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How many shades of blue does Crayola have?

How many shades of blue does Crayola have?

Crayola is known for having a wide variety of colors available across their different product lines like crayons, colored pencils, markers and paint. When it comes to just the number of shades of blue they offer, Crayola has quite an impressive selection. In this article, we will take a closer look at the many different blue shades Crayola has and how many there are total.

Crayola Crayon Colors

Crayons are probably what first come to mind when you think of Crayola products. They were the original Crayola offering starting back in 1903 and have expanded over the decades to include over 100 different colors. Within the broad Crayola crayon color palette, there are quite a few shades of blue available.

Here is a breakdown of the different blue Crayola crayon shades:

Blue Navy Blue
Denim Robin’s Egg Blue
Cerulean Cornflower
Sky Blue Teal Blue
Indigo Periwinkle
Blue Green Pacific Blue
Cadet Blue Sea Green

That’s a total of 16 different blue crayon shades from Crayola! The offerings range from primary colors like regular Blue to more nuanced shades like Periwinkle and Robin’s Egg Blue. There’s definitely a wide spectrum covered within just the blue crayon colors.

Crayola Colored Pencil Colors

In addition to crayons, Crayola also produces colored pencils. These allow for more detail and intricate coloring than standard crayons. The Crayola colored pencil lineup contains 120 different colors, including the following blue shades:

Navy Blue Cornflower
Cerulean Robin’s Egg Blue
Sky Blue cadet Blue
Periwinkle Blue Green

For their colored pencil offerings, Crayola has 8 different blue shades. You’ll notice some of the same blues from the crayon lineup like Cerulean and Periwinkle, along with a few new additions like cadet Blue.

Crayola Marker Colors

Crayola makes a variety of different markers including classic, metallic, smelly, washable and more. Altogether there are 100 different Crayola marker colors covering the rainbow. For blue options, Crayola markers come in these shades:

Navy Blue Cornflower
Sky Blue Blue Green

The Crayola marker lineup has 6 shades of blue available. You’ll see some familiar shades here from crayons and colored pencils like Navy Blue and Periwinkle. The markers offer medium blue tones like Cornflower and Sky Blue as well.

Crayola Paint Colors

Beyond drawing implements, Crayola also produces kids paints in a variety of forms like fingerpaint, tempera paint, watercolor and more. The paints allow young artists to work on a larger scale and experiment with mixing colors. Here are the shades of blue available across Crayola paints:

Navy Blue Cornflower
Cerulean Sky Blue
Cadet Blue Blue Green

For blue paint colors, Crayola again has 7 different well-distributed shades. Navy Blue and Periwinkle make another appearance, along with lighter blues like Cornflower and Cerulean. Crayola paint offers vibrant primary blues and more nuanced shades for lots of variety.

Total Shades of Blue from Crayola

Looking across all the major Crayola product types – crayons, colored pencils, markers and paints – we’ve seen that they offer the following total shades of blue:

  • Navy Blue
  • Cornflower
  • Cerulean
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Cadet Blue
  • Blue Green
  • Periwinkle
  • Blue
  • Denim
  • Teal Blue
  • Indigo
  • Pacific Blue
  • Sea Green

Added up across all product types, Crayola offers a whopping 25 different shades of blue! That covers the color spectrum from dark blues like Navy and Indigo to bright, vivid blues like Robin’s Egg and Pacific. There are also several shades that bridge the gap between blue and green like Teal, Blue Green and Sea Green.

The wide variety of blue shades from Crayola shows how the brand caters to young artists and encourages creativity and experimentation with color. No matter what type of blue kids want to use in their next coloring project, Crayola likely has them covered with so many nuanced blues to choose from.

Most Popular Crayola Blue Shades

While Crayola offers 25 shades of blue across their products, some blues tend to be more popular and widely used compared to others. Here are 5 of the most popular and commonly used blue shades from Crayola:

  1. Navy Blue – A rich, deep dark blue that kids recognize from military uniforms and nautical themes.
  2. Sky Blue – A light peaceful blue associated with sunny skies that creates cheerful images.
  3. Cerulean – A calm relaxing medium blue that was added to the original Crayola crayon box.
  4. Periwinkle – A soft pastel bluish purple that captures imagination and is fun to blend.
  5. Blue Green – An aquatic blending of blue and green that conjures oceanic landscapes.

These 5 shades cover a nice range from bold primary blues like Navy and Sky Blue to mixing colors like Blue Green and Periwinkle. Kids love using these blues to color in everything from skies, water and clothes to fantasy creatures, flowers and more.

Rarest Crayola Blue Shades

On the flip side, while Crayola offers many blue shades, some are harder to come by and rarely seen compared to popular hues like Sky Blue and Navy Blue. Here are 5 of the rarest, least common blue shades from Crayola:

  1. Denim – This faded blue is mostly found in large crayon sets rather than standard boxes.
  2. Robin’s Egg Blue – This delicate tone pops up occasionally in colored pencil sets but isn’t widely available.
  3. Pacific Blue – This deep vivid blue appears in some bigger crayon packs but hasn’t broken into the core lineup.
  4. Sea Green – Despite its name, this blue-tinged shade appears more teal and is a rare sight.
  5. Indigo – This richly-pigmented color is hard to produce outside of specialty sets.

These under-the-radar blues don’t have quite the same popularity and name recognition as Cerulean or Sky Blue. But their rarity makes them coveted shades for Crayola collectors to hunt down and add to their assortments.

Most Recently Added Crayola Blues

While some Crayola blue shades like Navy Blue and Periwinkle have been around for decades, the brand continues adding new colors to their lineup. Here are 5 of the most recently added blue shades from Crayola:

  1. Bluetiful – Added in 2020, this brilliant sky blue gets its name from an online fan vote.
  2. Lake Blue – Introduced in 2021, this tranquil medium blue evokes mountain lakes.
  3. Lavender Blue – Unveiled in 2022, this soft tone mixes blue and purple hues.
  4. Blue Moon Bliss – Launched in 2023, this pastel blue conjures up night skies.
  5. Overcast Blue – Released in 2023, a dreamy pale weather-inspired blue.

Crayola continues churning out new specialty crayon sets featuring trendy names and unique new shades of blue. These latest additions fill in the gaps between existing blues and respond to consumer feedback and preferences.


Crayola crayons may be most kids’ first introduction to coloring and the brand has certainly mastered blue shades with 25 diverse options. There are classics like Sky Blue and Navy Blue alongside new inventions like Overcast Blue and Lake Blue. With different rarities and popularities, collectors take pleasure in amassing the full gamut of Crayola blues.

The diverse blue spectrum allows young artists to illustrate virtually any scene or subject requiring some shade of blue. From underwater seascapes to out-of-this-world aliens, Crayola’s blue lineup sparks creativity. The next time you grab a box of crayons, take a closer inspection of just how many ways Crayola covers the blues!