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Is dashing diva the same as Color Street?

Dashing Diva and Color Street are two popular brands of nail strips, which are pre-designed nail polish strips that can be easily applied to nails for a quick DIY manicure. Though they share some similarities, there are key differences between Dashing Diva and Color Street in terms of their products, application, and business models.

Introduction to Nail Strips

Nail strips, also known as nail wraps or nail stickers, have become a popular nail art alternative to traditional nail polish in recent years. They consist of thin, flexible nail-shaped stickers that are pre-coated with nail polish and come in a variety of designs and colors. To use them, you simply peel off the nail strip, place it on your nail, and smooth it out to adhere it.

The main benefits of using nail strips rather than painting your nails with polish are:

  • They are very quick and easy to apply – no need for multiple coats or waiting for polish to dry.
  • The designs look neat, professional and don’t chip as easily.
  • They allow you to get intricate nail art looks without the skill of hand painting.
  • Many brands are made with a flexible, breathable material that is comfortable to wear.

Nail strips have continued to grow in popularity due to their convenience and how easy they make it to achieve pretty nail looks. Major nail strip brands include Dashing Diva, Color Street, Incoco, Salon Perfect and more.

Overview of Dashing Diva

Dashing Diva is a professional nail care brand that was founded in 2012 and is based in New York. They specialize in easy-to-apply nail strips that come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Some key facts about Dashing Diva:

  • They have over 700 nail strip designs ranging from solids, French tips, glitters, abstract prints, florals and more.
  • The strips are made of a thin, breathable material that contours to the natural nails.
  • They can last up to 7-10 days on fingers and 4-5 days on toes with proper application and care.
  • The strips are available on their website, Amazon, Target, Walmart and in some beauty supply stores.
  • They offer numerous collections including treatment strips like gel primer, ridge-filling and nail-strengthening strips.

Dashing Diva aims to provide salon-quality nail art in easy, DIY strips for both fingernails and toenails. Their products are slightly higher priced than drugstore strips but lower than going to a salon.

Overview of Color Street

Color Street is another popular nail strip brand that was founded in 2015 and is based in New York. Some key information about Color Street:

  • They have over 300 nail strip designs available, mostly in solid colors and French tips but some prints as well.
  • The nail strips are 100% real nail polish infused into a patented dry nail polish strip.
  • Color Street nail strips claim to last up to 10 days without chipping or peeling.
  • You can buy Color Street strips through independent distributors via home parties, Facebook groups or their website.
  • Color Street operates as a multi-level marketing company with consultants that sell the product.

Color Street emphasizes their innovation of putting actual nail polish into strips for long-lasting color. Their distribution model helps make the brand popular through at-home shopping events.

Comparing Dashing Diva vs. Color Street

Now that we have an overview of both brands, let’s compare some key factors between Dashing Diva and Color Street:

Factor Dashing Diva Color Street
Product Range 700+ designs and colors 300+ designs and colors
Types of Strips Solids, French, glitters, prints, treatments Mostly solids and French tips
Ingredients Breathable patented film material Real nail polish infused into strips
Wear Time 7-10 days fingers, 4-5 days toes Up to 10 days claimed
Price Point Higher than drugstore, lower than salon Around $11-13 per strip set
Purchase Options Website, Amazon, Target, Walmart, beauty stores Independent distributors, home parties, website

As you can see from the table, Dashing Diva offers a much wider selection of unique nail strips while Color Street has a smaller product line focused on core colors. Dashing Diva strips can be purchased from mainstream retailers while Color Street utilizes at-home shopping parties.

Dashing Diva Strip Options and Designs

One of the biggest advantages of Dashing Diva is the enormous variety and selection available. They have strips suitable for any occasion, style, season and nail look you can imagine. Some examples include:

  • Solids – Every color imaginable, from nudes and pale pinks to bright red, emerald, rich blues and more.
  • French Tips – Classic white tip French manicures or colorful twists like blue, black, chrome and more.
  • Glitters – Fun and sparkly glitters in colors like purple, pink, gold, multi-color.
  • Abstract Prints – Bold black and white geometric designs, blurred watercolors, artistic patterns.
  • Florals – Vibrant floral prints, daisies, tropical and boho inspired flowers.
  • Holiday – Specific collections for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s Day.
  • Treatment – Repairing treatments like gel primer, ridge filler, nourishing.

Dashing Diva releases new collections frequently so there are always unique and trendy options to choose from. Their vast selection makes it easy to find everything you need for full nail looks.

Color Street Most Popular Styles

Since Color Street has a smaller product line, their most popular strips tend to be:

  • Solids – Ranging from nudes, pinks, reds, neutrals to blues, greens, purples, gray.
  • French Manicure – The classic white tip French style.
  • Glitters and Shimmers – Some glitter ombre colors and shimmery solids.

