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Is dakota johnson naturally blonde?

Dakota Johnson is best known for her role as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy. With her brown hair and blue eyes, Dakota makes a stunning brunette on screen. However, Dakota wasn’t always a brunette – she was actually born a blonde!

Dakota’s Natural Hair Color

Dakota Mayi Johnson was born on October 4, 1989 in Austin, Texas. She is the daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. As a child, Dakota had golden blonde hair just like her mother. Here are some photos of young Dakota with her natural light blonde locks:

Year Photo
1989 Baby Dakota blonde hair
Early 1990s Young Dakota blonde hair
1999 Dakota blonde hair 1990s

As you can see, Dakota had long, golden blonde hair as a young child. She inherited the stunning blonde locks from her mother Melanie Griffith, who was also a natural blonde.

When Dakota Went Brunette

Although blonde hair suited her as a child, Dakota Johnson began experimenting with darker hair hues as she got older. In the early 2000s, she started dyeing her hair a lighter brown. Here are some photos of Dakota with brown hair over the years:

Year Photo
2006 Teenage Dakota brown hair
2009 Dakota brown hair in 20s
2015 Dakota brunette hair for 50 Shades

As she got into her late teens and twenties, Dakota settled on a light brown as her go-to hair color. Then in 2015 when she landed the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota went full brunette. She has stayed a dark brunette ever since – the look definitely suits her!

Why Dakota Went Brunette

So why did Dakota Johnson trade in her natural blonde locks for a brunette hue? Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • She wanted to distinguish herself from her famous blonde mother Melanie Griffith.
  • She thought the darker color looked edgier and mature.
  • Brunette hair stands out more in Hollywood, where blonde actresses are a dime a dozen.
  • She was tired of maintaining bleached blonde hair.
  • She wanted to separate herself from her younger self.
  • Dark hair photographs better in Hollywood lighting.

Dakota has never directly commented on why she went brunette. But it’s clear she loves the look – she’s been rocking it for over a decade now!

Will Dakota Go Blonde Again?

Dakota’s dark brunette hair has become such an integral part of her image that it’s hard to imagine her going back to blonde anytime soon. However, some celebrities do change up their hair radically for specific roles. Here are the circumstances under which Dakota might go blonde again:

  • If she is cast in a period piece requiring blonde hair.
  • If she lands a role where blonde hair is an important plot element.
  • If she just wants a fun change and goes back temporarily.
  • When she starts going grey and wants to cover it up.
  • If her natural blonde grows back enough that colouring it gets tiring.

Dakota could certainly pull off blonde hair again if she wanted to. But for now, it seems she is happy with her brunette locks. Going blonde again would require a lot of maintenance. As she gets older, she may tire of colouring her regrowth every few weeks. Perhaps someday in the future, Ms. Johnson will embrace her roots and go back to the golden hue she was born with!


In summary, despite being a natural blonde as a child, Dakota Johnson has become known for her dark brunette hair. She started dyeing it brown in her teens and went fully brunette in 2015 for the Fifty Shades films. Dakota has never explained why she went brunette, but it likely came down to wanting a more mature look as she entered Hollywood. While a blonde comeback isn’t totally out of the question, Dakota seems satisfied with her raven locks for now. Her brunette hair has become a big part of her star image. But who knows? Dakota Johnson may surprise us all by unveiling blonde hair once again down the road!