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How do I add color to my bedroom with grey walls?

How do I add color to my bedroom with grey walls?

Adding color to a bedroom with grey walls can seem daunting at first. Grey is a neutral backdrop that can work with many color palettes, but it’s important to choose the right accent colors that will liven up the space without clashing. With some thoughtful planning and accessorizing, you can make a grey wall bedroom feel warm, inviting and colorful.

Choosing Accent Colors

When deciding which colors to pair with grey walls in the bedroom, look to the color wheel for guidance. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel, like blue and orange or red and green, complement each other nicely and create a bold, dramatic look. Analogous colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel, like blue and green or yellow and orange, blend seamlessly for a calmer, more soothing vibe.

Consider the mood you want to cultivate in your grey bedroom. Energizing jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue are lively options. Earthy hues like tan, mocha and terracotta add warmth and natural flair. Pastels in shades of mint, lavender and buttery yellow create a soft, romantic feel. If you prefer monochromatic harmony, choose multiple shades of one color family like light blue, navy and robin’s egg.

Also think about how much of an accent color to use. A little goes a long way with bold hues, while softer shades can be used more liberally. Limit brights to key accent pieces like pillows, art and accessories, and rely on more neutral colors for larger surfaces and fabrics.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting one wall in a vibrant hue is a simple way to add pops of color. Anchor the space with neutral grey walls, then make the headboard wall an eye-catching shade like crimson red, eggplant purple or lime green. This creates a bold focal point without overwhelming the room.

For a more subdued look, paint two adjacent walls in lighter pastel hues like powder blue and lavender. Accent walls work especially well if your grey has cool undertones, pairing nicely with dynamic blues, greens and violets. For warm greys, accent with spicy reds, yellows and oranges.

Display Colorful Artwork

Another way to inject color is by decorating your grey walls with vibrant art and photography. Choose pieces in your accent shades, or mix in a bright rainbow of hues for eclectic personality. Frames also provide an opportunity to bring in metallic shines and woodsy browns.

Make a gallery wall with a collection of different colored pieces, or opt for one large statement artwork as the focal point above your bed or sofa. Photography of colorful landscapes, abstract paintings and graphic pop art all give grey walls a punch of personality.

Add Pops of Color With Accessories

Small decor accessories make it easy to weave in colors throughout a grey room. Place colorful throw pillows in bright solids or patterns on the bed, sofa and armchairs. Drape vibrant blankets at the foot of the bed or over chairs for an extra layer of coziness and color.

Flowers and plants in colorful vases and pots add natural hues throughout the space. Display coffee table books with colorful spines, and incorporate brightly colored trays, boxes and baskets for storage. Use an area rug with bold patterns or colorful borders to define a space atop grey flooring.

Use Patterned Fabrics

Patterned fabrics like upholstery, pillows, curtains and bedding are a great way to subtly introduce color into a grey room. Look for prints like florals, paisleys and abstract watercolor designs in accent shades that pull the space together. Pair solid grey pieces like a sofa or headboard with patterned armchairs, pillow shams and throw blankets.

If you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, stick to solids and subtly colored stripes or geometrics. The lines and shapes add quiet visual interest while keeping the look understated and refined.

Incorporate Colorful Furniture

Larger furniture pieces like upholstered chairs, ottomans and sofas make a bold color statement. Choose a couple of key accent pieces: an armchair in emerald green, an orange leather ottoman, a sapphire blue velvet couch. Then fill out the rest of the furnishings in neutral grey and white.

For a more uniform look, stick to one color palette. Make the whole bedroom blue with a navy headboard, periwinkle chairs and robin’s egg side tables. Or go for an earthy boho vibe with terracotta cushions, mocha rugs and olive drapes.

Color Mood Where to Use
Emerald Green Vibrant, Verdant Accent Wall, Armchair
Sapphire Blue Calming, Tranquil Bedding, Pillows
Sunshine Yellow Cheery, Bright Pouf, Vase
Brick Red Bold, Dynamic Headboard, Artwork
Lavender Soft, Soothing Area Rug, Curtains

Use Strategic Lighting

Colored lighting is a fun way to set a mood while adding accent hues. Install color-changing bulbs in desk lamps, table lamps and overhead fixtures. Cool hues like blues and greens cultivate relaxation, while warm shades of orange, red and yellow promote cheer and energy.

Position accent lighting to highlight colorful art, furniture or decorative objects. Backlight built-in bookshelves and display cabinets to illuminate the vibrant spines and items inside. Wall sconces casts a cozy glow on adjacent accent walls in complementing colors.

Incorporate Metallic Shines

Metallic decor adds reflective dimension and sheen. Polished gold, silver and copper fixtures and accessories catch the light beautifully against grey walls. Warm metals like antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze add vintage flair, while sleek chrome and nickel keep the look contemporary.

Metallics blend seamlessly into both cool and warm color schemes. Pair them with jewel tones and earthy hues for a luxe, elevated look. Use metallics sparingly as accents to fixtures, hardware, mirrors, lamps and decor objects.


Grey walls serve as a timeless, versatile blank canvas for adding colorful flair to a bedroom. Accent walls, artwork, accessories, fabrics, furniture and lighting allow you to weave in pops of color that reflect your personal style. Keep complementary hues in mind and limit brights to key focal points. Soon you’ll have a bedroom retreat that’s serene, vibrant and uniquely you.