Their line focuses mainly on core, versatile colors rather than prints or designs. This appeals to people looking for basic colors to complement outfits without having to paint nails. The classic French style is also extremely popular with Color Street.

Application and Removal Process

The application process is essentially the same with both Dashing Diva and Color Street strips. The steps include:

  1. Prep nails by cleaning and buffing smooth.
  2. Optional: Apply glue tabs or glue coating to help adhere.
  3. Peel off nail strip and place on nail, pressing down firmly.
  4. File edges to smooth and shape.
  5. Apply top coat sealant.

The key is pressing the strips down very firmly, especially at the base, sides and tip to help them adhere and last. Top coat is also essential to seal in the strips.

For removal, you can peel off the strips gently, though they can take some of the natural nail with them. Acetone remover or foil wraps are better options to dissolve the adhesive and prevent damage to nails.

Both Dashing Diva and Color Street have YouTube videos to demonstrate the easy application process. Their application is essentially interchangeable – the process is the same for both brands.

Color Street’s MLM Business Model

One major difference between the two brands is that Color Street operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Individuals can become Color Street nail strip distributors and consultants to earn commissions selling the product. Distributors buy starter kits to get samples then sell the strips at home nail parties or through social media.

The MLM model helps Color Street grow through direct seller networks. But there has been some controversy around the high startup costs for distributors and oversaturation of the market. The MLM structure makes Color Street strips only available through distributor channels rather than retail stores.

Dashing Diva, on the other hand, utilizes the traditional retail model where consumers buy strips directly from the brand or authorized retailers. The products are more widely accessible online and in stores without a home party required.

Price Differences Between Brands

On average, Dashing Diva nail strips cost around $8-$14 for a full set depending on the collection. Their treatment formulas like gel primer strips cost a bit more in the $14-$18 range. Dashing Diva runs promotions and sales on their website so you can sometimes get strips for around $5-$7 on discount.

Color Street strips generally cost $11-$13 for a set when buying directly from a distributor. They occasionally offer promotions like buy 3 get 1 free. But the home party model tends to keep prices consistent.

So Dashing Diva has a slight edge with more flexibility in pricing and ability to find discounts. But both offer reasonable prices for the quality and still cheaper than salon manicures.

Quality and Durability

Both Dashing Diva and Color Street are high quality nail strips made of safe, non-toxic ingredients designed to last 1-2 weeks on average. Their wear time depends on proper application and nail oil usage to avoid drying out.

Dashing Diva uses a patented breathable flex-film that contours smoothly to your nails. Color Street infuses real nail polish in their strips for vivid color. But they can have a thicker, sticker-like feel.

For longevity, it comes down to top coat usage. Adding a quality top coat sealant and re-applying every few days helps maintain either brand of strips for their maximum wear. Avoid water damage by wearing gloves for cleaning and washing.

If properly prepped, applied, and sealed, both Dashing Diva and Color Street can achieve up to 10 days of wear or more. Individual results will vary based on nail care habits.

Nail Health and Safety

An advantage of both brands is they are formulated to be non-toxic and safe for your nails. They are designed as a protective layer that won’t damage your nails like acrylics or gel polish.

However, you should still take care to gently remove the strips instead of pulling them off forcefully. Use oil to breakdown the adhesive and prevent lifting of the natural nails.

It’s best to give nails a break in between strip applications. The glue can dry out nails if applied too frequently. Let nails breathe before reapplying.

As far as ingredients, Dashing Diva and Color Street avoid the toxic chemicals found in regular nail polish like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and formaldehyde resin.

Curation and New Releases

Dashing Diva has more frequent curation and new collections released than Color Street. Dashing Diva adds multiple new strip options every month to give plenty of variety.

They have holiday collections as well seasonal strips for occasions like Valentine’s Day, fall, and summer. Limited edition boxes make the products feel special.

Color Street releases a handful of new colors every couple months or so. But they keep their permanent collection small and focused on core basics you can mix and match.

Dashing Diva’s huge selection gives you more opportunities to find unique manicure looks. While Color Street’s simplicity makes coordinating easy.


In summary, Dashing Diva and Color Street both offer quality nail strips that are quick, non-damaging alternatives to polish. Key differences include:

  • Dashing Diva has around 700 strip options compared to 300 with Color Street.
  • Dashing Diva sells through retailers while Color Street uses independent distributors.
  • Dashing Diva has more designs like glitters, prints while Color Street focuses on core colors.
  • Dashing Diva has lower and more flexible pricing.
  • Both brands have similar easy application and wear time when properly prepped.

Choosing between the two brands depends on your preferences and nail goals. Dashing Diva is ideal for someone who loves variety and trends. Color Street suits minimalists with their edited selection. Either delivers beautiful, hassle-free manicures in minutes.