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Is red and black a good combination for website?

Is red and black a good combination for website?

Choosing the right color scheme is an important part of website design. Colors evoke emotions and communicate ideas, so selecting colors that align with your brand and appeal to your target audience is key. Red and black is a bold color combination that can be very effective when done right, but also has some potential drawbacks to be aware of. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and potential risks of using red and black for your website design.

The Meaning and Psychology of Red and Black

Red and black each have strong psychological associations, so combining them creates a very high-contrast and powerful color scheme.

Red is associated with energy, passion, excitement, and intensity. It grabs attention and incites reactions. Black is sophisticated, powerful, and classic. It implies strength and authority. Together, red and black create a bold, edgy, and confident aesthetic. This color scheme conveys action, dynamism, and ambition.

From a design perspective, the high contrast of red and black makes elements stand out on the page. The red draws the eye while the black recedes, creating visual interest while also defining sections of the page.

Benefits of Red and Black for Websites

Here are some of the top benefits of using a red and black color palette for your website:


The high contrast and vibrant red make this color combination immediately eye-catching. Red has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum, so it’s one of the first colors we notice. If you want your website to be bold and commanding, red and black can be very effective.

Conveys Energy

Red has an energizing effect and is associated with excitement, passion, and intensity. Paired with the strength of black, this color scheme communicates dynamism, action, and ambition.


Red and black work for many different types of brands and industries. The classic and powerful black prevents the red from feeling overly playful or whimsical. This versatility makes red and black a safe choice for many professional websites.

Gender Neutral

Red and black appeal to both men and women. While very feminine brands may lean toward pinks and pastels, most companies want to attract both male and female audiences. The gender-neutral red and black is a good option for broad appeal.

Luxurious and Sophisticated

Black has a luxurious, sophisticated quality. Paired with passionate red, this scheme feels upscale, exclusive and elite. It’s a good choice for premium brands.

Youthful Edge

While versatile, red and black read younger than navy and black or gray and black palettes. The bold red gives this combination a fashionable, cutting-edge feel that appeals to youthful audiences.

Potential Drawbacks of Red and Black

Despite its advantages, the red and black color scheme does come with some potential disadvantages to consider:

Can Feel Aggressive

Too much red and black can come across as aggressive or intense for some audiences. It’s important to use these colors strategically and balance them with lighter or muted shades.


Red and black are very popular colors, especially for tech companies. As a result, this color scheme can feel overused and repetitive, especially in certain industries. Standing out may require more unique or unexpected shade combinations.

Lacks Softness

With its bold, high-contrast aesthetic, red and black risks feeling harsh or stark without softer accent colors mixed in. Brands that want to convey warmth and approachability may want to incorporate creams or grays.

Text Legibility

Black text over red backgrounds can suffer from legibility issues. The low contrast makes text difficult to read. It’s important to test text legibility when using these colors. White or lighter gray text often works better on red.

Narrow Appeal

While versatile, red and black may skew too masculine or aggressive for certain demographics and products. Feminine, playful, or youth-centric brands often opt for lighter, brighter color palettes with more nuanced shades.

Tips for Using Red and Black Successfully

Red and black can work very well together if used strategically. Here are some tips for harnessing the power of this color scheme:

Use Red as an Accent

Too much red risks overwhelming. Use it strategically as an accent to black text and imagery. This allows the red to capture attention while the black balances it out.

Pick Unique Shade Variations

A crimson red will feel very different from a burnt orange-red. Choosing unexpected or unusual shades within the red family prevents the cliché primary red and black palette.

Be Mindful of Contrast Ratios

Aim for a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 between text and background colors for sufficient legibility. Black on bright red often fails this test.

Add Neutral Colors

Mix in neutrals like white, gray, or tan to soften the intensity of the red and black. This helps prevent an overly dark or aggressive aesthetic.

Use Red for Call-to-Action Buttons

Red is great for drawing attention to important buttons and CTAs. Just make sure to use this selectively so the entire page doesn’t compete for prominence.

Test with Your Audience

Website color decisions can’t be made in a vacuum. Use surveys, feedback groups, and analytics data to see how your audience responds to this color palette over time.

Examples of Red and Black Used Effectively

Many major brands use red and black successfully. Here are a few examples:


The iconic YouTube logo pairs red text over a white background with black text over a red background. This strategically leverages color psychology, with passion-inducing red complementing the knowledge and authority of black.


CNN’s website and branding rely heavily on red and black. The red conveys the excitement of breaking news while the black adds credibility. Different shades add visual interest.


Netflix uses a red logo over a black background. Red conjures associations with entertainment and leisure. The black projects sophistication and luxury. This color pairing aligns well with their brand position.


Target’s iconic logo combines bold red and black. The red adds vibrancy while the black grounds the brand. This color scheme has become intrinsic to their accessible, fashion-forward brand image.


Coca-Cola’s branding leans into classic red and white, but black plays an important role in backgrounds and typography. This triad offers both all-American fun (red) and timeless quality (black).

When to Avoid Red and Black

While red and black work well for many websites, there are instances where other color combinations may be preferable:

Feminine or Playful Brands

Companies positioning themselves as feminine, elegant, whimsical, or youthful may want to avoid the bold intensity of red and black. Soft pastels, bright jewel tones, or light neutrals align better with those brand personalities.

Food and Hospitality

Warm, earthy color palettes tend to be more appetizing and inviting. Lean into browns, oranges, yellows, and greens instead of red and black for food websites.

Finance and Legal Services

Staid industries like banking and law aim for professional conservatism over excitement or dynamism. Navy, gray, black, and dark blue are safer options.

Environment and Outdoors

Connecting users to nature often demands earthy, natural color schemes. Choose greens, blues, and browns over red and black for these websites.

Testing Red and Black on Your Website

Rather than making a universal proclamation on red and black for websites, do your research:

Build Some Simple Design Mockups

Create a few homepage variations in your brand guide colors, a red and black version, and any other color schemes that seem appealing. Testing these visuals can reveal front-runner options.

Mockup Version Brand Guide Colors Red and Black Blue and Green
Homepage Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Product Page Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Contact Page Version 1 Version 2 Version 3

Conduct Surveys and User Tests

Get feedback directly from customers. Which versions do they prefer aesthetically? Which convey the right brand traits? Their responses will guide your decisions.

Study Analytics from Live Tests

Try rolling out your top color contenders to a small percentage of site traffic. Use heatmaps and click tracking to see how users respond. The data will clarify which color scheme best grabbed attention and converted visitors.


Red and black form a bold, high-contrast website color scheme with the potential to grab attention while conveying passion, sophistication, and authority. This versatile palette offers many benefits but also comes with drawbacks around legibility, femininity, and aggression. Ultimately, research with your target audience and iterative design testing must guide your color choices. When used strategically, red and black can become an intrinsic part of your visual brand identity. But it should be one option weighed carefully among many to determine which palette best fits your business goals and brand personality.