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How do I change my chat appearance on twitch?


Changing your chat appearance on Twitch can help personalize your streaming experience and stand out from other viewers in chat. As a streamer or moderator, you have a few different options to modify how your Twitch chat messages appear to others. With Twitch Chat Appearance customization, you can change your username color, add chat badges, customize your display name, and more. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through all the ways to tweak and enhance your Twitch chat appearance as a viewer, streamer or mod.

Enable BetterTTV

One of the easiest and most popular ways to customize your Twitch chat appearance is by using the BetterTTV chat add-on. BetterTTV adds extra functionality and personalization options to Twitch, including a huge array of chat appearance tweaks.

To get started with BetterTTV:

1. Visit and click “Install”
2. Log into your Twitch account to connect BetterTTV
3. Open any Twitch stream to see the new BetterTTV chat features

Once enabled, you’ll see a new chat settings cogwheel icon next to the normal Twitch chat settings. Click the BetterTTV icon to open up tabs like Set Colors, Manage Tags, Chat Badges, and more.

Changing Username Color

You can change your username font color in chat through the Set Colors menu. Here are the steps:

1. Click the BetterTTV settings icon next to chat
2. Select “Set Colors”
3. Click “Change Username Color”
4. Pick any custom color for your username from the color picker
5. Click “Save” to set your new username font color in chat

Your Twitch username in that channel’s chat will now display in the chosen color to stand out from default black usernames. You can set a different username color for each channel.

Adding Custom Chat Badges

BetterTTV lets you create custom chat badges that appear next to your name. To add a custom chat badge:

1. Click the BetterTTV cogwheel and go to “Chat Badges”
2. Scroll down and click “Add New Badge”
3. Give your badge a name, upload a 32x32px image, and choose a badge provider
4. Click “Save” and your new badge will now display next to your username

You can add multiple custom badges this way. Choose icons, emoji, or anything that represents you.

Change Display Name

Your display name is the text that actually appears with your chat messages. By default it shows your Twitch username, but you can change it to stand out. Here’s how:

1. Click your username in chat to open the user menu
2. Select “Change Display Name”
3. Type a new display name (can only be changed once every 60 days)
4. Click “Change Display Name” to confirm

Your display name will be updated immediately. Get creative with emojis, stylized text, and symbols to make your chat messages pop.

Unlock Chat Emotes

Emotes are visual icons and emoji you can insert into chat. More emotes are available through Twitch subscriptions and channel-specific emote packs. Here are some ways to unlock more emotes for your chat:

– **Subscribe to Partnered Channels** – Subscribing on Twitch gives access to subscriber-only emotes. The more channels you subscribe to, the more emotes you can use!

– **Purchase Emote Packs** – Streamers offer custom emote packs subscribers can purchase for a monthly fee to gain access to.

– **Install BTTV/FFZ** – BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ add thousands of bonus emotes from around Twitch you can use.

– **Bit Badges** – Cheering Bits in chat unlocks more colorful chat badges and emotes.

– **Twitch Prime** – Link your Amazon Prime account to get a free channel subscription with additional emotes.

With more emotes unlocked, you can make your messages much more visually expressive!

Get Chat Badges

Badges also display next to your username in chat depending on your account status. Here are some top ways to get chat badges:

– **Subscriber** – Subscribing to a channel gets a subscription loyalty badge. Different tiers based on number of months subscribed.

– **Bits** – Cheer Bits to unlock Bit Badges and Milestone chat badges. More Bits means cooler badges.

– **Moderator** – Become a channel moderator to get the mod sword badge in that channel’s chat.

– **VIP** – Streamers can designate VIP status with the VIP chat badge.

– **Twitch Staff** – Official Twitch/Amazon employee accounts have the staff chat badge.

– **Turbo** – Twitch Turbo subscribers get the Turbo chat badge for having an ad-free viewing experience.

– **Prime** – Linking Twitch Prime earns the Prime crown chat badge.

The more badges you unlock, the more your chat profile stands out when you talk in channels’ chats!

Twitch Highlight Messages

Twitch has a highlighted chat option to make your messages stand out from others. Highlights appear brighter for all to see. Ways to get highlights include:

– **Channel Owner** – A channel owner’s messages are highlighted by default.

– **Subscription** – Subscribers can toggle an option to highlight messages.

– **Bits** – Cheering over 100 Bits in a message highlights it.

– **Moderators** – Mods can choose to enable highlights on their messages.

Use highlights judiciously rather than all the time. Reserve for especially important messages to capture people’s attention when needed.


Customizing your Twitch chat appearance takes a little effort but can really up your chat game. Take advantage of options like BetterTTV, chat badges, unique display names, emotes, and highlights to make your messages stand out from the crowd. Just don’t go overboard or your chat aesthetic could become distracting. With so many personalization tools at your disposal, you have the power to create the perfect chat experience to match your personality and style.

Chat Customization Method How to Get It Benefits
Username Color Change Enable BetterTTV, use Set Colors tab Make your username pop out from others
Custom Chat Badges Create custom badges in BetterTTV Add your own personality and flair
Display Name Change Click username, Change Display Name Display a unique, stylized name
More Emotes Subscribe to channels, install add-ons Improved visual expression
Chat Badges Subscribing, Bits, Moderator status Show off special account perks
Message Highlighting Channel owner, subscriber, Bits Draw special attention to your messages

Here is a summary table comparing different ways to customize your Twitch chat appearance and how to unlock them. With all these options at your disposal, you can really tailor your chat presence to match your unique style. Get creative with the customization tools to make your mark in any Twitch chat!