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Is nexxus ok for color treated hair?

Having color treated hair can be a fun way to change up your look. However, it also requires special care to keep dyed hair looking vibrant and healthy. Using the right haircare products is key. Nexxus is a popular salon brand that makes a range of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. But is Nexxus ok for color treated hair? In this in-depth article, we’ll look at how Nexxus products perform on dyed hair and whether they help maintain color vibrancy.

Nexxus Products for Color Treated Hair

Nexxus offers several product lines formulated specifically for color treated hair. Two of their most popular choices are the Nexxus Color Assure and Nexxus Blonde Assure collections. Here’s an overview of what each line offers:

Nexxus Color Assure

The Nexxus Color Assure line contains shampoo, conditioner, and treatment products designed to cleanse hair gently while locking in color pigments. Key features and benefits include:

  • Sulfate-free shampoo cleanses gently without stripping color
  • Acidic conditioner with protein helps seal in hair color
  • Weekly treatment masque deep conditions and replenishes moisture
  • UV filters help protect hair from fading
  • Orchid extract and antioxidants nourish and smooth hair

Nexxus Blonde Assure

The Nexxus Blonde Assure collection is specifically formulated for blonde and highlighted hair. It works to counteract brassiness and keep blonde tones crisp and bright. Key features include:

  • Purple shampoo cancels out yellow/brassy tones
  • Conditioner contains violet pigments to enhance blonde hues
  • Quick fix treatment adds temporary brightness between washes
  • Heat protectant shields hair from styling damage
  • Shine enhancing elixir boosts vibrancy

Key Ingredients for Dyed Hair

When shopping for products to use on color treated hair, look for formulas containing ingredients like:

UV Filters

Ingredients like benzophenone-4 provide broad spectrum UV protection to help guard dyed hair against fading from sun exposure.


Keratin proteins reinforce weakened hair strands damaged from chemical processing. This helps dyed hair look smoother and more vibrant.

Jojoba Oil

Natural oils like jojoba and coconut oil deeply condition to replenish moisture, boost shine, and protect color integrity.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and environmental damage. This helps extend the life of hair color.

Benefits of Nexxus for Dyed Hair

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits you can expect when using Nexxus products on color treated hair:

Gentle Cleansing

Nexxus shampoos are free of harsh sulfates that can strip color. They cleanse hair gently without fading dyed hair.

Locks in Color

Acidic formulas smooth the cuticle to seal in hair color and prevent fading. Regular use helps dyed hair stay vibrant for longer.

Protection from Damage

Nexxus products shield hair from UV rays, heat styling, and other damage that can cause pre-mature fading. Keratin reinforces weakened strands.

Intense Hydration

Deeply nourishing ingredients like orchid extract, jojoba oil, and shea butter hydrate parched strands to boost shine and color vibrancy.

Enhanced Shine

Lightweight silicone-free formulas leave hair ultra-soft without buildup. Nexxus products boost natural shine to make color pop.

Expert Review on Nexxus for Color Treated Hair

To get an expert viewpoint, we asked celebrity hair stylist Andre Walker about using Nexxus products on dyed hair. Here’s what he had to say:

“I recommend Nexxus to all my color clients because the formulas are so gentle yet effective. The Color Assure line really locks in vibrant color and provides intense hydration without weighing hair down. The concentrated protein and orchid extract keep color from fading while making hair incredibly soft and shiny. For blondes, the Blonde Assure purple products are genius – they cancel out brassiness perfectly so blonde tones stay icy and bright.”

User Reviews: Nexxus for Color Treated Hair

Looking at Nexxus product reviews from real life users also provides helpful insight. Here’s an overview of common feedback on using Nexxus for maintaining hair color:

Product Line What Users Like Potential Drawbacks
Nexxus Color Assure – Locks in color vibrancy
– Leaves hair soft and shiny
– Hydrates without weighing hair down
– Can cause buildup if overused
– Doesn’t provide enough protein for some
Nexxus Blonde Assure – Removes brassiness from blonde hair
– Keeps highlights icy and bright
– Adds lots of shine
– Can be drying if not conditioned properly
– Violet toner fades quickly for some users

Tips for Using Nexxus on Dyed Hair

To get the most out of Nexxus products for color treated hair, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shampoo with cool or lukewarm water instead of hot to preserve color
  • Let shampoo sit for 2-3 minutes before rinsing out to allow ingredients to penetrate
  • Use a deep conditioner like Color Assure Masque weekly to boost hydration
  • Apply Nexxus Heat Protexx before heat styling to protect from fading
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove buildup
  • Reapply Blonde Assure Quick Fix toners as needed to refresh blonde tones

The Bottom Line

Overall, Nexxus haircare products are a great choice for keeping color treated hair looking salon fresh. The formulas are specifically designed to cleanse gently, lock in dye, and combat fading. By nourishing hair and protecting it from damage, Nexxus helps prolong the life of hair color so you can rock vibrant locks for weeks longer.