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Is kim kardashian’s hair brown or black?

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities in the world, known for her luxurious lifestyle, curvy figure, and ever-changing hair color. She first rose to fame in the early 2000s as a friend of Paris Hilton and gained more notoriety after her sex tape was leaked in 2007. Since then, she has built a multi-million dollar brand and starred in numerous reality shows with her family, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

When it comes to her hair, Kim is no stranger to experimentation. She’s tried every shade from platinum blonde to jet black and seems to change it up depending on her mood or the latest trends. This has left many fans wondering – what is Kim Kardashian’s natural hair color? Is it brown or black?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the many hair colors Kim has tried over the years to determine whether her natural shade is closer to brown or black. We’ll analyze photos of her as a child and teen compared to more recent images. We’ll also examine what hair color experts and stylists have to say about her ever-changing due. Let’s solve this hair color mystery once and for all!

Kim’s Hair History

To understand Kim Kardashian’s natural hair color, we first need to review the various shades she has dyed it over the years. Here’s a quick overview of her hair history:

– As a child and teen, she had dark brown hair, almost black.

– In the early 2000s, when she first became famous, she added blonde highlights.

– In 2007, while filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she went platinum blonde.

– In 2008, she experimented with auburn and caramel brown hues.

– In 2009, she dyed her hair an icy platinum blonde.

– From 2010-2013, she went gradually darker, trying chestnut browns and espresso hues.

– In 2015, she infamously bleached her hair yet again to achieve white blonde locks.

– Since then, she has mostly stuck to extensions and wigs in shades of black, brown and blonde.

As you can see, Kim has tried every hair color under the sun, from the lightest platinum to pitch black. But looking at photos of her as a young girl indicates her natural hair is dark brown or black. So which shade is closest to her authentic color?

Analyzing Kim’s Childhood Photos

To get to the bottom of Kim’s true hair color, we need to go back to her childhood photos. Images of her as a young girl show she was born with very dark brown, almost black hair:

Young Kim Kardashian

In this childhood photo, likely aged around 5-7, Kim’s hair is a very dark brown, nearly black shade. It appears to be her natural color at the time, with no signs of dye.

More photos from her preteen and early teen years show the same deep, dark brown locks:

Kim Kardashian as a preteen

Based on these images, its safe to assume Kim’s natural, untreated hair color as a youth was dark brown verging on black. Her ultra-tan skin tone likely made the shade appear darker than it was. But there’s no denying her natural hair as a child was her darkest ever.

Evaluating Her Color as an Adult

As Kim grew up, she began experimenting with highlights and light brown dyes. But whenever she goes back to a more natural shade, it still tends to be a deep, dark brown:

Kim Kardashian with dark brown hair

This recent photo shows Kim with a glossy chocolate brown hue that appears natural. The shade is deeper than typical brown and has subtle black undertones.

Stylists who have worked with her also indicate her natural base is dark. Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham told Glamour:

“Kim’s natural hair color is a deep brown shade. She walks the line between brown and black depending on how her hair is styled.”

While we may never know Kim’s precise natural hue, all evidence points to it being a very deep, dark brown – so dark it borders on black. Lighter brown shades she sometimes wears are likely dyed or achieved through careful highlighting.

But her hair is so consistently dark, even when not dyed, that its safe to say her genetically natural color is closer to black thanbrown.

Kim’s Thoughts on Her Natural Hair Color

What does Kim herself say about her natural hair shade? In interviews, she has indicated she was born with black hair that has darkened over the years.

In 2015, while debuting a new black hair color, she told PEOPLE:

“I’ve been dyeing my hair dark for so long and I wanted to go as close to natural as I could. I wanted to see what my natural hair color is again. It was before I had North and before I dyed it for the first time. I wanted to see what it would look like with really long hair and my natural hue.”

This provides even more evidence that her natural shade before any dyes was black. The black shade she went back to after years of coloring apparently matched her original childhood color very closely.

Kim has even referred to her natural hair as “jet black” in the past. According to Glamour, she said: “I’d say it’s jet black. And I have really dark hair, so for me to get any other color, it has to be lightened first.”

So while Kim occasionally wears chocolate browns, caramels, and lighter black tones, her natural, untreated hair seems to be a very dark black shade. The brown hues she appears with are likely meticulously colored and highlighted by professionals.

What the Experts Say

Hair color specialists agree that Kim’s natural base is likely more black than brown. Celebrity colorist Cassondra Kaeding told New Beauty:

“Kim Kardashian’s natural hair color is black. She’s ethnically Armenian which typically corresponds to darker features.”

Other stylists second this, saying her Armenian heritage means her natural hair pigment leans black. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic told Bravo:

“Kim’s natural hair color is dark brown, almost black. Her heritage is Armenian, which typically corresponds to dark brown and black hair.”

Chris Appleton, Kim’s longtime stylist, also confirmed to Glamour that while her dyed hair is brown, her natural shade is “for sure black.”

So while her dyed hair may distort her real shade, the consensus is that Kim’s natural, untreated hair would be black if she let it grow out fully. The very dark brown hues she sports from time to time are likely heavily highlighted and toned down from her natural jet black roots.

Kim Compared to Her Family Members

To get further insight, we can also compare Kim’s hair to the other natural brunettes in her family. Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney also have very dark locks, despite usually dyeing them slightly lighter shades of brown:

Family Member Natural Hair Color
Kim Kardashian Black
Khloe Kardashian Dark Brown
Kourtney Kardashian Dark Brown
Kris Jenner Dark Brown

This comparison shows that black hair runs in the family. Kim’s is the darkest, likely due to her Armenian ancestry. But Khloe and Kourtney also have deep, near-black brown hair that is not as dark as Kim’s natural jet black shade.

Looking at their uncolored roots proves the sisters are naturally very dark brunettes, even if they lighten their locks with dye. This gives further evidence that Kim’s hair would be naturally black if she let it grow out.


Based on thorough analysis of Kim’s childhood photos, her comments about her natural hair, and expert input, its clear her authentic genetic hair color is black, not brown. The many shades of lighter brown she has worn over the years are dyes, highlights and wig colors – not her natural hue.

Kim’s heritage, family traits, and earliest childhood photos all show she was born with jet black hair that has not lightened significantly as she ages. While clever styling can make it appear chocolate brown, her Virgin hair before any coloring would most likely be a very deep black. Mystery solved!

So in summary – is Kim Kardashian’s natural hair color brown or black? While she can temporarily achieve various brown hues through dye jobs, the evidence conclusively shows her authentic natural hair shade is black. Her Armenian ethnicity and genetics mean Kim’s beautiful locks are naturally the darkest of brunettes, virtually black in pigment.