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How do I find the right shade of red for my hair?

How do I find the right shade of red for my hair?

Choosing the right shade of red hair color can be tricky. There are so many options, from bright copper to deep auburn. The key is finding a red hue that complements your skin tone and eye color. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect red hair color.

Assess Your Natural Hair Color

Before coloring, take a look at your current hair shade. Is it dark brown, light brown, black, blonde? The underlying pigment will affect how red hair dye takes to your strands. Brunettes typically can go a shade or two lighter. Blondes may need to go a few shades darker to get rich red hues. If you have black hair, bright coppers and burgundies will stand out more.

Determine Your Skin’s Undertones

Analyze your skin’s undertones before choosing a red. Veins that appear blue or purple mean you have cool undertones. Greenish veins indicate warm undertones. If you see both, you likely have neutral skin. Cool complexions look best with ash red and burgundy red. Warm skin stars with copper reds. Neutral tones can do any shade.

Consider Your Eye Color

Your eye hue also affects what red flatters most. Here are flattering shades for different eyes:

Eye Color Flattering Red Shades
Blue Strawberry, copper
Green Warm auburn, mahogany
Brown Ruby, bright burgundy
Hazel Red-violet, cherry

Go Lighter or Darker

The depth of red also makes a difference. Generally, fair skin looks best with lighter reds like strawberry and copper. Medium skin can do lights like ginger or deeper reds like burgundy. Olive and dark skin stands out with vivid shades like garnet and violet-red.

Boost Your Color

To make red hair color really pop:

  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to keep color vibrant.
  • Rinse with cool water instead of hot to lock in color.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Limit washing to every 2-3 days.
  • Apply hair masks and leave-in conditioners to prevent drying.
  • Use a glossing treatment monthly.
  • Trim regularly to cut off dry ends.

Types of Red Hair Dye

There are a few main kinds of red hair color:

  • Permanent hair dye – lasts 4-6 weeks, contains peroxide to fully penetrate the hair shaft. Ammonia-free options available.
  • Semi-permanent hair dye – lasts 4-8 shampoos, deposits color without lightening. No peroxide.
  • Demi-permanent hair dye – lasts 24-26 shampoos, blends dye with a small amount of peroxide for subtle lightening.
  • Temporary hair dye – rinses out in one shampoo, no peroxide. Great for experimenting.

Find Your Match Among Red Hair Color Shades

Here are some gorgeous reds to consider:

  • Strawberry Blonde – peachy red shade for fair skin.
  • Golden Copper – vibrant, metallic red for tan/olive skin.
  • Ginger – orangey red that flatters medium warm skin.
  • Auburn – rich red-brown ideal for pale to tan skin.
  • Cherry Cola – deep red with brown undertones for medium to olive skin.
  • Burgundy – dark reddish-purple that pops on neutral to warm skin.
  • Mahogany – rich chocolate red that looks gorgeous on darker skin.

Doing It at Home vs Salon

You can dye your hair red at home or have it done professionally at a salon. Here’s how the two options compare:

At Home Coloring Salon Coloring
More affordable, $5-$15 More expensive, $65+
色調可能不一致 色調均勻
適用於簡單的全頭染色 適用於復雜的多種色調混合
需要自行施染 由專業造型師操作
效果可能持續較短時間 效果持續較長時間

So salon coloring costs more but offers precise blending, even coverage and longer lasting results. At home kits are budget friendly for all over color but require more effort.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your red hair color vibrant:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and cool water rinses.
  • Apply weekly conditioning masks or oils.
  • Use glossing treatments between dye jobs.
  • Avoid chlorine, saltwater, and heat styling.
  • Get a root touch up every 4-6 weeks.
  • See your colorist for a full redo every 2-3 months.

How to Go Back to Your Natural Color

If you want to return to your original hair color after red dye you have a couple options:

  • Let it grow out – Healthiest option, but can take months. Trim ends as it grows.
  • Use color remover – Removes some artificial pigment, then dye with natural shade.
  • Bleach and re-color – Lightens all over to apply new color. Cause damage if not done properly.

It’s best to have a professional color correction done at a salon. They can safely transition your hair back to its former shade.


Choosing the perfect red hair color involves considering your skin tone, eye color, and ideal shade depth. Look for hues like copper, auburn, burgundy, and mahogany. Maintain your red by using color-safe products, gloss treatments, and regular trims. Add dimension at the salon for optimal results. With the right red hue you’ll have gorgeous, head-turning hair.