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Is Siege in Fog worth watching?

Siege in Fog is a popular Chinese drama that has garnered a lot of attention and praise since its release in 2018. With beautiful cinematography, gripping storylines, and stellar acting performances, it’s easy to see why Siege in Fog has captivated viewers. But is this historical drama worth watching? Let’s take a deeper look.

Introduction to Siege in Fog

Siege in Fog is based on the novel of the same name by Fei Wo Si Cun. It takes place during the Republic of China era and follows the lives of two main characters – Yi Lian Kai and Jin Yan Xi. Yi Lian Kai is a wealthy and influential businessman, while Jin Yan Xi is a young woman seeking independence and her own identity. Despite their differences in social status, the two find themselves drawn to each other.

However, their budding romance hits roadblocks from all sides – misunderstandings, family obligations, and other relationships threaten to tear them apart. Siege in Fog explores themes of love, sacrifice, social class, and gender roles. The drama has impressive production values, with beautiful costumes, sets, and attention to historical detail.

Cast and Characters

One of Siege in Fog’s biggest strengths is its talented cast. The two leads are played by Elvis Han and Reba Wang, who have incredible chemistry together. Elvis Han portrays the brooding, conflicted magnate Yi Lian Kai to perfection. Reba Wang brings a quiet strength and resolve to independent thinker Jin Yan Xi. The secondary cast features supporting actors like Benny Qian, Xu Lu, and Leon Zhang.

Character Description Actor/Actress
Yi Lian Kai Wealthy businessman engaged to Qin Sang, but falls for Jin Yan Xi Elvis Han
Jin Yan Xi Independent young woman pursuing education and career Reba Wang
Qin Sang Yi Lian Kai’s devoted fiancee Xu Lu
Fang Zhi Cheng Jin Yan Xi’s close friend and admirer Benny Qian

The characters are complex and nuanced, making them seem like real people dealing with conflicted emotions. The actors all deliver praiseworthy performances.

Cinematography and Visuals

Siege in Fog is a visual treat, featuring lavish sets, costumes, and careful attention to period detail. Many scenes are shot on location at beautiful imperial gardens, majestic mansions, and historical sites. From grand ballroom sequences to bloody civil war battle scenes, everything is crafted to immerse the viewer in 1930s Shanghai.

In addition to gorgeous scenery, the cinematography perfectly captures the emotional essence of each scene. Lighting choices elevate intimate conversations and heighten dramatic moments. Sweeping camera movements and quick edits add excitement during dangerous situations. Overall, Siege in Fog uses visuals not just for eye candy, but to enhance the viewing experience.

Plot and Storytelling

At its heart, Siege in Fog is a romantic melodrama, but it transcends the genre with excellent writing. The storyline thoughtfully explores class divides, gender bias, wartime turmoil, and destructive misunderstandings. Tiny details foreshadow important plot twists. Themes of miscommunication and sacrifice give the narrative complexity.

The budding affair between Yi Lian Kai and Jin Yan Xi is electrifying yet heartbreaking, as external pressures threaten to ruin their happiness at every turn. Their private moments together provide touching respite from the historical upheaval surrounding them. The drama keeps you hooked with a good balance of romance, action, and mystery.

Highlights and Drawbacks

Here are some of the highlights and potential drawbacks of Siege in Fog:

Highlights Drawbacks
  • Excellent acting and chemistry between leads
  • Breathtaking cinematography
  • Lavish costumes and set design
  • Dramatic plot full of romance and intrigue
  • Sometimes melodramatic
  • Requires suspension of disbelief
  • Complex relationships may confuse some
  • Slow pacing at times

While occasional melodrama and complexity comes with the territory, the stunning visuals, strong acting, and captivating storyline outweigh any flaws.

Audience Reception

Siege in Fog has been a major hit, earning high ratings and rave reviews. It gained widespread popularity in China and internationally. Critics praised the production, acting, and epic romance. It was one of the highest rated Chinese dramas of 2018 and won numerous awards. On Douban, China’s largest media rating site, Siege in Fog holds an impressive 8.7 out of 10 based on over 128,000 reviews. 97% of Google users like the drama. The positive reception speaks to its quality and ability to draw in audiences.

Historical Context

Beyond the fictional characters, Siege in Fog provides insights into 1930s China. It portrays the Second Sino-Japanese War and Battle of Shanghai with harrowing realism. The drama highlights the political instability and social changes of the era. Traditional expectations for women clashed with growing feminist ideal. Wealth gaps and class tensions heightened. Siege in Fog uses the love story between Yi Lian Kai and Jin Yan Xi to put a relatable lens on the turmoil of 1930s Shanghai.

Series Impact and Legacy

Siege in Fog made a significant impact that will extend its legacy. It propelled leads Elvis Han and Reba Wang to stardom. The drama inspired a surge of interest in 1930s fashion and Shanghai history. Many tourists have visited filming locations to recreate iconic scenes. Adaptations like a manga version and animated series further expanded the franchise. Netflix acquired streaming rights, introducing Siege in Fog to wider global audiences. Over 4 years after its release, the show still has an active fanbase rewatching and analyzing its subtleties. Siege in Fog will be remembered for its lavish Republic of China setting, tense melodrama, and unforgettable central romance.


With its stellar production, evocative visuals, passionate acting, and epic storyline, Siege in Fog represents Chinese television at its finest. Despite a few minor flaws, it’s easy to understand why the drama has captivated millions of viewers across the world. If you enjoy sweeping historical romances full of longing looks, luxury, and betrayal, Siege in Fog is absolutely worth watching. Just be prepared to be transported to 1930s Shanghai and swept up in the star-crossed love story at the show’s core.