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How can I see what I look like with different color hair?

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Deciding to change your hair color can be a big decision. The right hair color can really enhance your look, bring out your eyes, complement your skin tone, and give you an exciting new style. But how do you know what color will look best on you before making the commitment of dyeing your hair? Thankfully there are some easy ways to get an idea of what you’ll look like with different hair colors before taking the plunge. In this article, we’ll go over several methods you can use right now to visualize yourself with various hair colors, from digital apps to in-person consultations. Read on to find the best ways to preview potential new hair colors!

Try on Hair Colors Digitally

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to see what you’d look like with different hair colors is to use a digital hair color try on app or website. There are many free online tools that allow you to virtually experiment with different hair colors using a photo of yourself. Here are some of the best digital hair color try-on options:

App/Website Key Features
ModiFace Hair Color – Upload photo to preview hair colors
Taaz Virtual Makeover – Try on over 50 hair color shades
Hair Color Booth – See hair colors on 11 hair style templates
Hair Color Changer – Adjust hair color intensity

These digital try-on apps use editing technology to realistically show you with different hair colors applied to your photo. It’s a quick and easy way to cycle through lots of color options, from subtle highlights to dramatic changes. Some even allow you to adjust factors like hair length and style as well. Playing around with these apps gives you an initial feel for which shades pair best with your complexion.

In-Salon Hair Color Consultation

While digital try-ons can be useful, you can get a more accurate preview of hair colors by scheduling an in-person consultation at a salon. A professional colorist will take your hair type, complexion, eye color, and more into account when recommending flattering shades for you to try. There are a couple routes a colorist may take during a consult:

Virtual hair color try-on – Some salons now offer technology that digitally applies hair color to a photo of you. This gives you a customized preview based on the colorist’s expert recommendations. It’s more tailored than an app since it takes your individual features into account.

Hair color swatch test – A classic technique is hand painting small swatches of hair close to your face in one or more prospective colors. This gives you an actual physical representation of how a shade will look. The colorist can quickly paint and remove swatches, allowing you to view multiple options.

A salon consultation, whether virtual or swatch-based, is ideal because the colorist can guide you in choosing the most flattering tones for your skin. They can also take your desired maintenance level and lifestyle into account. This personalized service is the best way to see how new hair hues will complement your look before committing.

Temporary Hair Colors

Semi-permanent and temporary hair coloring products are a low commitment way to sample different shades. There are a wide range of temporary color options available for home use:

Product How Long It Lasts
Hair Chalk 1-2 washes
Hair Mascara 2-3 washes
Semi-Permanent Rinse 4-8 washes
Semi-Permanent Dye 4-6 weeks

These temporary dyes allow you to try out a hair color for a short time before committing to a permanent dye job. Hair chalks and mascaras are the quickest option, lasting only a couple washes. Semi-permanent rinses and dyes have longer lasting pigments that fade gradually over several weeks. Trying a temporary color gives you a chance to see if you like a shade in real life and how well it fits your complexion.

When using temporary color at home, focus the application on hair framing your face to give you the best sense of how the tone complements your skin. Adding some face-framing highlights or lowlights is an easy way to test out a new hue. Just be aware that the color result may differ slightly compared to permanent salon dye. But it still gives you a good feel for a hair color before taking the permanent plunge.

Wear a Wig

Wigs provide one of the most instantaneous ways to visualize yourself with a new hair color. There are many wig retailers that offer high-quality human hair wigs in any color you can imagine. A wig gives you an immediate way to become a redhead, go platinum blonde, or experiment with unique hair colors like pastels and rainbow.

Some pros of previewing colors with wigs:

  • – See the hair color in real life on your head
  • – Test out dramatic or unrealistic colors
  • – Change colors in an instant by trying multiple wigs
  • – No long-term commitment

When browsing wigs, look for lace front wigs, which have a seamless hairline for a natural look. Choose human hair over synthetic hair for the most realistic preview. Wear it for a day or night out to get an immersive experience of having a different hair color. Use wig caps and styling products to style the wig as you would real hair. Seeing yourself in a wig can build your confidence in pulling off a bold new color before dyeing your real locks.

Hair Color Extensions and Clip-Ins

Hair extensions and clip-ins provide a temporary way to add streaks of color to your hair without damage from bleaching or dyeing. You can use colored extensions and clips to preview how highlights or ombre coloring would look. This gives you a subtle preview of coloring your whole head a vibrant shade.

Some options for hair color extensions include:

  • – Individual strands of colored synthetic or human hair
  • – Wefts of colored hair that are glued or clipped into natural hair
  • – Pre-highlighted extension pieces
  • – Custom color blends

Look for reversible options like clip-in pieces so you can quickly remove the extensions to see your natural hair again. When evaluating the color, pay attention to how it complements your complexion. Take photos in natural lighting to see the most accurate preview. While not a perfect test for an all-over color, extensions allow you to experiment with pops of color risk-free.

Preview Shades on Your Existing Hair

If you already color your hair, you can preview shades by tweaking your existing dye. Here are some techniques:

– Test foils when touching up roots – Next time you have your hair colored at the salon, ask your stylist to add foil tests of other colors into your highlights or lowlights. This gives you a strand-by-strand preview.

– Tone with semi-permanent dye – Use a semi-permanent toning product between permanent colorings to shift your shade subtly. Going darker, lighter, warmer, or cooler gives you a short-term preview.

– Bleach hair snippets – Bleach a small section underneath your hair to visualize how lightening would look. Always have this done professionally to avoid damage.

– Add temporary color – Use temporary coloring sprays, gels, or foams on selected hair pieces to preview bolder pops of color.

Previewing on your own hair allows you to see how new shades interact with your existing color and tone. Test selectively rather than all over for lower risk. And consult your colorist to ensure you preview safely without damaging hair between permanent dyes.

Try Color Swatch Apps

While less realistic than digital try-ons, color palette apps can also help envision how your skin would look with different hair colors. Apps like Adobe Color let you upload a photo and overlay colored filters on your hair area. Or you can use a color matching tool to find your seasonal color palette and see which swatches pair well with your complexion. Although not exact representations, these color visualization tools give you an abstract preview of harmonious and discordant shades for your skin.


Changing your hair color can be nerve-wracking, but there are many ways to preview potential shades before taking the plunge. Digital try-on apps provide an accessible starting point for visualizing different looks. Schedule an in-salon consultation for a personalized color recommendation from an expert. Or experiment temporarily at home with products like hair chalk, mascara, rinses, wigs, extensions, and clip-ins. Safely testing on your existing dye lets you gradually lighten, darken, or enhance your current color. And color visualization apps allow more abstract experimenting. Previewing hair colors with commitment-free methods first builds confidence in making a dramatic change. So explore the many options for seeing your new hair hue in advance. Then take the plunge with no reservations on a exciting and empowering new look.