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How can I spice up my grey bedroom?

How can I spice up my grey bedroom?

A grey bedroom can feel uninspiring and dull. However, with some small tweaks and updates, you can easily transform your grey bedroom into a stylish and inviting space. In this article, we will discuss tips for spicing up a grey bedroom through color, textures, patterns, lighting and accessories. Keep reading for ideas to give your grey bedroom a makeover!

Add Pops of Color

An easy way to enliven a grey bedroom is to incorporate pops of color through bedding, pillows, artwork and accessories. Bold and vibrant hues like emerald green, sapphire blue and magenta will make the grey walls serve as a neutral backdrop. For a softer look, try pale pink, lavender or peach. Mix and match your colors for a layered, collected look. Here are some quick color scheme ideas for a grey bedroom:

Color Palette 1 Grey walls, white and teal bedding, bronze accent pillows
Color Palette 2 Grey walls, white and yellow bedding, navy blue upholstered headboard
Color Palette 3 Grey walls, white bedding, pops of fuchsia and lime green throw pillows

When using pops of color, stick to one or two bold hues and repeat them throughout the space. This will keep your grey bedroom from looking too busy or overwhelming. Focus on adding splashes of color through accent pieces and artwork first before committing to a brightly colored large piece of furniture.

Play with Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures instantly add visual interest and dimension to a grey bedroom. Layer rugs, bedding, pillows, upholstered headboards and window treatments with various prints and materials. Here are some ideas:

– Hanging sheer curtains with subtle patterns over textured bamboo shades
– An area rug with graphic print layered over carpet
– Throw pillows in stripes, florals and paisley
– Cable knit and velvet accents
– A tufted headboard for depth
– Bedding with embroidery or quilting

Mixing multiple patterns may sound intimidating but start small by combining just two or three complimentary prints. Keep bedding simple with solid white or grey sheets. Then add several printed throw pillows and a patterned blanket at the foot of the bed for an layered look.

Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting can make or break a bedroom’s ambiance. Ditch boring overhead fixtures for:

Task lighting Stylish desk lamps, reading lights and wall sconces for function
Ambient lighting String lights, floor and table lamps for overall glow
Mood lighting Dimmable fixtures, smart bulbs to control brightness

Aim for lighting on each side of the bed for reading. Mount swing arm sconces on the wall or install bedside lamps. Increase ambient light in the room with a floor lamp in a corner or pendant lights over a sitting area. Add personality with sculptural table lamps and ornate lampshades. Dimming switches and smart bulbs like Philips Hue make it easy to control the mood lighting from bed.

Display Tasteful Art and Mirrors

Artwork and mirrors are easy ways to decorate a grey bedroom. Hang a Gallery wall with colorful prints and photographs above the headboard or bedside table. Lean a tall mirror in a corner to make the room feel more spacious. Opt for large scale art, at least 36 inches wide, so it does not get lost on expansive grey walls. Abstract styles and bursts of colors will enliven the neutral palette.

Avoid cluttering the walls with tiny pieces scattered all over. Curate a thoughtfully collected gallery displaying only your favorite art and photography edited to a color scheme. Frame everything uniformly for a polished look. Place mirrors strategically across from windows or opposite the bed to reflect light and views. Mirrors also make small bedrooms appear larger.

Finish with Fun, Modern Accessories

Accessories are the finishing layer that can bring a grey bedroom to life. Have fun sourcing unique decor like:

– Throw blankets at the end of the bed in bold colors and patterns
– Metallic accents – think silver tissue box, mercury glass vase, gold sculptural bookends
– Unexpected greenery – mini potted succulents, air plants in hanging glass terrariums
– Gallery-style picture ledges and floating shelves to display accessories
– Modern table lamps with sculptural shapes
– Storage ottomans or trunks at the foot of the bed to hide clutter

Switch out accessories seasonally to refresh your grey bedroom. Find a new throw blanket in spring colors or swap in some woven summer baskets. Keep things from looking flat by choosing accessories with unique shapes, textures and materials. A few eye-catching accessories go a long way in spicing up a neutral grey palette.


With the right color scheme, lighting, textures and accessories a grey bedroom can be transformed into a stylish retreat. The neutral grey backdrop serves as a versatile foundation for adding pops of color, layers of patterns and displaying artwork. Focus on lighting and accessories to create a mood that inspires you. A grey bedroom does not have to feel dull or monotonous. Implement a few of these easy tips to make your grey bedroom feel fresh, modern and uniquely you.