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How small was selena quintanilla?

Selena Quintanilla was a beloved Mexican-American singer who rose to fame in the 1990s as the Queen of Tejano music. Though her career was tragically cut short when she was murdered at age 23, her legacy lives on through her iconic music and fashion style.

Selena Quintanilla’s Background

Selena Quintanilla was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. She was the youngest child of Marcella Ofelia Quintanilla and Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Selena had two older siblings, A.B. and Suzette. Her family had a musical background – her father had been a musician and wanted to start a family band. Selena began singing at a young age and made her first recording at age 9. In the early 1980s, her father formed the band Selena y Los Dinos, featuring Selena as lead vocalist. They performed around their hometown before gaining wider recognition around Texas.

Selena’s Music Career

In 1987, Selena y Los Dinos released their first album with EMI Latin Records. This launched Selena’s professional music career when she was just 16. Over the next few years, she put out several more albums and her popularity as a singer grew steadily, especially among the Latinx and Mexican-American communities in Texas and Mexico. Her fourth album Entre A Mi Mundo, released in 1992, was the breakthrough hit that propelled her to fame across Latin music charts. Songs like “Como La Flor” and “La Carcacha” became signature Selena hits.

Selena won Female Vocalist of the Year at the 1987 Tejano Music Awards. This kicked off a winning streak where she dominated the Tejano Music Awards for several years and also won the Grammy for Best Mexican/American Album in 1994. She released her fifth and final studio album Amor Prohibido in 1994. It became the best selling Latin album in the U.S. for that year. At the peak of her popularity, Selena had achieved over 500,000 in album sales.

Selena’s Fashion Style

Aside from her music, Selena was also known for her bold and sexy fashion style. Onstage, she often wore revealing bustiers and body-hugging spandex, showcasing her curvy figure. Her wardrobe styled glamorous looks withcrop tops, big hair, and lots of jewelry. Selena’s favorite colors were purple and black. Some of her signature looks included:-

  • Sparkly purple jumpsuit
  • Black leather bustier with silver studs
  • White halter crop top with purple sequined pants
  • Green satin bustier with matching green pants

Selena’s fashion caused some controversy in the conservative Tejano music world. But her style was groundbreaking as she became one of the first Latinx performers to successfully cross over into mainstream American pop culture. After her death, manystores rushed to carry memorabilia of Selena due to public demand to remember her iconic look.

Selena Quintanilla’s Physical Appearance

So how small exactly was Selena Quintanilla? The glamorous performer with larger-than-life stage presence was actually petite in stature.


Selena Quintanilla stood at 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her short height was noticeable when she performed and made public appearances surrounded by fans and taller dancers. But her commanding presence and confidence shone through, showcasing her dynamic talent.


At the time of her death in 1995, Selena Quintanilla weighed approximately 118 pounds. Earlier in her career, she had weighed less, closer to 100 pounds during her teens. As she got older and her body matured, she gained curves and weighed slightly more.

Despite her petite size, Selena had an undeniably womanly figure. On stage, she exuded energy and sexuality through her dancing and skin-baring costumes. She broke barriers for Latina sexuality in the media by proudly flaunting her busty chest, toned midriff, and shapely hips.


Selena Quintanilla’s body measurements were 34-23-34 inches at her time of death. Her vital statistics were:

  • Bra/Bust size: 34B
  • Waist size: 23 inches
  • Hips: 34 inches

She had an archetypical hourglass shape that accentuated her curves. Even as her weight fluctuated in her 20s, Selena maintained her coke-bottle figure with a narrow waist and womanly hips.

Selena Quintanilla’s Size Over the Years

Age Height Weight Dress Size
16 years old 5’1″ 100 lbs 0-2
18 years old 5’2″ 105 lbs 4
21 years old 5’2″ 112 lbs 6
23 years old 5’2″ 118 lbs 8

As a teen, Selena was rail-thin at 100 pounds and likely wore sizes 0-2. By her early 20s, she filled out to a healthier weight but remained petite at around 110 pounds and size 4-6. At the time of her death at 23, Selena weighed 118 pounds and wore a size 8.

Selena’s Legacy

Though she only lived to be 23 years old, Selena Quintanilla had an undeniable impact on Latin music and pop culture. She paved the way for future Latina artists like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Selena broke barriers with her unapologetic sexuality and passion. She gave representation to young Latin girls with her relatable petite size and curvy body type. The Queen of Tejano music’s memory lives on through her fiery spirit and iconic songs.


In summary, Selena Quintanilla was a petite yet curvaceous icon. She stood at 5 feet 2 inches tall and generally weighed between 100-120 pounds during her career. Selena had an hourglass figure measuring 34-24-34 inches at her time of death. Her signature flashy performance outfits highlighted her busty chest, tiny waist, and shapely hips. Selena paved the way for Latina pop stars by embracing her sexuality and body confidence at a petite size. Though she passed away young, her legacy as a small but mighty performer lives on. Selena Quintanilla remains beloved for breaking barriers with her music, fashion, and sensuality while standing just over 5 feet tall.