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How much are the red shoes?

How much are the red shoes?

Determining the price of a pair of red shoes can depend on many factors. As an online shopper, you may see varying prices for what look like similar red shoes. The brand, materials, construction quality, designer name, retailer markup, sales and availability all impact the final sale price. By understanding what goes into shoe pricing and price ranges for common brands, you can make a more informed purchase decision when shopping for your ideal red shoes.

Quick Answer: Average Price Range

The average price range for a pair of red women’s shoes is $50 to $100 at standard department store or mall retailers. More affordable brands like Steve Madden may price styles around $50 while designer brands like Manolo Blahnik can price red shoes from $500 to over $1000. Sale prices can reduce costs to the $20 to $60 range depending on the original retail price.

What Impacts Shoe Pricing

Many variables influence the retail price set for a pair of red shoes. Consider the following factors:

  • Brand name and reputation – Well-known designer brands command higher prices based on popularity and perception of quality.
  • Materials used – Fine leathers, exotic materials and decorative embellishments raise costs and retail pricing.
  • Construction and manufacturing – Hand-crafted shoes take more time and skill so prices are higher than mass-produced pairs.
  • Style popularity – Trending and best-selling styles may retail for more compared to basic styles.
  • Retailer markup – Department stores, boutiques and websites all apply varying profit margins to wholesale prices.
  • Location – Shoe prices can be higher at stores situated in premier shopping areas or malls.
  • Sales and promotions – Special offers, clearance sales and coupons can significantly reduce prices temporarily.
  • Availability and inventory – Hard-to-find styles may command higher prices due to scarcity and demand.

Even for the same brand, construction methods, materials and styling details can vary greatly depending on the intended price point. Lower priced shoes often use more synthetic materials and basic production methods while higher priced shoes rely on fine craftsmanship and premium materials. This accounts for the wide range of prices that may all be for “red shoes” from the same designer.

Price Ranges by Brand

To get a better idea of typical pricing, here are approximate price ranges for red women’s shoes across some popular footwear brands:

Brand Example Styles Price Range
Target Flats, sandals $15 – $40
Old Navy Flats, sneakers, sandals $25 – $50
Steve Madden Heels, boots, sandals $50 – $130
Sam Edelman Heels, flats, sandals $100 – $200
Coach Flats, heels, boots, sandals $125 – $350
Stuart Weitzman Heels, boots, flats $350 – $650
Christian Louboutin Heels, pumps, boots $500 – $1500
Jimmy Choo Heels, pumps, sandals, flats $500 – $3000
Manolo Blahnik Heels, pumps, flats, boots $500 – $3000

This table shows approximate price ranges for some best-selling brands known for women’s shoes. Styles and prices can vary within each brand based on materials, construction, and seasonal collections. Luxury designer brands like Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik retail red shoes on average between $500 to over $1000. More accessibly priced brands like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman and Old Navy price comparable styles usually between $20 to $200.

Factors That Reduce Cost

Certain factors can help you pay less than typical retail pricing when shopping for red shoes. Consider the following money-saving options:

  • Sales and promotions – Check for special offers and coupons from retailers. Sign up for email lists to receive sale announcements.
  • Prior season stock – Look for remaining inventory from previous seasons marked down 30% to 60% off.
  • Discontinued styles – Retailers deeply discount styles being phased out to clear stock.
  • Outlet locations – Brand-name outlet stores offer savings of 25% to 65% off suggested retail prices.
  • Shopping holidays – Plan major purchases to coincide with big sale events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Labor Day.
  • Loyalty programs – Sign up for store credit cards or rewards programs to receive extra discounts.
  • Discount retailers – Check stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and DSW for brand name shoes at lower price points.
  • Secondhand shops – Search thrift stores and resale sites for high quality used shoes at huge discounts.

With the right timing and some savvy shopping, you can pay $20 to 60% less than typical pricing on red shoes. Setting flexible brand expectations and considering pre-owned options also helps maximize your budget.

Popular Styles to Look For

Certain red shoe styles tend to be prevalent across brands and seasons. Keep an eye out for these perennial favorites when searching for your perfect red pair:

  • Pumps – Classic red stiletto or block heel pumps pair well with suits or dresses.
  • Flats – Red ballet flats or loafers add a pop of color to casual looks.
  • Sandals – Open toe red heels or flats transition effortlessly into warmer months.
  • Boots – Choose knee or ankle height red boots with block or stiletto heels.
  • Sneakers – Red leather or canvas sneakers complement casual style.
  • Slides – Red strappy slides or mules are easy to slip on with dresses or jeans.

These timeless red shoe styles are produced by most brands season after season. Knowing which silhouettes you prefer makes it easier to spot and compare options across retailers.

Where to Buy

Check these retailers when shopping for red shoes:

  • Department stores – Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s
  • Shoe stores – DSW, Famous Footwear, Aldo
  • Discount retailers – Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross
  • Designer boutiques – Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s
  • Outlet malls – Search brand name outlets like Coach, Nike, Cole Haan
  • Online – Zappos, 6pm, Amazon all carry a wide selection.
  • Resale sites – Check ThredUp, Poshmark and eBay for secondhand finds.

Both in-store and online, you can browse selections across brands at retailers that carry a variety of footwear. Check discount retailers and resale sites for lower price points. For high end designer styles, try upscale department stores, brand boutiques or official brand websites.

Time Your Purchase

Aim to buy red shoes during these peak sale periods:

  • November to December – Snag deals on current inventory for the holidays.
  • January to February – Take advantage of end of season clearance sales after the holidays.
  • May to June – Look for markdowns as summer styles start arriving.
  • July to August – End of summer sales offer savings on warm weather shoes.
  • Holiday weekends – Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day all bring major sales.

Shopping during new season transitions means you can find markdowns on out of season styles. Holiday weekends, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday, also attract deep discounts from retailers.

Care Tips

Follow these tips to extend the life your red shoes:

  • Use shoe bags to prevent scuffing and stains during storage or travel.
  • Stuff with tissue paper when not being worn to help retain shape.
  • Rotate your shoes between wears to disperse wear and allow to air.
  • Clean canvas or leather with mild soap and water on a soft cloth.
  • Use shoe polish to refresh leather and suede styles.
  • Protect suede from water stains with a sealant spray.
  • Blot spills and stains quickly to prevent setting in fabric or leather.
  • Stuff tight shoes with a shoe stretcher to relieve pressure points.
  • Repair loose stitching promptly to prevent unraveling.

With some basic care, you can keep your red shoes looking their best for many seasons. Handle delicately, store properly between wears and clean gently to maximize longevity.


Finding your ideal red shoes starts with setting a realistic budget and watching for sale opportunities. While designer brands fetch higher prices, you can also find stylish red shoes for under $100. Set price alerts, browse discounts and consider pre-owned to get more for your money. With some smart shopping strategies, you can say hello to the perfect red pair without breaking the bank.