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Is it good to use blue and orange color together in interior space?

Is it good to use blue and orange color together in interior space?

Using blue and orange together in interior design can create a vibrant, energetic color scheme when done right. However, the combination needs to be balanced carefully to avoid a jarring or overwhelming effect. In this article, we’ll look at the psychology behind blue and orange, tips for using them well, and examples of blue and orange done right in interior spaces.

The Psychology of Blue and Orange

Blue is a cool, calming color that evokes feelings of tranquility, trust, and loyalty. It has a relaxing effect. Orange is a warm, invigorating shade that sparks creativity, enthusiasm, and energy. It’s considered a fun, youthful color.

When paired together, these two complementary shades play off each other in an exciting way. The stability of blue balances out the vibrancy of orange. This creates a look that’s both soothing and stimulating. It’s dynamic without being overwhelming.

Here’s a quick overview of the psychology behind these two hues:

Blue Orange
Trustworthy Fun
Calming Exciting
Professional Playful
Cool Warm

As you can see, blue and orange represent almost opposing personality traits. This contrast is what makes them work surprisingly well together. The balance creates visual interest.

Tips for Using Blue and Orange

When combining blue and orange, it’s important to stick to some guidelines so the look doesn’t become too overwhelming. Here are some tips for using these colors successfully:

– Use them in small doses. A little blue and orange goes a long way. Use one as an accent color and the other as the dominant shade.

– Try different hues. Orange has many varieties, from peach to terra cotta. Play around with different blues like navy, sky blue, or periwinkle.

– Add neutrals. Off-whites, grays, and blacks help ground the vibrant blue and orange. They create separation between the colors.

– Repeat the colors. Use the same blue and orange tones throughout a space for cohesion. This makes the combo look intentional.

– Balance warm and cool. Don’t use a warm orange with a cool blue or vice versa. Stick to warm blue with warm orange or cool blue with cool orange.

– Consider texture. Use matte, soft textures with the blue and glossy, sleek textures with the orange for contrast.

– Add metallics. Shiny metals like gold, silver, copper and bronze complement blue and orange nicely.

Following these guidelines will ensure your blue and orange scheme looks polished, vibrant and cohesive.

Examples of Blue and Orange Done Right

Many interior designers have expertly combined blue and orange to create stylish, inviting spaces. Here are some great examples of how to use these colors together:

Warm Traditional Kitchen

This kitchen features terracotta orange on the backsplashtiles and cabinets. It’s balanced beautifully with different shades of blue. A cool navy island pairs nicely with sky blue walls. Metallic gold accents tie the whole look together. The result is warm, inviting, and full of personality.

Eclectic Living Room

In this eclectic living space, electric orange pillows and throw blanket add a fun pop of color against dark blue walls. Blue and white geometric patterns on the rug and curtains keep the look grounded. The orange accessories give this space energy without going overboard.

Contemporary Bedroom

Here, different hues of blue on the wall, pillows, and bedding create a soothing oasis. Pops of peach orange in the wall art, blankets, and chairs provide a perfect accent color. The look is peaceful and put-together.

Orange and Blue Office

This home office uses blue-gray walls and ceiling paired with warm peach-orange furniture and accents. The coordinating colors look cohesive. The orange desk lamp, pencil cup, and armchair inject energy into this functional space.

Kid’s Playroom

In this playroom, an electric blue bookcase pops against the orange wall. The colorful rug ties the whole look together. The energetic color scheme encourages creativity and fun.

As you can see from these examples, blue and orange can create stylish, lively spaces when used strategically. From traditional to contemporary aesthetics, this color duo makes a statement.

Should You Use Blue and Orange Together?

So, should you use blue and orange together in your home? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


– Provides visual contrast and interest

– Feels energetic and fun

– Allows you to play with different hues and textures

– Works well in eclectic, traditional, or modern spaces

– Represents opposing qualities like calm and exciting


– Can feel overwhelming if not balanced properly

– The combo may come across as loud or juvenile if overdone

– Needs separation between colors to avoid vibrancy overload

– Not recommended for serene, zen-like retreats

– Might be difficult to incorporate in a minimalist or all-neutral scheme

Overall, blue and orange can be an exciting, lively color scheme when done right. Just be sure to follow the tips above to keep the look sophisticated. Use the colors in moderation and add plenty of neutrals.

If you’re looking to energize a boring space or add some fun to a room, blue and orange have vibrant potential. But if you prefer subtle, peaceful surroundings, you may want to opt for a more zen color palette. Assess your style, space and color preferences before taking the orange and blue plunge.


Blue and orange make a dynamic color duo that creates visual interest and lively energy when combined. The psychology behind these complementary colors gives blue a calming influence, while orange sparks creativity and enthusiasm.

When using blue and orange together, stick to warm or cool shades of each to ensure they pair well. Add plenty of neutrals like off-whites and grays to prevent overwhelm. Use one color as a dominant shade and the other as an accent. Consider glossy orange with matte blue textures for contrast.

This color scheme works in traditional, eclectic, contemporary and other interior design styles. Just be sure to balance the warm and cool tones and add metallic touches for a polished look. Use blue and orange together in small doses for best results.

While some may shy away from this bold combination, blue and orange can make a stylish statement when done right. The vibrant energy adds fun wherever it’s used. If balanced and controlled properly, this color duo has exciting potential to revamp any interior space.