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How to name your car?

How to name your car?

Naming your car can be a fun and creative way to give your vehicle some extra personality. For many car owners, their car feels like an extension of themselves, so giving it a special name seems only fitting. When trying to come up with a name for your car, there are a few key things to consider. Think about your car’s attributes like its make, model, color, and even its own unique quirks. You’ll also want to pick a name that resonates with you personally. Getting creative and choosing a fun name can make your daily drives all the more enjoyable.

Reflect On Your Car’s Attributes

When brainstorming name ideas, first reflect on the details that make your car unique. Consider the following attributes:

  • Make and model – Is your car a sporty Mustang or a rugged Jeep Wrangler?
  • Color – Ruby red? Ocean blue?
  • Year – Is your car a classic or right off the new car lot?
  • Features – Convertible, all-wheel drive, hybrid, etc.
  • Quirks – Any funny noises, that spot with chipped paint, etc.

Thinking through these distinguishing traits can spark ideas for the perfect descriptive name. If you have a zippy little two-seater, maybe a swift name like Zoom or Bolt would be fitting. For a sturdy SUV, think solid names like Tank or Rocky.

Consider Names with Personal Meaning

In addition to descriptive names, you may want to choose a name that has special meaning to you. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A favorite fictional character
  • An inspiring historical figure
  • A memorable place or destination
  • A nickname for someone close to you
  • An inside joke

Naming your car after someone or something you love can create an extra special bond. Perhaps you could name your car after your childhood hero, a beloved pet, or a city you dream of visiting. Get personal and have fun with it!

Types of Car Names

When brainstorming, think about which types of names appeal to you. Here are some popular categories to consider:

Type Examples
Descriptive Red Rocket, Blue Streak, Betsy (old reliable), Sparky (temperamental)
Pop culture references Mustang Sally, Baby (like the movie Baby Driver), Bumblebee, Herbie
Puns Ford Fiesta renamed Fiesta Siesta, Honda Fit called Fit Fatboy
Alliterations Dapper Dakota, Sassy Sally

As you can see, the options are limitless! Choosing a fun play on words or pop culture reference can give your car major personality.

Test it Out

Once you’ve narrowed down your name ideas, try them out for a few days. Use the name in conversation and when referring to your car. Get a feel for how the name rolls off the tongue. Make sure you feel good saying it before making it official!

Make it Official

When you’ve selected the perfect name, here are some ways to make it official:

  • Add it to your insurance paperwork
  • Get a custom license plate
  • Buy a bumper sticker or vanity plate with the name
  • Have it printed on floor mats or seat covers
  • Print out a certificate to frame and put in your car

With paperwork, accessories, and other personalized touches, you’ll solidify your car’s new moniker.

Name Ideas

Still stumped on coming up with the ideal name for your four-wheeled friend? Here are some more unique name suggestions to jumpstart your brainstorming:

Make/Model Name Idea
Ford Mustang Stallion, Pony, Bullitt
Toyota Prius Gem, Joules, Eco
VW Beetle Ladybug, Buggy, Skitter
Jeep Wrangler Trailblazer, Trooper, Crusher
Tesla Model S Nymeria, Zeus, Electron

Choose something that speaks to your car’s attitude and flair. And most importantly, pick a name that puts a smile on your face!


Naming your car can be a really fun way to give it extra personality. When brainstorming name ideas, get creative and choose something with personal significance. Make sure to test out the name for a few days before making it official. Add bumper stickers, vanity plates, or other accessories to solidify your car’s new unique moniker. With a thoughtful, clever name, your drives will never be the same!