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How does givenchy black magic lipstick work?

Lipstick is one of the most popular and iconic makeup products. For decades, lipstick has allowed people to make a statement and transform their look. While there are countless options on the market, Givenchy’s Black Magic lipstick has developed a cult following for its intense, dramatic effects.

What is Givenchy Black Magic Lipstick?

Givenchy Black Magic lipstick is a luxury, high-pigment lip color designed to deliver a bold, intense look. This lipstick features an ultra-black shade that applies as a deep, dark color while still looking smooth and even.

The Black Magic lipstick formula contains high concentrations of pigments to provide extremely opaque, dramatic coverage. Just one coat gives lips a matte, suede-like look. The color payoff is so intense that it appears almost black on the lips.

In addition to its striking shade, Black Magic lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients to keep lips comfortable despite its matte finish. Key ingredients like vitamin E and plant oils help condition lips while the color adheres.

The Black Magic lipstick line currently includes just one universal shade. Givenchy may release additional shades in the future, but for now, the signature black is the sole offering.

This lipstick’s sleek, minimalist tube makes it easy to apply the bold color on the go. It has a hexagonal shape with the Givenchy logo embossed in silver.

How Does the Formula Work?

Givenchy Black Magic lipstick contains a highly pigmented, opaque formula that achieves its intense color payoff through a combination of key ingredients:

  • Pigments – The lipstick contains high levels of black iron oxide pigments that deposit deep, rich color onto the lips.
  • Waxes – Waxes like carnauba wax help the lipstick glide on smoothly and evenly.
  • Oils – Emollient oils like jojoba oil and sunflower oil condition lips and prevent drying.
  • Vitamin E – This antioxidant vitamin nourishes lips and protects from environmental damage.
  • Silica – Silica gives the lipstick its matte, powdery finish.

Together, these ingredients allow the lipstick to apply opaque, intense color while keeping lips comfortable. The matte texture also helps the dark shade last for hours without feathering or transferring.

Benefits of Givenchy Black Magic Lipstick

Givenchy Black Magic lipstick offers several beauty benefits that make it stand out from conventional lip colors:

  • Dramatic Look – The deep black shade makes a bold impact and eye-catching statement.
  • Intense Pigmentation – Just one coat delivers opaque, richly saturated color.
  • Lightweight Feel – Despite its dark pigments, the lipstick feels lightweight and comfortable.
  • Matte Finish – The matte texture prevents smudging and transferring.
  • Moisturizing – Hydrating oils keep lips smooth and conditioned.
  • Easy Application – The lipstick bullet makes application quick and precise.
  • Long-lasting – The color adheres tightly to lips and resists fading.

Whether you’re looking to make a fashion-forward statement or simply crave an ultra-pigmented black, Givenchy Black Magic lipstick delivers on bold, head-turning color.

How to Apply Black Magic Lipstick

While the concept of black lipstick may seem daunting, applying Givenchy Black Magic is simple with a few tips:

  • Exfoliate – Remove flaky, dry skin by gently scrubbing lips with a soft brush or towel.
  • Moisturize – Smooth on lip balm and let it soak in to hydrate and prime lips.
  • Line lips – Use a black or dark brown lip liner to define the lips.
  • Apply lipstick – Swipe on one or two bold coats of the Black Magic lipstick.
  • Blot – Gently blot lips between coats to build up intense color.
  • Set – To make the lipstick transfer-proof, dust lips lightly with translucent powder.

Take your time filling in your entire lip area to prevent the black shade from looking uneven or patchy. With a steady hand and proper prep, you can achieve a striking, sophisticated black lip.

Black Magic Lipstick Colors

Currently, Givenchy’s Black Magic lipstick only comes in one universal black shade designed to complement all skin tones. While Givenchy may expand the range in the future, the existing black works beautifully on fair, medium and deep complexions.

The opaque formula glides on as an intense, jet black. However, once applied, the shade takes on more dimension as it interacts with the natural pigmentation of the lips. On paler skin tones, it may pull slightly cool-toned, while on darker complexions it can take on richer, warmer undertones.

This adaptability makes Black Magic a versatile black lipstick option compared to grey-based or blue-black alternatives. The blackness transforms uniquely on each wearer.

Skin Tone How Black Magic Lipstick Looks
Fair Intense black with a subtle cool undertone
Medium Deep, opaque black
Dark Rich, warm black with brown undertones

Givenchy Black Magic allows you to test out an audacious black lip no matter your complexion. Its versatility and adaptability help explain its uniqueness and popularity.

How Black Magic Lipstick Compares to Other Black Lipsticks

Black lipstick has grown increasingly popular, with many brands now offering their take on the trend. But Givenchy’s Black Magic lipstick stands apart for its intense pigmentation, comfortable feel, and adaptability on different skin tones.

Here’s how Black Magic compares to some other notable black lipstick options:

Brand Formula/Texture Coverage Feel
Givenchy Black Magic Matte, powdery Extremely opaque Lightweight, comfortable
Urban Decay Perversion Creamy, demi-matte Highly pigmented Smooth, moisturizing
NARS Train Bleu Satin Medium-full coverage Creamy, slippery
KVD Witches Liquid matte Full coverage Drying

While the other lipsticks offer deep black shades, Givenchy Black Magic is unmatched in its pigmentation, comfortable texture, and adaptability. It delivers the most intense black color that adheres evenly to lips.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Black Magic Lipstick

Black Magic lipstick makes a statement all on its own. But you can enhance your lip look with these makeup tips:

  • Prep lips – Exfoliate with a lip scrub and apply balm for the smoothest canvas.
  • Line & define – Trace lips with a black or brown liner to prevent feathering.
  • Apply sparingly – Sheer out the lipstick in the center of lips so it fades naturally.
  • Blot and reapply – Blot after the first coat to build up intense color.
  • Use a light hand – Go light on other makeup to let the lips pop.
  • Finish with powder – Set with translucent powder for transfer-proof wear.

With proper prep and careful application, Black Magic lipstick can give you a show-stopping black lip that lasts for hours. Let the lip be the focus and keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Who is Givenchy Black Magic Lipstick Best For?

Givenchy Black Magic lipstick suits anyone looking to make a bold statement. Here are some of the key consumer demographics who would enjoy this lipstick:

  • Makeup enthusiasts – Those who love trying daring new makeup trends and textures.
  • Fashionistas – People who use makeup to complement their avant-garde style.
  • Club goers – For making a dramatic entrance and standing out in the nightlife scene.
  • Artists and creatives – For adding a dose of edge to performance looks.
  • Younger consumers – In particular Generation Z who crave unique lip colors.
  • Influencers – For creating content around the black lipstick trend.

While black lipstick may seem unconventional, it offers a chance for self-expression. For beauty lovers who aren’t afraid to test the boundaries, Black Magic is an ideal option.


Givenchy Black Magic lipstick delivers the deepest, most dramatic black color imaginable. Its opaque, matte finish covers lips in a suede-like black coating that makes a bold impact. While the concept may seem daunting, the lipstick’s moisturizing, lightweight formula applies smoothly. With proper prep and application, anyone can achieve a head-turning black lip look.

Givenchy Black Magic is ideal for the beauty enthusiast who wants intense color payoff, comfortable wear, and a makeup look that turns heads. No other black lipstick comes close to this level of pigmentation and visual appeal. Next time you’re craving a change, turn to Givenchy Black Magic lipstick to add some dramatic edge to your look.