

Should You Ask the Bride Before Wearing Yellow?

It’s usually wise to check with the bride first if considering wearing a bright or bold yellow. This shows respect and ensures you won’t clash with wedding colors. But for muted yellows, yellow accents and yellow floral prints, checking likely isn’t necessary.

Use common sense – if you think the yellow might seem questionable or risky, ask the bride just to be safe. This gives her a heads up so she’s not caught off guard seeing you show up in a color she might perceive as distracting.


While yellow gets a resounding “yes” for many warm weather weddings, proceed with caution at more formal affairs. To make yellow work, choose the right shade and style for the wedding’s vibe and palette. Mustard, daffodil and pastel yellows tend to be universally flattering. Avoid neon brights and ask the bride first if unsure. With the perfect yellow outfit and accessories, you’ll bring a lovely burst of sunshine to any wedding celebration.