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Is there another color for iPhone 14 Pro?

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were released in September 2022 in four colors – space black, silver, gold, and deep purple. While these color options provide some variety, some iPhone users are hoping for even more color choices for the high-end Pro models. In this article, we’ll take a look at the possibility of Apple releasing the iPhone 14 Pro in additional colors in the future.

The Current iPhone 14 Pro Colors

First, let’s examine the current color options for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max:

Color Description
Space Black A very dark gray that appears black in some lighting
Silver A light silver or gray color
Gold A gold color with a slight bronze tint
Deep Purple A rich purple color that is darker than past iPhone purples

These four color options provide some nice variety. The space black and silver colors offer neutral options that many buyers prefer. The gold color provides a stylish, luxury feel. And the new deep purple color injects some exciting vibrance.

Past iPhone Colors

While Apple has offered their Pro iPhones in more limited colors than the standard models, they have released previous Pro models in additional colors beyond the typical neutral, gold, and one vibrant option:

Model Additional Pro Colors
iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green
iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue
iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue

The midnight green color for the iPhone 11 Pro was a dark, lush green that gave the Pro model a very different look than past iPhones. The pacific blue on the 12 Pro was a tropical-inspired blue green that appealed to many users. And the Sierra blue on the 13 Pro was a soft blue color perfect for nature lovers.

What New Colors Might Apple Release?

Based on past Pro model colors, we can speculate about potential new colors Apple could release for the iPhone 14 Pro lineup sometime in the future.

Product Red

Apple has offered a special Product Red color on their standard iPhone models for years. This color helps support Product Red’s work to fight AIDS and HIV in Africa. Bringing this vibrant red color to the Pro models could certainly attract interest from buyers who want a colorful device while supporting a good cause.


Apple has not done an green color yet on the Pro iPhones, after offering the midnight green on iPhone 11 Pro. A new green shade distinct from midnight green could look amazing on the premium Pro models.


Again sticking with vibrant colors, Apple could elect to go with a bold orange color for the Pro iPhones. Orange is a very energetic and youthful color that would stand out against the more traditional Pro colors.


In a similar vein, a bright yellow color option would give the Pro iPhones a very playful and eye-catching look. The yellow would distinctly differentiate the Pro models from the more serious colors Apple usually offers.


Apple has done blue-green colors like pacific blue and Sierra blue before, but a true blue color could be a nice option. The right shade of blue could appeal to huge numbers of iPhone buyers looking for their favorite color.


Apple has offered pink iPhones before, but only on the standard models. Bringing a pink version, like a light pink or rose gold, to the Pro models for the first time could attract buyers who previously only had the neutral and gold Pro colors to choose from.


Apple has tended to offer their Pro phones in very dark, sleek colors. A crisp clean white version of the iPhone 14 Pro could provide some nice contrast against the other colors.

Additional Metallic Options

Rather than bold colors, Apple could also choose to release the iPhone 14 Pro in some new metallic finishes. Additional shiny or matte metallic colors like rosegold, bronze or titanium could appeal to some iPhone buyers looking for a more premium feel.

Will Apple Actually Release New Pro Colors?

While new colors for the iPhone 14 Pro are certainly possible, there are some reasons Apple may stick with the existing four colors:

  • Adding new color options adds complexity to manufacturing and inventory management.
  • The four current colors provide enough variety for most buyers.
  • With colorful standard models, the Pro models stay focused on premium metallic colors.
  • New Pro colors may not generate enough added sales to be worthwhile.

However, Apple knows users love having color choices, and vivid colors are on trend in the smartphone market. Releasing special new Pro colors could generate buzz and excitement around the devices. New bold or pastel Pro colors could tempt standard iPhone buyers to upgrade to the higher-end models.

When Could New Colors be Released?

If Apple does decide to add new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max colors, when could they be released? Here are some potential timelines:

Spring 2023

Apple could decide to inject some new color options into the iPhone 14 Pro about 6 months after launch. Releasing a couple new colors in Spring 2023 could help boost mid-cycle interest in the 14 Pro models before the next generation arrives in Fall 2023.

Fall 2023

Rather than spring, Apple may choose to hold any new colors for the launch of the iPhone 15 in September 2023. This would give buyers even more color options when choosing the latest Pro models.

Random Dates

Apple could also opt to randomly introduce new Pro colors at any time during the iPhone 14 generation. For example when they released the special green and alpine blue colors for the iPhone XR in the middle of its retail cycle.

Unlikely for iPhone 14

There is always the possibility Apple sticks with the four existing Pro colors throughout the entire span of the iPhone 14 generation. Additional colors may be more likely for the iPhone 15 Pro or beyond.

Should You Wait for New Colors?

If you are interested in buying the iPhone 14 Pro, should you wait to see if Apple releases them in new colors? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • How soon do you need a new phone? If you need one now, don’t wait for colors that may never come.
  • How much do you care about color? If you really want a certain color, it may be worth waiting.
  • Are the current colors acceptable? The four existing options will work for many buyers.
  • How long can you wait? Apple may not release new Pro colors for many months or at all.

Unless you need a phone right away or don’t care much about color, it may be smart to wait a few months to see if any new colors are announced for the iPhone 14 Pro. But don’t hold off too long expecting new color options that never materialize.


While Apple offers the iPhone 14 Pro in four colors, some buyers understandably hope for even more color choices. Based on past Pro model colors and current color trends, Apple could potentially release vibrant new colors like Product Red, green, orange, yellow, blue, pink or white. Metallic options like rosegold or bronze are also possibilities. However, Apple may stick with the current Pro colors, seeing no need to complicate production. If you aren’t in a rush for a new iPhone 14 Pro and colors are important to you, waiting a few months to see if Apple adds new ones can make sense. But don’t wait too long for colors that may never come.