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How do you make multi colored projects on cricut?

The Cricut machine has opened up a world of possibilities for crafters and DIY enthusiasts. With its ability to accurately cut hundreds of different materials, Cricut makes it easy to create professional looking multi-colored projects right at home. Whether you want to make custom shirts, intricate paper crafts, or personalized home decor, learning how to work with multiple colors on a Cricut machine will let your creativity soar.

Choosing Materials for Multi-Colored Cricut Projects

The first step in any multi-colored Cricut project is choosing your materials. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Cricut Vinyl – Cricut offers vinyl in dozens of colors and finishes like glossy, matte, glitter, patterned, and more. Vinyl is great for making shirts, stickers, and decor.
  • Cardstock – Found in every color, cardstock is perfect for paper crafts like cards, invitations, bookmarks, and scrapbook pages.
  • Cricut Iron-On – Special iron-on vinyl allows you to create multi-colored designs for t-shirts, totes, and other fabric items.
  • Adhesive Foil – Foil comes in many colors and can be used to add metallic details to projects.
  • Cricut Infusible Ink – Infusible Ink sheets let you permanently transfer designs onto fabric like shirts, totes, and tea towels.

Consider the type of project you want to make and choose materials that are well-suited for the application. For example, vinyl and iron-on are ideal for shirts while cardstock works better for paper crafts. Purchase your materials in the various colors needed for your design.

Creating Multi-Layered Designs in Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space offers several easy ways to create multi-colored designs:

Multiple Images Method

With this method, you design each layer or component of your project as a separate image in different colors. Then align the images on top of each other. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Design or find each image you want for your project in the colors you need and insert them onto separate layers in Design Space.
  2. Size and arrange each layered image to create your full design.
  3. Select “Attach” to connect the images so they cut or print together.
  4. Modify layers to assign different colors if using a pen or print then cut.

This method works well for paper crafts with shapes and layers in various colors. You can also use it to design multi-colored iron-on or vinyl projects.

Single Image Method

For projects made from a single image, like a phrase or logo, you can use multiple colors by splitting the image into layers:

  1. Insert your image onto the canvas and ungroup it if needed so you can work with individual elements.
  2. Select the parts of the image you want in a certain color.
  3. Right click and select “Slice.” Choose “Keep Compound Path” if you want to maintain the outline shape.
  4. Repeat step 2-3 for each color needed. This splits your image into the required layers.
  5. Select “Attach” to recombine the layers at the end.

Use this method for multi-colored lettering, logos, and any other designs made from a single image.

Write with Pen + Cut Method

If you have the Cricut Write pen set, you can easily add different colored handwriting or outlining to your projects. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add your base image or text layer and hide it to prevent cutting.
  2. Write out any areas you want in a certain color using the corresponding pen colors. Size to fit over your base correctly.
  3. Show the base layer again. Make sure “Cut” is enabled on this layer only.
  4. Attach both layers so they will print/cut together. The pens will write your colored areas while the machine cuts the base.

This creates a colored “outlined” look on top of your cut base material. Great for handwritten looks, outlines, shading, and more.

Cutting and Applying Multi-Colored Cricut Projects

Once your multi-layered design is ready, it’s time to get cutting and assembling!

Multi-Colored Vinyl and Iron-On Projects

Follow these steps to work with layered vinyl or iron-on:

  1. Cut each color vinyl needed. If cutting from a roll, cut each color separately. For sheets, you can often cut all together as long as colors are arranged correctly.
  2. Weed away excess vinyl. Peel up the negative space from around your design layers.
  3. Position and attach vinyl. Place your backing paper on a smooth surface. Carefully align each vinyl layer into position using transfer tape and press down as you go to attach all layers.
  4. Apply to project surface. Once all assembled, apply to your final surface like a shirt or tumbler. Use a heat press for iron-on. Smooth evenly to secure.

For the best alignment, only remove transfer tape on one layer at a time. Apply each color carefully right in your final position.

Multi-Colored Paper Projects

Follow these tips when cutting and assembling multi-layer paper crafts:

  • Use sticky mats or temporary adhesive when possible to hold paper layers in place for cutting.
  • Group colors together to minimize cutting steps. Cut same color layers together.
  • Use small dabs of strong liquid adhesive like multi-medium matte to assemble layered sections.
  • Align carefully as you go and press each layer down before adding the next.
  • Let dry fully between adding layers to prevent shifting.

Cardstock and other papers can shift during cutting if not held in place, so use sticky mats when possible. Build up your layers slowly for the best alignment.

Multi-Colored Cricut Project Inspiration

Here are just a few of the many amazing multi-colored projects you can create on a Cricut machine:

Iron-On Apparel

  • Multi-colored team logos and names on t-shirts
  • Layered iron-on designs for tote bags, hats, and other wearables
  • Ombre effects with blended color iron-on vinyl

Home Decor Items

  • Colorful paper wreaths, flowers, and garlands
  • Vinyl wall art with layered quotes, shapes, and designs
  • Etched glassware and vases with multi-colored vinyl etchings

Party Goods

  • Custom banners and signs with layered vinyl letters
  • Colorful invitations, place cards, and other paper printables
  • Foil balloon garlands in assorted colors

Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials too. Combine foil, vinyl, paper, and more to make totally unique Cricut creations in any color scheme you can imagine!

Tips for Success with Multi-Colored Cricut Projects

Keep these tips in mind to ensure your multi-layered Cricut projects turn out perfect every time:

  • Clean your mats before each use to improve cutting and prevent tearing.
  • Use transfer tape on all vinyl layers for easier assembly and cleaner results.
  • Work slowly and precisely when aligning layers to avoid placement mistakes.
  • Let adhesive dry fully between adding stacked paper layers to prevent shifting.
  • Use a heat press with iron-on for the best application and durability.
  • Print a test page first when using Cricut pens to ensure proper color alignment.

Take your time, follow Cricut material guidelines, and assemble layers gradually for the best results. Planning your design ahead helps prevent mistakes too!

Mistakes to Avoid with Multi-Colored Cricut Projects

It’s easy to mess up when working with so many materials and layers. Here are some common Cricut fails to avoid:

  • Forgetting to mirror images – Make sure to always mirror when cutting vinyl and iron-on.
  • Weeding small pieces – Small vinyl elements can easily peel up by mistake. Use transfer tape immediately after cutting.
  • Rushing assembly steps – Build up layers slowly to prevent vinly or paper from shifting out of place.
  • Not allowing adhesive to dry – Stacked paper needs time to set before adding more layers.
  • Out of position layers – Meticulously align each layer and press down well as you assemble.
  • Lint, dust, or hair under vinyl – carefully clean the surface and use a lint roller before applying vinyl.

Avoiding these common errors will help your multi-colored Cricut projects look clean, crisp, and professional. Take it slow and double check your layers.


Creating multi-colored Cricut projects lets your creativity run wild! With some planning and precision, you can produce stunning vinyl apparel, paper crafts, home decor items, and anything else imaginable in any color combination. Use the techniques covered here to design eye-catching projects with depth, dimension, and lots of visual interest. With the right materials, smart design, careful cutting, and a steady hand during assembly, anyone can achieve professional results right at home using a Cricut machine.