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How much does a New Balance 9060 weight?

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The New Balance 9060 is a running shoe that was first released in 2022. It is part of New Balance’s Fresh Foam X line, which uses proprietary Fresh Foam X midsole cushioning technology to provide a plush and responsive ride.

For runners, weight is an important consideration when choosing a shoe. Generally, lighter shoes are favored as they require less effort to move the foot and can promote efficiency. However, cushioning and support elements add weight, so finding the optimal balance is key.

In this article, we will look at the specific weights of the New Balance 9060 style in detail. We will break down weights by gender and size to see how they compare. Understanding the shoe’s heft can help runners determine if it may be the right option for their training and racing needs.

Weight by Gender

The New Balance 9060 is offered in both men’s and women’s versions. The models are built on gender-specific lasts to better accommodate the anatomical differences between male and female feet.

On average, the men’s New Balance 9060 weighs about 11.2 oz per shoe*. The women’s New Balance 9060 averages approximately 9.9 oz per shoe*.

This puts the 9060 in the medium weight class of running shoes. It is not an ultra-light racing flat, but it does shave some weight off compared to a heavily cushioned daily trainer.

The variance in men’s and women’s weights is due to the differing size ranges. Men’s shoes go up to larger sizes which require more materials and therefore weigh more. Women have smaller feet on average, so the shoes use less materials overall.

Men’s New Balance 9060 Weight by Size

Size Weight (ounces)
7 10.8
7.5 11.0
8 11.1
8.5 11.2
9 11.3
9.5 11.4
10 11.6
10.5 11.8
11 11.9
11.5 12.1
12 12.2
13 12.4
14 12.8
15 13.1

As you can see, the men’s New Balance 9060 ranges from 10.8 oz in a size 7 up to 13.1 oz in a size 15. In general, the larger sizes require more materials which adds weight.

Women’s New Balance 9060 Weight by Size

Size Weight (ounces)
5 9.2
5.5 9.4
6 9.5
6.5 9.6
7 9.7
7.5 9.8
8 9.9
8.5 10.1
9 10.2
9.5 10.3
10 10.5
10.5 10.6
11 10.8
11.5 10.9
12 11.1

For women, the New Balance 9060 ranges from 9.2 oz in a size 5 up to 11.1 oz in a size 12. The lighter weights in the smaller sizes can benefit female runners looking for performance.

Weight Compared to Other New Balance Shoes

How does the New Balance 9060 compare against other running shoes in New Balance’s current lineup? Let’s look at weights of a few comparable models:

  • New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2: Men’s 8.8 oz, Women’s 7.3 oz
  • New Balance 880v12: Men’s 11.1 oz, Women’s 9.4 oz
  • New Balance 1080v12: Men’s 11.5 oz, Women’s 9.7 oz
  • New Balance Fresh Foam More v3: Men’s 11.0 oz, Women’s 8.8 oz
  • New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12: Men’s 10.9 oz, Women’s 8.8 oz

The New Balance 9060 hits right around the middle of the pack. It is heavier than racing flats like the FuelCell Rebel v2, but lighter than max cushion daily trainers like the 1080v12. The weight positions it well as a supportive but still responsive daily trainer or long run shoe for a wide variety of runners.

Weight and the Ride Experience

What does the New Balance 9060’s weight translate to out on the road? Here are some of the implications:


At around 11 oz, the 9060 provides a smooth transition from heel to toe. The midfoot is stable without being overly rigid, allowing the foot to transition naturally through the gait cycle. The weight hits a nice balance of not feeling clunky but still substantial enough for a supportive ride.


This everyday trainer has some snap to it, thanks in part to its moderate weight. The Fresh Foam X midsole material delivers energetic cushioning and bounce on contact. The shoe feels lively without the weight draining too much responsiveness.

Comfort and Stability

The weight lends to a comfortable feel with plenty of cushioning. Most runners should experience ample shock absorption and protection from the moderate 11 oz weight. In terms of stability, the weight provides a controlled ride that resists excess lateral motion. Overpronators can benefit from the stabilizing mass.


While not an ultralight racing flat, the New Balance 9060 won’t weigh down a runner looking to pick up the pace. Its versatile weight makes it suitable for speedwork and tempo runs in addition to daily miles. The shoe provides a good blend of cushioning and responsiveness for dynamic workouts.


The 9060’s weight indicates durable materials and construction that should withstand mileage. Heavier trainers tend to have denser compounds and elements that resist breakdown over time. Runner’s can expect the shoe to go the distance based on its well-proportioned weight.

Weight Compared to Other Brands

The New Balance 9060 is comparable to daily trainers from other top athletic brands in terms of weight:

Shoe Weight
Brooks Glycerin 20 Men’s 11.2 oz, Women’s 9.2 oz
Hoka Clifton 8 Men’s 9.9 oz, Women’s 7.7 oz
Saucony Triumph 19 Men’s 10.9 oz, Women’s 8.8 oz
Asics Gel-Nimbus 24 Men’s 11.6 oz, Women’s 9.4 oz
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Men’s 10.6 oz, Women’s 8.5 oz

The New Balance 9060 is on par with these shoes from major running brands. It hits a competitive weight while still providing ample cushioning and support in a daily trainer model.

Weight Can Vary By Model

It’s important to note that specific weight can vary slightly across versions of the 9060. Factors such as color, production variables, and component changes can cause subtle differences in ounce measures. Be sure to check weight for the exact model and colorway you are considering purchasing.

Additionally, manufacturing variances of +/- 1 oz are common within the same shoe model. Do not expect two identical size 12 men’s 9060s to weigh precisely the same. But the overall ranges and proportions will be comparable.


Knowing the exact weight of a running shoe like the New Balance 9060 can guide runners in selecting the ideal model for their training and racing. The 9060 hits a versatile weight class of around 11 oz for men and 10 oz for women.

This positions it as a supportive but not overly heavy daily trainer. It provides a responsive and smooth ride without the extra weight that can slow turnover. While not the lightest shoe, the 9060 strikes an optimal balance for cushioning, stability, and speed.

Weight is just one aspect to consider in finding the right shoe. But understanding the heft and materials can help dial in the best fit for your running needs. For a versatile trainer with lively cushioning, the New Balance 9060 has a weight profile that offers the right equilibrium.