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How do you dye armor in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most highly anticipated games coming out in 2023. As the sequel to the critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild, fans are eager to explore the skies above Hyrule in this new adventure. One of the exciting new features in Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to customize your armor with a wider variety of colors using dye. This guide will explain everything you need to know about dyeing armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

Obtaining Dye

There are a few different ways to get dye in Tears of the Kingdom. Here are the main methods:

– Find dye plants – Certain plants around Hyrule can be harvested for dye. Look for colorful flowers and plants, especially near bodies of water.

– Buy from dye shops – Special dye shops will sell various colors of dye. These shops are found in some towns.

– Craft using critters – Small insects and creatures can be combined to make custom dyes at dye shops. Catch bugs, snails, crabs, etc.

– Complete side quests – Some NPCs may reward Link with exclusive dyes for completing side quests. Always be on the lookout for quest opportunities.

– Discover in treasure chests – Hidden chests scattered throughout the world may contain rare dye colors. Search thoroughly in obscure locations.

– Defeat enemies – Certain enemies have a small chance of dropping dye when defeated. Farm monsters to try to get dye.

With so many options, you’re bound to acquire a lot of different dye colors on your journey.

Dyeing Process

Once you have some dye, here are the steps to dye your armor:

1. Go to the dye shop – You can find these shops in various towns. Talk to the shop owner.

2. Select the armor – Choose which armor piece you want to dye from your inventory.

3. Pick a dye color – You will be shown all the dye colors you currently have. Select the desired color.

4. Dye the armor – For a small fee, the shop owner will dye the armor to the color you selected.

5. Equip the dyed armor – You can now equip the armor and see its new color! The dye is permanent.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want to change colors or dye new armor pieces. The dye shop also offers extra options like stripping color or picking accent colors.

Ideal Armor for Dyeing

Any armor can be dyed, but some sets are better candidates:

– Plain armor – Armor with few design elements will showcase dye colors best.

– Armor of the Wild – This iconic starting armor can be customized to match your style.

– Climbing gear – While functional, this gear’s default look is bland. Dye makes it stand out.

– Soldier’s armor – The solid plates take dye nicely. Good for bold tones.

– Stealth armor – Made for stealth, but dye allows self-expression.

– Radiant armor – Glows on its own, so dye creates a neat hybrid look.

Try to avoid dyeing armor with intricate details, as it may be too busy. Simpler armor really benefits the most from new dye jobs.

Best Dye Colors and Styles

Here are some popular dye colors and style suggestions:

Dye Color Armor Style
Navy Royal Knight
Olive Forest Ranger
Brown Desert Wanderer
Gray Tech Enthusiast
White Snow Explorer
Black Shadow Warrior
Red Flame Champion
Purple Mystic Mage
Light Blue Frost Knight

Get creative and make your own themed outfits. Mix and match dyes for more custom looks. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Armor Dye Limitations

While dyeing armor is very flexible, there are some limitations to be aware of:

– Each armor piece can only be dyed one color at a time. You cannot do multiple colors on one armor piece.

– Areas like leather straps or small details may not be dyeable at all. Dye only affects the main fabric.

– Very light pastel dyes may not show up well on darker materials. Stick to bold tones.

– Metallic armor sections like chainmail do not accept dye. The metal parts remain the original color.

– Applying a new dye overrides and replaces the previous color. The old dye is lost.

– Unique armor sets may not be dyeable to preserve their iconic look.

Keep these constraints in mind as you plan your dye designs. Work around them to make the armor look how you want.

Dye Durability

The dye applied to armor is extremely durable and permanent. It will not fade or wash out over time. Here are some key notes about dyed armor durability:

– Colors remain vibrant even when exposed to the elements like sun, rain, and dust.

– Dye holds up to damage and will not chip or peel off as armor becomes worn.

– The dye coloring is infused directly into the fabric for longevity. It does not just coat the surface.

– No maintenance or re-application of dye is needed. It will last for the armor’s lifetime.

– Durability is the same regardless of the rarity or strength of the dye used.

– If armor needs repairs, the dye will remain intact. Only damaged sections will be restored.

You can adventure for hundreds of hours without worrying about your chosen dye colors fading or losing their pop. The dye is built to last.

Removing and Changing Dye

If you ever want to remove dye from armor, it’s a simple process:

– Return to any dye shop and select the dyed armor.

– Choose the “remove dye” option for a small fee.

– The armor will be restored to its original pre-dyed color.

You can then immediately re-dye the armor to a new color if desired. Switching between colors is seamless with the remove dye function.

Alternatively, you can simply dye over the existing color with a new one. But this permanently replaces the old dye, so removing first gives more flexibility.

Changing dye colors will probably be something you do often as you acquire new dyes and want to keep updating your outfit styles. It’s easy to do.

Rarest Dyes

While most dyes can be found through regular gameplay, some special colors are much rarer and harder to obtain. These include:

Gold dye – Found exclusively in one obscure treasure chest. Makes armor shimmer gold.

Rainbow dye – Crafted from an ultra rare butterfly and beetle. Cycles through rainbow hues.

Glowing dye – Made by wizards, this dye makes armor dynamically shift with lighting.

Shadow dye – Converts armor into pure darkness, perfect for sneak attacks.

Neon dye – Vibrant fluorescent colors that seem to glow and pulse.

Chrome dye – Mirrored silver finish that highly reflects light.

Tracking down these special dyes will be serious end-game goals for dedicated players. Show them off if you have some!

Dyeing Other Items

In addition to armor, there are a few other items that can be dyed:

– Paraglider – Change the look of this key exploration tool.

– Hylian Shield – Alter the iconic shield’s base colors.

– Saddles – Customize your horses’ saddles and bridles.

– Quivers – Dye the quiver for your bow and arrows.

– Weapon hilts – Recolor the handles on swords, clubs, and more.

– Armor displays – For armor on display in your home.

Unfortunately, most other gear like clothes, weapons, and bows cannot be dyed. But there are still plenty of dyeable items to customize.


Dyeing armor in exciting new ways is a fun part of the adventure in Tears of the Kingdom. Take time to seek out rare dyes, experiment with combinations, and create your own unique Link. The system provides tons of options for customization and self-expression. Use dye to show off your style in the vast world of Hyrule!