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How do I know my energy aura?

How do I know my energy aura?

Everyone has an energy field or aura around them that reflects their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Your aura can reveal insights about your personality, health, relationships and more. Learning to sense and interpret your own aura takes some practice, but with time and intention you can unlock your intuitive abilities. In this article, we will explore what an aura is, how to see your aura, and provide tips for reading and balancing your personal energy.

What is an Aura?

An aura is a colored light field that surrounds all living things. This subtle energy field emanates from within and extends outward – it envelops the physical body and reflects the overall health and mood of an individual. Your aura contains information about your chakras, which are the energy centers in the body. Chakras regulate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies. When your chakras are balanced and open, your aura will appear vibrant, colorful and expansive. When imbalances or blockages occur, they can manifest as cracks, clouds or unusual colors in the aura.

Aura Layer Color Meaning
Etheric Aura Blue: Communication, expression
Emotional Aura Green: Compassion, love
Mental Aura Yellow: Intellect, optimism
Spiritual Aura Violet: Imagination, wisdom

The aura consists of multiple layers, with the etheric aura closet to the body and the spiritual aura furthest away. Each layer corresponds to a chakra and reveals information about your being. For example, the color of your emotional aura can indicate your mood – red reflects anger, while pink shows love. By learning to read auras, you can gain greater awareness of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

How to See Your Own Aura

Seeing auras takes practice, but here are some techniques to help perceive your personal energy field:

– **Use your peripheral vision** – Focusing directly can make an aura hard to see. Instead relax your gaze and look slightly above or beside the object. Allow any colors or movement to come into your awareness.

– **Look at your hands** – Hold one hand in front of a plain background. Softly gaze at the edges of your fingers and hand. You may notice a light glow or haze around the hand.

– **Try different backgrounds** – Light colored and textured backgrounds like a blank wall or nature setting make it easier to perceive an aura’s colors and boundaries. Avoid busy patterns or dark colors.

– **Check reflections** – You can sometimes see your aura in a mirror or other reflective surface. The edges of your reflection may appear blurred or surrounded by light.

– **Take an aura photo** – Special imaging technology can capture electromagnetic fields and produce an aura photograph. While controversial, this method can help train your eyes.

– **Meditate** – Entering a calm, relaxed state through meditation can open your third eye chakra and expand your vision to subtle energies. Practice seeing auras during meditation.

– **Use aura cleansing tools** – Crystals, incense, sound bowls and other energy clearing tools can help amplify your auric field, making it easier to perceive. Cleanse your aura before attempting to view it.

With regular practice in a peaceful environment, you will start noticing your personal aura. Be patient with yourself as it takes time to develop auric sight.

How to Read Your Aura

When you begin seeing your aura, you can learn to interpret its messages. Here are some tips on reading your aura:

– **Pay attention to color** – The dominant hues in your aura reflect what is happening in your subtle body. Refer to a chakra chart to understand the meaning of each color.

– **Note changes** – Look for variations in color, intensity, size or texture. Any fluctuations can indicate your aura is balancing itself or reacting to external energies.

– **Check for holes or clouds** – These can signal energy leaks, blockages or depletion in specific chakras. Identify the affected area and its meaning.

– **Feel the aura** – Sense the vibrational quality of your aura. Does it feel smooth, bubbly, heavy, light, warm? Your intuitive impressions offer clues.

– **Photograph your aura** – Using aura photography over time provides a record of your energy patterns and insight on areas to balance.

– **Get support interpreting** – An experienced aura reader can help validate your own perceptions and give guidance. Find a trusted teacher.

Remember that auras are constantly shifting. Regular readings will reveal your aura’s range and help you become fluent in its messages over time. Keep notes on what you observe for deeper self-understanding.

How to Clear and Balance Your Aura

Once you can perceive your own aura, you can take proactive steps to care for your energetic well-being. Here are some recommendations for aura clearing and balancing:

– **Smudge with sage** – The smoke of burning sage purifies auric energy. Allow its fragrance to envelop your aura.

– **Try Himalayan salt lamps** – The soft pink glow emits ions to neutralize negative energy and clear electromagnetic fog.

– **Take an Epsom salt bath** – Sea salts extract impurities from your aura field as you relax in the tub. Add essential oils for added energy cleansing.

– **Practice grounding techniques** – Visualizing tree roots extending from your body into earth disperses stagnant energies downwards to be neutralized.

– **Cleanse crystals** – Charged crystals like quartz, tourmaline and citrine can be swept over your body to extract toxic energy from your aura.

– **Try earthing** – Walking barefoot on soil or using earthing mats helps discharge auric static the earth. Get grounded.

– **Burn Palo Santo** – The sacred wood from this tree purifies and realigns your chakras as you fan its smoke around your aura.

Keep your aura strengthened and balanced through regular spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, time in nature, prayer or chanting. Pay attention to your energetic hygiene for optimal wellness.


Your aura is your personal energy signature in the world. By developing aura awareness you gain profound knowledge of your inner state. Noticing the conditions of your aura allows you to address areas needing realignment through energy healing activities. With time and intention, you can unlock your intuitive capabilities to read auras. Regular aura clearing ensures you project your best energetic self outwards. A balanced aura supports spiritual growth, healthy relationships, emotional stability and overall well-being.