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How many packs of hair do I need for passion twist?

Passion twists are a popular protective hairstyle choice for natural hair. These twists resemble classic box braids, but are achieved by twisting synthetic hair extensions onto your own natural hair to create a beautiful, bohemian look. When getting passion twists, one of the most common questions is how many packs of hair you need to complete the style.

What are passion twists?

Passion twists, also sometimes called Bohemian twists or goddess locs, are a type of faux locs created by twisting synthetic braiding hair onto natural hair. The look is similar to box braids, but achieved through twisting rather than traditional braiding methods. Passion twists allow you to get the look of long, voluminous locs while protecting your natural hair underneath.

The twisting technique helps the extensions blend seamlessly with your natural texture. The result is beautiful, loosely curled twists that resemble Bantu knots or loc’d hair. Passion twists are a fun, stylish way to enjoy length and fullness without damage from sewing, gluing, or tight braiding techniques.

How much hair do you need for passion twists?

The amount of hair you’ll need for passion twists depends on several factors:

  • Your hair length and thickness
  • The size of the twists
  • How full you want the style to be
  • The length of the added hair extensions

In general, most people need between 5-8 packs of synthetic braiding hair to complete passion twist styles. Here’s a breakdown of how many packs to buy based on your hair length:

Hair Length Number of Packs
Short (ear length) 5-6 packs
Medium (shoulder length) 6-7 packs
Long (mid-back and longer) 7-8 packs

As you can see, the longer your natural hair, the more packs you’ll need. Short styles may require around 5 packs, while longer hair needs up to 8 packs to complete the look.

Choosing your synthetic hair

Once you know approximately how many packs you need, it’s time to choose your synthetic braiding hair. There are a few factors to consider when selecting hair for passion twists:

  • Texture – Match your hair’s texture for a seamless blend. Curly textures like kinky curly or deep twist work best for twists.
  • Length – Choose the length you want your finished style to be accounting for some shrinkage.
  • Color – Pick a color that matches or complements your natural shade.
  • Quality – Opt for high-quality, tangle-free brands like Outre, Sensationnel or Freetress.

Kanekalon synthetic hair is a popular choice as it mimics textures well and is more durable. Selecting the right hair will help the twists last longer and look natural.

Additional hair needed for thick or longer hair

If you have very thick or long natural hair (mid-back length or longer), you may need extra packs of hair:

  • Thick hair – Add 1-2 extra packs for a full look.
  • Long hair – Add 2-3 extra packs to achieve your desired length.

The more natural hair you have, the more synthetic hair you’ll need to cover it. Bring extra packs to your stylist just in case. You can always return unopened unused packs.

Factors that determine amount of hair needed

Let’s take a deeper look at what factors impact the amount of hair you’ll need:

Your hair’s thickness

If you have very thick, dense natural hair, you’ll need more hair to achieve full passion twist coverage. Thin hair can stretch packs further. Ask your stylist if you need extra packs to accommodate your thickness.

The size of the twists

Smaller passion twists require more hair and take longer to install than thicker, chunkier twists. Skinnier twists need more hair to cover the base and achieve the desired length. Plan for extra packs if you want thin twists.

The fullness you want

Some people prefer a fuller look with very little of their natural hair exposed. If you want your twists to appear very thick and voluminous, especially toward the ends, budget for additional hair. The more fullness you want, the more hair required.

The length of added hair

Longer twist lengths require more hair than shorter looks. If you want very long twists that reach mid-back, you’ll need lengthier hair extensions. Stick to 6-8 packs for shorter styles, or 8-10+ packs for very long looks.

How to calculate packs needed

To estimate how many packs you need, multiply the number of twists you want by the hair required per twist:

  • Count how many twists you want installed across your head from ear to ear.
  • Figure out how much hair goes into each twist (often 1-2 ounces per twist).
  • Multiply twists by hair per twist and convert to packs.

Example for 160 twists and 1.5oz per twist:

160 twists x 1.5oz per twist = 240oz
240oz / 3oz per pack = 8 packs needed

Take your total pack estimate to your stylist. They may adjust it up or down based on your hair’s thickness and length. But this gives you a good starting estimate.

Cost considerations

Since passion twists involve purchasing additional hair, making a budget is wise. Here are some cost factors to keep in mind:

  • Synthetic hair packs range from $3-15 per pack on average.
  • You’ll need 5-10 packs depending on your hair.
  • Salon installation costs $100-300 on average.
  • DIY installation saves on labor costs.

For the hair alone, plan on spending $15-150 or more. Budget more if your stylist charges on the higher end.

Tips for purchasing hair

Here are some quick tips for choosing and buying your synthetic braiding hair for passion twists:

  • Buy all hair 1-2 weeks in advance so you can return if needed.
  • Feel fiber textures in person rather than guessing online.
  • Check ends to ensure the hair is well constructed.
  • Purchase from beauty supply stores for the best value and selection.
  • Look for deals, sales, and bulk discounts to save.

Caring for your passion twists

Once installed, caring for your passion twists will help them last 4-8 weeks. Be sure to:

  • Gently shampoo and condition twists weekly.
  • Let hair air dry instead of heat styling.
  • Sleep with a silk bonnet and pillowcase.
  • Moisturize hair and scalp regularly.
  • Avoid pulling, tugging or excessive tension.

Proper maintenance makes all the difference in the longevity of your twist style.


When getting passion twists, plan on buying 5-8 packs of synthetic braiding hair depending on your natural hair length and thickness. Longer, thicker hair may require more. Quality fiber hair, proper installation, and regular care can help your passion twists last over a month. With the right amount of high-quality braiding hair, you can achieve beautiful, long-lasting passion twists!