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Is COLORBOND a brand?

COLORBOND® steel is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in Australia when it comes to building materials. As an SEO writer assistant, let me provide some background information and insights into whether COLORBOND can be considered a true brand.

The History and Origin of COLORBOND Steel

COLORBOND steel was introduced by BlueScope Steel in Australia in 1966 as the first pre-painted steel product for roofing and walling. It was a pioneering product that allowed for long-lasting, durable and colorful steel roofing and walling products that did not require extra painting on-site.

BlueScope Steel has registered COLORBOND as a trademark and owns the brand. They have heavily marketed and promoted the COLORBOND brand over the past 50+ years to make it a household name in Australia.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

After decades of marketing and advertising, COLORBOND steel enjoys very strong brand recognition and awareness among both consumers and builders/contractors in Australia.

Surveys have shown that close to 100% of residents in Australia recognize the COLORBOND brand name and associate it positively with roofing and building materials.

The brand awareness stems from national TV and print advertising campaigns over the years, as well as visibility through widespread use of COLORBOND steel products in residential, commercial and industrial buildings across Australia.

Brand Loyalty Among Consumers

The COLORBOND brand also enjoys strong brand loyalty, with many consumers specifically requesting the product for their roofing and walling needs.

A survey in 2015 found that 88% of respondents would prefer to use COLORBOND steel over other roofing products. This demonstrates the brand loyalty and trust that consumers place in the well-known COLORBOND name.

Perceived Quality and Value

COLORBOND steel is perceived by most customers as being a premium quality and durable product. While it is not the cheapest roofing option, consumers see value in paying more for a trusted brand like COLORBOND that delivers on quality and longevity.

In one brand study, 74% of consumers said they would pay more for a roofing product that is durable and long-lasting. This aligns with the positioning of COLORBOND as a higher-end premium brand in the building industry.

Range of Colors and Choice

A key aspect that sets COLORBOND apart is the wide range of color options available to consumers. There are over 20 standard COLORBOND colors to choose from, as well as specialty ranges with additional colors.

This level of choice and customization is appreciated by customers and has helped drive preference for the COLORBOND brand over competitors.

Innovation and New Product Development

BlueScope Steel continually invests in R&D and new product development to expand the COLORBOND range. Recent examples include:

  • Thermatech® technology for superior thermal performance
  • BlueScope Coolmax® for reflective insulation
  • SuperDurable polymer for enhanced corrosion resistance

This innovation reinforces COLORBOND as a leading premium brand that evolves over time to meet changing customer needs.

Extensive Distribution and Availability

COLORBOND steel products are widely available through a vast distribution network across hardware stores, steel distributors, metal roofing suppliers, and builders’ merchants throughout Australia.

This availability and ease of access to COLORBOND products enhances the brand experience and makes the brand highly visible to consumers doing roofing and home building projects.

Marketing and Sponsorships

BlueScope invests heavily in marketing campaigns and sponsorships to boost the COLORBOND brand image. This includes:

  • TV and print advertising campaigns
  • Radio and digital advertising
  • Sponsoring home renovation shows and publications
  • Sports sponsorships including cricket and surfing

These marketing initiatives embed COLORBOND firmly into consumer consciousness as a leading steel building product brand.

Range of Certifications and Credentials

COLORBOND steel meets a wide range of industry certifications for quality assurance, safety, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Some examples include:

  • AS 2728 compliance for Australian standards
  • CodeMark Certification for compliance with building codes
  • GreenTag Certification for sustainability
  • Energy rating certification from ATA

These credentials provide trust and confidence in the COLORBOND brand for consumers.

Warranties and Guarantees

BlueScope Steel provides strong product warranties and performance guarantees on COLORBOND steel products. This includes:

  • Warranties up to 40 years on paint finish fading
  • 15-year warranty on corrosion resistance
  • 10-year warranty on surface coatings

These assurances on longevity and durability reassure consumers that COLORBOND is a reliable brand that stands behind its products.

Brand Associations

Through its long history in the Australian market, the COLORBOND brand has developed many strong and positive associations for consumers. It is known for:

  • Trusted quality
  • Australian made
  • Durability and long life
  • Reliability
  • Strength and resilience
  • Aesthetically pleasing range of colors
  • Environmental sustainability

These attributes paint COLORBOND as a reputable brand that resonates with consumer priorities and preferences.


Based on the above analysis, COLORBOND demonstrates many of the hallmarks of a strong brand:

  • High brand recognition and awareness
  • Strong brand loyalty and preference
  • Perceived as good quality and value
  • Innovation and continued new product development
  • Wide distribution and accessibility
  • Effective marketing and promotions
  • Strong positive brand associations

Given its 50+ year heritage in the Australian market and BlueScope Steel’s stewardship, COLORBOND has evolved into one of the most iconic and trusted brands in the building industry. It enjoys market-leading brand equity as a premium provider of roofing, guttering, and walling products to residential and commercial customers. Based on this assessment, there is a strong case to be made for COLORBOND being considered a true and enduring brand consumers know and trust.