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How do I get my Bose SoundLink to charge?

If your Bose SoundLink speaker won’t charge or is having charging issues, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try and get it working again. The SoundLink series uses a lithium-ion battery pack that should give you up to 16 hours of playtime when fully charged. With proper care and maintenance, your SoundLink speaker battery can last for years. Let’s go through some tips to revive a dead SoundLink battery or fix any charging problems.

Check the Charging Cable and Ports

First, you’ll want to inspect both ends of the charging cable and the ports on the speaker and wall adapter. Make sure there is no debris, corrosion, or damage preventing a solid connection. Carefully clean the charging ports with a dry cotton swab if needed. Also check that you are using the correct charging cable that came with your SoundLink speaker. Using a generic or lower quality cable can sometimes lead to charging issues.

Try a Different Power Source

It’s possible the wall outlet you’re using to charge the SoundLink isn’t providing consistent power. Try plugging the wall adapter into a different outlet, preferably one on a different circuit. Also check that the outlet is working by plugging in a different device. If the speaker charges from one outlet but not another, you know the issue is with the original power source.

Let It Charge Undisturbed for Several Hours

Even if the SoundLink isn’t showing a charging indicator light, leave it plugged into a working wall outlet for at least a few hours to see if the battery will take a charge. It’s best to let it charge overnight or for 8-12 hours undisturbed to fully revive a depleted battery.

Power Cycle the Speaker

If the SoundLink has been unresponsive to charging for a while, try power cycling the speaker. Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds until the speaker shuts down. Then plug it back in and let it charge undisturbed for several hours. Power cycling can sometimes reset the speaker if it’s unresponsive and gets the charging process going again.

Update Software and Drivers

Make sure your SoundLink speaker software and drivers are up to date. Connect the speaker to your computer via USB and open the Bose Updater app to install the latest firmware updates. Keeping the software updated prevents bugs and optimizes charging performance.

Replace the Battery

If you’ve tried all other troubleshooting tips and the SoundLink still won’t charge, the battery may need to be replaced. Check the manual to see if the battery on your model is user-replaceable. If so, you can order a compatible SoundLink replacement battery online and swap it out. Replacing an old depleted battery with a new one should solve charge issues.

Contact Bose Support

If replacing the battery doesn’t work, or the battery is non-user-replaceable, your best option is to contact Bose support. They can walk you through any other advanced troubleshooting steps. If needed, you can send the SoundLink unit in for professional repair and battery replacement.

Prevent Future Charging Issues

To help avoid charging problems going forward, take good care of your SoundLink battery:

  • Avoid exposing the speaker to high heat or cold temperatures for extended periods, which can degrade battery life.
  • Prevent the battery from fully draining to 0% before recharging.
  • Don’t leave the SoundLink constantly plugged in once fully charged. Let the battery drain down periodically.
  • Store the speaker with approximately 50% battery when not using for a while.
  • Consider replacing an older battery every 2-3 years.

Charging Time

When functioning normally, here is how long it takes to fully charge the battery on different Bose SoundLink models:

SoundLink Model Full Charge Time
SoundLink Mini 3 hours
SoundLink Color 4 hours
SoundLink Revolve 3 hours
SoundLink Micro 3 hours
SoundLink Flex 4 hours

Charging Indicators

Here is what the LED charging indicator lights on your SoundLink mean:

  • Flashing amber: Battery is less than 10% charged
  • Solid amber: Charging in progress
  • Solid green: Fully charged
  • Blinking green (when plugged in): Charge error or fault
  • No light: Speaker is powered off or battery is drained


With some basic troubleshooting steps, you should be able to revive your Bose SoundLink speaker if it’s not charging properly. Check the cable connections, try different outlets, power cycle the device, and update software. If needed after several years, replacing an old battery can often get a SoundLink charging again. Avoid running the battery fully dry when possible and take care of it to maximize longevity. Contact Bose support if other fixes don’t work to determine if professional repair is needed. With proper maintenance, your SoundLink speaker’s charging capability can last for many years.