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Is Shades of Green military only?

Is Shades of Green military only?

Shades of Green is a military resort located at Walt Disney World in Florida. It offers discounted rates and amenities exclusively for U.S. military personnel, retirees and their families. Many people wonder if Shades of Green is limited to military guests or if any guests can book rooms there. Here is a comprehensive look at who can and cannot stay at Shades of Green.

Military Eligibility Requirements

In order to book a room at Shades of Green, you must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Active Duty Military: Active duty members of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and National Guard & Reserves
  • Retired Military: Retired members from all branches of service
  • 100% Disabled Veterans: Veterans with a 100% disability determination validated by the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Dependent Family Members: Eligible spouses, widows and widowers of active duty and retired military

All guests staying at Shades of Green must show a valid military ID upon check-in. This includes unremarried widow/widowers of military members who must show documentation of their eligibility.

Shades of Green does not allow any civilian guests that do not meet the above eligibility criteria. There are no exceptions for family, friends, vacation parties or anyone else without a proper military ID. All guests in each room must be eligible under the military requirements.

Typical Guests at Shades of Green

Due to its exclusive eligibility, the vast majority of guests at Shades of Green are connected to the military in some capacity. Here is a breakdown of the typical guests:

  • Active duty military on vacation
  • Retired military personnel
  • Military spouses and dependents
  • Military family vacations
  • Members of the National Guard & Reserves
  • 100% disabled veterans
  • Unremarried widows/widowers of eligible military

In addition, Shades of Green hosts many military conferences, reunions, meetings and events. Attendees at these functions make up a portion of the hotel’s occupancy throughout the year.

Booking Procedures at Shades of Green

Because Shades of Green is only open to qualified military personnel, the booking process is a bit different than other hotels.

There are a few ways eligible military members can book rooms:

  • By phone through the Shades of Green reservation line
  • Online through the Shades of Green website
  • Through armed forces vacation clubs
  • In person upon arrival on a space available basis

No matter how they book, all guests must show valid military identification upon arrival to check-in. Shades of Green also allows eligible sponsors to book trips for their dependents using approved documentation.

Unlike regular hotels, Shades of Green does not use common third-party booking sites like Expedia or The only way for military members to book is directly through Shades of Green.

Why Shades of Green is Military Only

There are several reasons why Shades of Green operates as a military-exclusive resort:

  • To provide affordable vacations for military personnel and their families
  • To create a welcoming environment just for military guests
  • To allow military members to vacation with less financial stress
  • To uphold secure data and privacy for military members
  • To facilitate rest & relaxation for active duty personnel

By remaining exclusive to the military, Shades of Green can cater to their unique needs and provide a valued service to those who serve our country.

Benefits of Staying at Shades of Green

There are many benefits offered to military personnel who stay at Shades of Green compared to regular Disney hotels. Some key perks include:

  • Discounted room rates exclusively for eligible military members
  • Reduced prices on Walt Disney World theme park tickets
  • Access to on-site dining, lounge, pools, and recreation
  • Free scheduled transportation to Disney theme parks
  • Ability to have costs billed directly to military member
  • Tax exemption on room rate for some military branches

These special benefits and cost savings allow military families to enjoy Disney vacations they may not otherwise be able to afford at regular hotel rates.

Military Hotels at Walt Disney World

In addition to Shades of Green, there are a few other military-oriented hotels located on or near Disney property in Orlando, FL. These include:

Hotel Location Eligibility
Shades of Green Disney Property U.S. Military Only
Hale Koa Hotel Near Disney U.S. Military Only
Buena Vista Palace Near Disney All Guests

Shades of Green is the only military hotel located directly on Walt Disney World grounds. The others are situated just outside the Disney property perimeter.

Non-Military Alternatives Near Disney World

For non-military guests who want to visit Walt Disney World, there are many hotel alternatives available:

  • Disney Resort Hotels: Located on Disney property and offer perks like free transportation.
  • Official Partner Hotels: Designated hotels near Disney property that offer shuttles.
  • International Drive Hotels: Close proximity off Disney property near theme parks.
  • Kissimmee Hotels: Budget friendly lodging minutes from Walt Disney World.
  • Lake Buena Vista Hotels: Just outside the Disney perimeter near Disney Springs.

With over 30 Disney resorts and hundreds of non-Disney hotels surrounding the Orlando theme parks, there are plenty of options for non-military guests.


In the end, the question remains – is Shades of Green limited to military personnel only? The answer is a definitive yes. Shades of Green is operated by the U.S. Department of Defense exclusively for active and retired military members and their families.

No civilian or non-military guests are permitted to book rooms or stay at Shades of Green. Proper military identification must be shown by all guests at check-in and throughout the stay. By maintaining its status as a military-exclusive resort, Shades of Green provides quality discounted vacations to those who serve our country.

While non-military guests cannot stay at Shades of Green, there are ample lodging options in close proximity to Walt Disney World and the Orlando theme parks. With a bit of advanced planning, both military families and civilians can experience the magic of Disney no matter where they lay their heads at night.