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How long does a bottle of Vuity eye drops last?

Vuity is a new FDA-approved prescription eye drop used to treat age-related blurry near vision (presbyopia). As we get older, the lens inside our eyes loses its flexibility and ability to change shape and focus easily. This makes it harder to see things up close. Vuity works by temporarily improving the eye’s ability to focus on near objects. But how long does one bottle last before you need to get a refill? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Vuity?

Vuity (pilocarpine 1.25%) is the first FDA-approved eye drop specifically for treating age-related blurry near vision or presbyopia. It was developed by biopharmaceutical company AbbVie and approved by the FDA in October 2021.

Presbyopia occurs as a normal part of aging when the lens inside the eye loses elasticity and the ability to change shape and focus easily. This makes it hard to see things up close, such as reading small text on a book or phone screen. Presbyopia usually starts to affect people in their 40s and continues to worsen through middle age.

Vuity works by constricting the pupil and slightly reshaping the eye’s lens to improve near vision focus. The effects start in about 15 minutes and last up to 6 hours. Clinical trials found that Vuity improved the ability to read an extra 2-3 additional lines on a near vision eye chart compared to placebo drops.

How is Vuity packaged and supplied?

Vuity comes in a standard 5mL eyedropper bottle containing a 1.25% pilocarpine ophthalmic solution. Each bottle is designed to provide approximately 30 drops, or doses, of medication. It is supplied in a carton containing one 5mL bottle.

How should Vuity be used?

The recommended dosage of Vuity is one drop instilled in each eye once daily as needed. No more than one drop should be used in each eye per day. It should be used up to once daily and no more than 14 consecutive days.

Vuity should only be used for the temporary improvement of near vision in adults with presbyopia. The drops work by constricting the pupil to increase depth of focus. This allows each eye to more easily focus on near objects.

The drops should be administered topically by instilling one drop into each eye once a day. Care should be taken not to touch the bottle tip to the eye or any other surface to avoid contamination. Wash hands before use and keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.

How long does one bottle of Vuity last?

Each 5mL bottle of Vuity contains approximately 30 drops, or 30 doses. If used at the recommended dosage of one drop in each eye once daily, one bottle should last:

Usage Bottle Lasts
Once daily in both eyes 30 days
Once daily in one eye 60 days
Every other day in both eyes 60 days

Most standard bottles are designed to provide a 30 day supply when used at the recommended frequency of one drop daily in both eyes. Of course, the actual duration one bottle will last depends on an individual’s unique dosage needs and frequency of use.

It’s important to keep track of when you first open a bottle of Vuity. Write the date on the bottle so you know when you’ll need to get a refill from your doctor or pharmacy. Properly storing the bottle after first use will help maintain the shelf life.

Tips to make Vuity bottles last

Here are some tips to help make each bottle of Vuity eye drops last as long as possible:

  • Only use as directed – use only one drop daily in each eye as needed to improve near vision focus. Don’t over-use the drops.
  • Be precise when instilling drops – take care not to waste product. Gently pull down the lower lid when dropping each dose into the eye rather than simply squeezing the bottle.
  • Always recap bottle immediately after use to avoid contamination and evaporation of the remaining medication.
  • Store bottle properly between uses by keeping it tightly closed and avoiding extreme heat or cold.
  • Check the expiration date and don’t use beyond. The shelf life is generally around 2 years from the manufacture date.
  • Order refills on time so you don’t run out before getting a new bottle.
  • Use reminder notes to administer your drops on schedule and stay organized.

Why Vuity bottles run out quickly

There are a few reasons why you may go through Vuity bottles more quickly than expected:

  • Overuse: Using more than the recommended dosage of 1 drop per eye daily will lead bottles to be used up sooner.
  • Wasted drops: Not properly instilling drops or spilling can waste product.
  • Short expiration: Outdated drops should not be used, shortening the usable time.
  • Early refills: Getting refills more often than every 30 days uses up more bottles over time.
  • Storing incorrectly: Not closing the bottle tightly or exposing to extreme temperatures can decrease shelf life once opened.

Being mindful of proper use, storage, expiration dates, and avoiding waste can help you get the longest use out of each bottle.

Does Vuity come in different bottle sizes?

Currently, Vuity is only available in the standard 5mL eyedropper bottle size. Each 5mL bottle contains approximately 30 drops or 30 doses.

There are no larger or smaller bottle options. However, other types of eyedrops do come in different sizes including:

  • Smaller 3mL bottles
  • Larger 10mL or 15mL bottles
  • Multi-dose bottles with ~25-30mL capacity

Having a larger bottle could be more convenient and economical for medications that are used frequently. But the 5mL Vuity bottle is designed to provide a 30 day supply when used as directed without wasting product. This standard ophthalmic bottle size limits overuse and proper dosing.

Cost and insurance coverage of Vuity

Vuity is a brand-name prescription medication, so it is more expensive than generic drops. The typical retail cost for one 5mL bottle ranges from $80-$100. However, prices can vary between pharmacies.

Vuity may be covered by some insurance plans depending on the specifics of your medical insurance policy. Many plans do cover it, but the medication tier and copay amount can vary. Tier 1 medications tend to have the lowest copay.

There are a few ways to reduce the cost:

  • Use any available manufacturer’s coupons or savings cards.
  • Ask your doctor for samples to try. This can help determine if Vuity works for you before paying for a full prescription.
  • Consider signing up for a prescription savings or discount program.
  • Choose pharmacies that offer lower cash prices or loyalty programs.

While Vuity is more costly than some other eyedrops, the benefits may outweigh the expense for those needing help with age-related presbyopia. Proper use can make bottles last longer to save on costs.

Vuity precautions

Vuity does have some safety precautions to be aware of:

  • Should not be used if you have a history of allergy or sensitivity to pilocarpine or other similar medications.
  • Use with caution if you have certain medical conditions like asthma, CVD, or hyperthyroidism.
  • May cause temporary problems including headache, eye redness or pain, blurred vision.
  • Should not be used if wearing contact lenses.
  • Avoid driving or hazardous activities if vision is impaired after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children and consult a doctor if accidental ingestion.

Carefully review the full prescribing information and patient instructions before starting Vuity. Always follow your eye doctor’s dosing recommendations. Seek medical care if you experience any concerning reactions or side effects after using the drops.

Frequently asked questions

How many drops are in a 5mL bottle of Vuity?

Approximately 30 drops or 30 doses. This is designed to provide a 30 day supply when used as one drop daily in both eyes.

Can you reuse an opened bottle beyond 30 days?

Leftover solution may retain potency for a short time after first opening. However, it is recommended to discard and replace with a new bottle after 30 days maximum once opened.

Can Vuity be used twice a day?

No, Vuity eye drops are only approved for use once daily and should not exceed one drop in each eye per 24 hour period.

Does Vuity come in a generic version?

No, Vuity is currently only available as the brand-name innovator version. There are no FDA approved generic equivalents at this time.

The bottom line

Each standard 5mL bottle of the new Vuity eye drops for presbyopia should provide approximately 30 doses, or a 30 day supply, when used as directed with one drop daily in both eyes. Following the usage instructions, proper storage, and avoiding waste can help maximize how long one bottle lasts before needing a refill.

Talk to your eye doctor if you have any other questions about use, dosage, side effects, or costs related to Vuity treatment. Proper use of this new vision-improving drop can help you keep reading and focusing up close as you manage age-related changes to your eyes’ lenses and ability to accommodate.