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How can I match my lipstick with my clothes?

Choosing the right lipstick to complement an outfit can seem daunting. With so many lipstick shades and clothing colors to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, matching your lipstick to your clothes doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple tips, you can effortlessly pull together a cohesive look every time.

The key is finding a lipstick shade that enhances your clothing rather than competes with it. Generally, you’ll want your lip color to complement the overall tone and intensity of your outfit. Lighter, more neutral lipsticks tend to suit soft, casual looks while bolder lip shades pair best with sharp tailoring or vivid prints.

When selecting a lipstick, it helps to think about the color wheel. Shades directly opposite each other on the wheel, like red and green, tend to clash. Colors next to each other, such as red and pink, or green and blue, are harmonious. This color theory can help guide you in choosing lip colors that work with your clothes.

You’ll also want to consider undertones. Lipsticks and garments have base tones of warm, cool, or neutral. Matching the undertones of your lipstick and outfit creates a cohesive look. Warm peach lipstick with coral jeans or cool berry lips with a navy dress are examples of paired undertones.

The occasion you’re dressing for is another important factor. Daytime affairs tend to call for low-key lip hues while events at night give you license to break out more dramatic shades. The season can also influence your color pairings. Think rich wines and berries for winter months and bright corals and pinks for summer.

Ahead, we’ll break down specific guidelines for pairing your lips and wardrobe for a wide range of colors and scenarios. With these simple tricks, you can step out in style no matter the event or season.

Matching Lipstick with Neutrals

Neutral clothing colors like blacks, whites, nudes, browns, and grays are ubiquitous. Though simple, these versatile shades are tricky to pair with lipstick. The good news is neutrals allow you plenty of freedom to make a bold lip statement. Here are some pairing ideas:

Clothing Color Lipstick Suggestions
Black Deep plums, burgundies, bright reds, corals
White Soft pinks, peaches, rose shades, corals, reds
Nude Nude lipsticks, pinky browns, mauves, soft corals
Brown Browns, brick reds, rosewoods, deep pinks, corals
Gray Wine reds, plums, bold pinks, marsala

With neutrals, feel free to go bold if you wish. Keep in mind your outfit details like fabric and structure. Delicate chiffons and soft knits tend to pair best with creamy lipsticks while sharp tailoring can withstand the drama of a dark vampy lip.

Matching Lipstick with Blues

Blues range from pale sky shades to bold navies and every hue in between. With so many options, the key is sticking to lip colors in the same cooler tone family. Some flattering pairings include:

Blue Shade Lipstick Suggestions
Baby blue Pale pinks, peaches, rosewoods
Sky blue Soft pinks, plums, mauves
Royal blue Roses, plums, wine shades
Navy Berries, purples, bold reds
Denim Nudes, browns, brick reds, corals

As a color rule, lighter blues pair well with lighter lipstick shades while darker blues can handle deeper, dramatic lips. Stay clear of orange shades, which can clash with blue’s cooler undertone. Instead opt for blue-based reds, pinks, berries and plums.

Matching Lipstick with Greens

From emerald to sage, green has a refreshing, natural vibe. When pairing lips with green clothing, reference the color wheel. Red, pink and coral lipsticks nicely complement greens. Some specific color combinations to try include:

Green Shade Lipstick Suggestions
Jade green Soft pinks, nudes, peach
Emerald green Reds, coral, rosewoods
Forest green Wine reds, burgundies, bold pinks
Khaki green Browns, terra-cottas, brick reds
Olive green Warm browns, nude pinks, mauve

Dark jewel tones like emerald and forest green can handle richer lip shades. For softer greens like sage, stick to lighter nudes and pinks. Avoid shades like purple, berry and bright orange that can sometimes clash with green.

Matching Lipstick with Yellows

Sunny yellow is an uplifting color that calls for equally cheerful lipstick shades. Look to warm, vibrant lip colors to complement yellow clothing:

Yellow Shade Lipstick Suggestions
Pale yellow Peach, nude, pink
Sunflower yellow Brick red, terra-cotta, coral
Gold yellow Mauve, rosewood, brown
Mustard yellow Red, plum, wine shades
Ochre yellow Brown, nude, peach

Yellow is cheerful enough on its own, so avoid going too bold. Soft corals, peaches, pinks and brown-based shades tend to work best. Stay away from blues and cool-toned lipsticks that can make yellow clothing seem dingy.

Matching Lipstick with Oranges

Punchy orange clothing calls for equally bright lipstick. Look to warm shades like other oranges, reds, corals and peaches. Some specific ideas include:

Orange Shade Lipstick Suggestions
Peach orange Peach, nude, pink
Burnt orange Brick red, terra-cotta, coral
Rust orange Red-browns, warm pinks
Coral orange Orange-red, coral, peach
Salmon orange Peach, pinky nude, rose

Avoid pairing orange clothing with purples, berries and cool-toned lip colors. Instead, opt for warm shades with a hint of brown or red. Soft peaches and pinks also complement lighter orange shades.

Matching Lipstick with Purples

Regal purples and violets lend any look sophistication. Counter these cool shades with equally intense lipstick colors like:

Purple Shade Lipstick Suggestions
Lavender purple Soft pink, rose, mauve
Lilac purple Nude, brown, peach
Eggplant purple Wine, berry, plum shades
Royal purple Red, marsala, magenta
Grape purple Mauve, brown-pink, nude

Light purples pair nicely with equally soft pinks and peaches. For bold jewel tones, reach for deeper plums, wines and magentas. Avoid clashy shades like orange or neon pink.

Matching Lipstick with Pinks

Ranging from soft rose to bright fuscia, pink is feminine and romantic. With so many options, the key is finding the right undertone:

Pink Shade Lipstick Suggestions
Baby pink Nude, peach, rose, pink
Dusty pink Mauve, brown, nude, peach
Salmon pink Peach, coral, red, pink
Fuschia pink Berry, plum, wine shades
Hot pink Red, coral, orange shades

For a cohesive look, match cool-toned pinks like fuschia with equally punchy lip shades. Dusty pinks and nudes pair best with brown or peach lipsticks. Avoid mixing very warm and cool pinks.

Matching Lipstick for Special Occasions

Certain events call for specific makeup looks. Here are lipstick suggestions for two common special occasions:


Wedding Dress Color Lipstick Suggestions
White Soft pink, rose, peach, red
Ivory Nude, brown, pinky mauve
Black Red, plum, wine, pink
Gold Nude, peach, pinky brown
Silver Mauve, rosewood, berry

Aim for a lip color that coordinates with your dress. Brides in white suits can choose soft pinks, peaches or classic red. For black dresses, add drama with a deep wine or purple pout.

Holiday Parties

Season Lipstick Suggestions
Winter Wine, berry, purple, deep red
Fall Nude, brown, brick red, plum
Summer Coral, peach, pink, red
Spring Pink, peach, rose, mauve

Holiday parties let you get more adventurous with lip color. Winter lips tend to be deep berries, wines and vampy shades. Spring and summer lend themselves to brighter corals and pinks. Have fun and capture the seasonal spirit!


With these handy tips, you can approach makeup and dressing with newfound confidence. Keep color theory basics in mind, consider undertones, and choose the right lipstick intensity for the occasion. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment and discover what works for you. The perfect lip can be the crowning touch to complete your look.