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How do you use solarcolordust?

Solarcolordust is a unique powder that can add a vibrant pop of color when exposed to sunlight. Made up of tiny microparticles, solarcolordust contains photo-luminescent pigments that “charge” when hit by UV rays. Once charged, the particles emit a colorful glow that lasts for several hours, even after the sun goes down. With its bright, glittery effects, solarcolordust offers some exciting possibilities for creative projects and decor.

Getting Started

Solarcolordust comes in a powder form contained in small jars or shaker bottles. It’s available in a range of brilliant hues like blue, purple, pink, orange and green. To use it, you’ll first need to decide on a project, such as:

  • Adding glow effects to paint or resin
  • Coating surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, or fabric
  • Creating glowing prints and stencils
  • Crafting color-changing slimes or putties
  • Making glow-in-the-dark spin art
  • Embedding it in candle wax

Gather the supplies you’ll need for your particular project. Be sure to work in an area where you can contain the fine particles and avoid making a mess. It’s a good idea to lay down some newspaper or a disposable covering.


To get the full color-changing effect, solarcolordust needs sufficient exposure to sunlight or another UV light source. There are a few different ways to apply it:

Mixing It Into Liquids, Gels, or Molten Materials

One option is to blend solarcolordust into a liquid medium like paint, resin, wax, glue, or slime. This fully encapsulates the particles and creates an even glow. Carefully measure out the powder and mix it in using a sturdy utensil or electronic mixer if working with a large volume. A little goes a long way – start with approximately 1 teaspoon per fluid ounce.

Coating Surfaces

You can sprinkle solarcolordust onto surfaces using the shaker bottle or by carefully pouring it out of the jar. Tap off any excess and consider sealing it with a spray finisher like varnish or polyurethane for long-lasting effects. This works well on crafts made of wood, metal, plastic, terra cotta, canvas and more. For extra creative possibilities, try making stencils and patterns.

Creating Designs on Adhesive Paper

For sparkling prints, carefully pour a light layer of dust onto adhesive paper or stickers. Tap off the excess and use a paper cutter or scissors to cut custom shapes. The adhesive backing makes it easy to stick your glowing print onto walls, journals, cards, scrapbooks and other surfaces.

Surface Material Preparation Suggested Adhesive
Smooth wood Lightly sand and wipe clean Spray adhesive
Canvas Wipe with damp cloth Craft glue
Metal Rub with alcohol Double-sided tape
Plastic Wipe with mild cleaner Spray adhesive
Paper None needed Glue stick

This table provides tips on preparing and adhering solarcolordust to different surface materials for maximum glow.

Charging the Particles

Once applied to a surface or medium, the solarcolordust particles need to be charged by light. There are two options for “activating” the glow:


The most convenient way is to place your project in direct sunlight for at least 10-20 minutes. Early afternoon sun is ideal. The UV exposure excites the pigments and they will glow brightly for 6-12 hours.

UV Lamp

You can use a UV lamp or blacklight to charge solarcolordust instead of sunlight. Expose the surface to the lamp for 5-10 minutes, with the light no more than 12 inches away. Look for a lamp that emits UV-A rays with a wavelength of 365-370nm. Take precautions against eye and skin exposure.

Usage Tips

To get the best results with solarcolordust, keep these usage tips in mind:

  • Stir mixtures occasionally as you work to prevent settling of particles.
  • Clean tools and surfaces promptly before dust dries.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling to avoid staining skin.
  • Store unused dust in sealed, opaque containers to prolong color potency.
  • Recharge glow effects daily if desired by re-exposing to light.
  • Avoid moisture which can damage the tiny particles over time.
  • Consider sealing finished pieces with a finish like varnish for protection.

Creative Project Ideas

Ready to get started with your own solarcolordust creation? Here are some glowing projects to inspire you:

Night Light Artwork

Brush a thin layer of liquid glue or resin onto canvas or wood. Sprinkle different colors of dust over the adhesive, let dry, then coat with varnish. Hang near a sunny window to charge the colors.

Psychedelic Posters

Make far-out music posters with a blacklight effect. Adhere sheets of white poster board to a wall in overlapping layers. Spray or brush fluorescent paint designs. Coat some areas with solarcolordust for added texture and dimension.

Cosmic Bowling Pins

Transform plain bowling pins into glowing sculptures. Paint a dark base color, then use stencils and spray adhesive to apply neon splatters of solarcolordust. The cosmic pins will really stand out in a darkened bowling alley.

Glowing Slime

Whip up magic potions and slimes that glow when you turn out the lights. Mix clear school glue with liquid starch, food coloring and glitter. Knead in solarcolordust powder a teaspoon at a time until the desired color and consistency is reached.

Night Fishing Lures

Make your fishing lures stand out with solarcolordust. Coat the metal hook and body with epoxy resin. Before it sets, sprinkle different colors of dust over the still-wet epoxy. The charged lures will really attract fish after dark.

Party Piñatas

Solarcolordust takes papier-mâché to a new level. Add it to your paper pulp mixture before shaping your balloon into a festive form. The glowing piñata will be the hit of any party when you dim the lights and take a bat to it.

Where to Buy

Solarcolordust is available online and in some specialty shops. Look for it on sites like Amazon and Etsy, or in magic stores. Prices range from about $10 to $20 for a 1-ounce jar. Larger 4-ounce bottles are also available for bigger projects. Buy a few different shades and get creative releasing the power of the sun indoors.


With its unique light-activated glow, solarcolordust opens up an endless array of DIY possibilities. Embed it in paints and resins or coat it onto surfaces to give your crafts a spectacular futuristic look. Charging the particles is as easy as putting your project in the sun for a little while. Follow the application tips above and solarcolordust is sure to add some neon magic and wow factor to your homemade decor and art.