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Is there any app for Doodle art?

Doodling is a fun and creative way to express yourself artistically. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, there are now many great apps that allow you to doodle, draw, and create art right from your mobile device. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top apps for doodling and drawing, reviewing their features and exploring how they can enhance your artistic abilities.

Top Apps for Doodling

Here are some of the most popular and highly-rated apps for doodling and drawing on a mobile device:

App Name Platform Key Features
Paper iOS Natural drawing tools, variety of pens, pencils and markers, color mixer and palette
Sketch Android Customizable brushes, layers, blend modes, over 100 color palettes
Infinite Painter Android, iOS Realistic brushes, symmetry mode, transform tools, 3D perspective
Adobe Illustrator Draw Android, iOS Vector drawing tools, layers, access to Creative Cloud libraries
Autodesk Sketchbook Android, iOS Over 170 brushes, layers, blend modes, ruler perspective

These are just a few of the top-rated apps for doodling and drawing available. They provide advanced tools and features that allow you to take your doodles to the next level.

Benefits of Doodling Apps

Using a doodling app on your smartphone or tablet offers some great benefits for creative expression on the go:

  • Convenience – Apps allow you to doodle or draw anytime, anywhere. No need for paper and pens.
  • Tool variety – Most apps provide an extensive range of pens, pencils, brushes, and other tools to emulate real art supplies.
  • Special effects – Effects like symmetry, cloning, smearing, and blending modes expand your creative possibilities.
  • Features like layers – Allow you to experiment freely without losing previous work.
  • Access to inspiration – Many apps include image galleries, tutorials, and prompts to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Easy sharing – You can instantly share your doodle art via social media, messaging, email, etc. right from the app.

The convenience and versatility of doodling apps makes them an excellent option for adding more creativity to your life.

Choosing the Best App for You

With so many doodling apps to choose from, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Operating system – Make sure to choose an app designed for your device’s OS, either iOS or Android.
  • Drawing tools – Look for an ample variety of pens, pencils, brushes and other tools for flexibility.
  • User interface – The app should feel intuitive to navigate and use.
  • Special features – Consider which advanced features like layers or symmetry modes appeal to you.
  • Sharing and export – The ability to share your work directly from the app is useful.
  • Price – There are excellent free doodling apps, but paid ones often provide more sophisticated tools.

Trying out a few different apps to find the best fit for your personal doodling needs is time well spent. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Great Features to Look For

When evaluating doodling apps, keep an eye out for these great features that will enhance your artistic experience:

Feature Description Benefit
High-Resolution Canvas Ability to create very large doodles without pixelation Great for detailed work
Symmetry Mode Draws mirrored images automatically Creates mandala effects
Variety of Export Options Share as image, PDF, SVG, etc. Use your art anywhere
Drawing Guides Horizon lines, ellipse guides, etc. Helps perfect perspective
Custom Brushes Make brushes with different textures and shapes Unique effects

Don’t hesitate to test various apps until you find one that has all the features that appeal to your personal art style and preferences.

Great Apps for Beginners

Just starting out with digital doodling? Here are some great apps for beginners:

  • Bamboo Paper – Simple, intuitive interface and tools perfect for beginners.
  • Ibis Paint X – Easy to use but with advanced features you can grow into.
  • MediBang Paint – Similar to Ibis but also great for manga/comics.
  • PaperColor – Hassle-free app great for casual doodling.
  • Adobe Fresco – A good entry point for learning Adobe’s premium tools.

Don’t get overwhelmed with too many complex features when you’re just starting out. Focus on an app with a comfortable feel and user interface. You can upgrade to more sophisticated apps as your skills progress.

Advanced Apps for Serious Artists

Once you’ve mastered the basics of digital doodling, you may want to level up to more advanced apps. Here are top choices for serious artists:

  • Procreate – Extremely powerful and popular app made for professionals.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw – Great for vector illustration and connecting to Creative Cloud.
  • Infinite Painter – Mimics real oil and acrylic painting plus 3D effects.
  • Affinity Designer – Serious alternative to Adobe Illustrator with robust tools.
  • ArtStudio Pro – Advanced features like wrapped canvas and alpha channels for compositions.

These apps offer features like ultra-high resolution support, liner perspective systems, and close simulations of real-world art materials. They have a learning curve but allow your doodling abilities to keep expanding over time.

The Best Apps for Different Styles

Certain doodling apps align particularly well with specific artistic styles and preferences:

Style Recommended Apps
Realism Procreate, ArtStudio Pro, Infinite Painter
Cartoons/Anime Ibis Paint X, MediBang Paint, FlipaClip
Vector Illustrations Adobe Illustrator Draw, Affinity Designer, Inkscape
Calligraphy Bamboo Paper, Procreate, Sketchbook
Comics MediBang Paint, Clip Studio Paint, Comic Draw
Pixel Art Pixel Studio, Dotpict, Pixly

Try sampling a few apps aimed at your preferred artistic style to see which one resonates and has the right toolset.

Top Free Doodling Apps

You can find excellent doodling apps without spending a dime. Here are some of the top free options:

App Platform Notable Features
FireAlpaca Windows, Mac Layer support, blending modes, symmetry drawing
Autodesk Sketchbook iOS, Android Over 170 brushes, rulers, layers
MediBang Paint Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Great for manga, comics, fonts
Ibis Paint X Android, iOS 600+ brushes, 72 filters, easy UI
Krita Windows, Mac, Linux Open-source, custom brush engine

Don’t dismiss a doodling app just because it doesn’t cost anything. Many free apps are extremely capable for casual to advanced users.

Top Paid Doodling Apps

For those willing to invest some money, these paid apps provide sophisticated tools and advanced capabilities:

App Platform Price
Procreate iOS $9.99
Clip Studio Paint Windows, Mac, iOS, Android $49.99 (Windows/Mac)
$6.49 (Mobile)
ArtStudio Pro iOS $4.99
Adobe Fresco iOS, Windows $9.99/month
Affinity Designer Windows, Mac, iOS $49.99 (Windows/Mac)
$19.99 (iOS)

The one-time or subscription fees for these apps unlock robust toolsets perfect for intermediate to advanced doodlers and artists.


Thanks to the growing range of excellent doodling apps, creating art on your smartphone or tablet is easier and more feature-packed than ever. With a wealth of great free options as well as more advanced paid apps, there’s something for doodlers of every skill level. Key features to look for include a comfortable UI, plenty of configurable brushes and pens, layers support, and specialty tools like symmetry modes. Matching your doodling app to your preferred artistic style will also ensure the best fit.

Diving into digital doodling with a mobile app opens up endless possibilities for spontaneous creativity and art on the go. Don’t be afraid to sample multiple apps until you find your ideal drawing and doodling environment.