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How to draw a birthday cake for kids?

Drawing a fun birthday cake is a great way to celebrate a child’s special day. Kids love coloring, decorating, and designing their own custom cakes for their birthdays. With just a few simple steps, you can teach children how to draw cute cakes with candles, frosting, sprinkles and more. Learning to draw a birthday cake is easy and entertaining for kids of all ages.

Materials Needed

Drawing birthday cakes is an easy activity that doesn’t require many supplies. Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Crayons, colored pencils or markers
  • Eraser (optional)

Try using thicker paper like cardstock or drawing paper. The extra weight helps keep the drawing surface sturdy for coloring and decorating details. Gather any coloring supplies readily available like crayons, colored pencils or markers. Try to have an array of colors to make a vibrant cake drawing.

Step 1 – Draw a Basic Cake Shape

Start by drawing a basic cake shape on the paper with a pencil. Keep the design simple by drawing:

  • Round or oval shape for the cake layers
  • Straight lines for the sides
  • Rectangular shape for the cake base

Sketch the basic cake design lightly in pencil first. This makes it easy to erase and adjust the cake shape as needed. Encourage kids to be creative and artistic with their cake shapes and sizes.

Step 2 – Add Cake Layers and Frosting

Once the base cake shape is drawn, it’s time to add cake layers and frosting details. Here are some tips for this step:

  • Draw parallel lines to divide the cake into layers
  • Add squiggles, loops and peaks for frosting decorations
  • Try different frosting textures like smooth, fluffy, swirled or textured
  • Add fun shapes or designs in the frosting like flowers, hearts, stars, etc.

Let kids use their creativity to design their own unique cake frosting decorations. Layers of frosting and designs make the cake drawing pop!

Step 3 – Draw Candles and Other Decorations

Now for the fun part – adding candles, sprinkles and other birthday decorations. Encourage kids to customize their cakes with their favorite designs:

  • Candles – tall, short, various shapes, colors and sizes
  • Sprinkles – dots, lines, shapes or scattered designs
  • Images – characters, shapes, toys, flowers, etc.
  • Text – name, age, message, etc.

Let their creativity shine through in the decorations. They can add candles numbering their age, their name in text, favorite characters, shapes and more. Vivid details like decorations make the cake drawing unique.

Step 4 – Color the Cake Drawing

The final step is to color in the birthday cake drawing. Encourage kids to use bold, bright colors like:

  • Pink, yellow or other colors for the frosting
  • Rainbow colors for the candles
  • Metallic colors like silver or gold for details
  • Glitter or neon colors for fun designs

Pull out all the coloring supplies like crayons, markers, colored pencils and more. Let kids’ imaginations run wild with colorful cake designs. Add little details like shine marks or candle flames. Vibrant colors make the cake drawing pop off the page.

Cake Drawing Ideas and Variations

Once kids learn the basics of drawing a cake, there are many creative ways to make each cake unique. Here are some fun cake variations to try:

Cake Idea Description
Themed Cakes Draw cakes with kids’ favorite themes like space, animals, sports, characters, etc.
3D or Layer Cakes stack rounded layers to make a 3D layered cake
Cupcakes Decorate a cupcake scene with multiple cupcakes and decorations
Slice of Cake Draw a sliced cake to show the inside layers and decorations
Smash Cake Draw a baby smashing their face in a small cake

Inspire kids to get creative with different cake drawing ideas. Let them develop their own artistic style on each cake they draw. They’ll have fun designing lots of unique cakes.

Birthday Cake Drawing Tips for Kids

Drawing birthday cakes is a great way for kids to express creativity while practicing art skills. Here are some tips to help them create fun cake drawings:

  • Start with simple shapes – Circles, ovals, rectangles and triangles make the cake structure easy
  • Lightly sketch in pencil first – Allow mistakes and adjustments before drawing final outline
  • Add lots of decorations – Candles, sprinkles, shapes and designs give cakes personality
  • Use vivid colors – Frosting, candles, text and details pop more in bold colors
  • Practice shading techniques – Add shadows and dimension with colored pencils
  • Fill the whole page – Big, fun designs maximize the drawing space

As kids get comfortable with the steps, encourage them to develop their own cake drawing style. Let them explore their creativity while building artistic skills.

Frame and Display Kids’ Cake Drawings

Kids will be proud of the special birthday cake drawings they create. Here are some ways to display their masterpieces:

  • Frame the drawings to hang on the wall at home
  • Create a gallery wall showcasing new cake drawings each year
  • Make custom notecards from their cake art to send thank you notes
  • Laminate the drawings to create placemats for birthday meals
  • Add drawings to a custom bulletin board decorated with art supplies

Displaying the drawings shows kids their hard work is appreciated. It also encourages them to continue being creative artists.


Learning to draw birthday cakes is an easy and fun art activity for kids. With simple shapes, colorful decorations and creative details, children can design many unique cakes. Grown-ups can foster artistic skills and self-expression by guiding kids through cake drawing. Let their imaginations run wild with frosting textures, candles, sprinkles and designs. Displaying the finished cake drawings inspires kids to continue creating art and honing their skills. Drawing cakes is a sweet and simple way to celebrate birthdays in a creative way!