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How can I improve my personal aura?

How can I improve my personal aura?

What is Aura?

A person’s aura is the energy field that surrounds their body. It is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen by some as various colors or patterns. Your aura reflects your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical state. A healthy, vibrant aura indicates balance and well-being, while a depleted or dark aura can suggest stress, negativity, or illness. By learning to read and interpret auras, you can gain insight into yourself and others. With conscious intention, you can also learn to cultivate a bright, strong personal aura.

Reading and Interpreting Your Aura

To start sensing and understanding your own aura, begin by meditating in a quiet space and envisioning your energy field. What colors do you perceive around you? Bright, light colors like pink, yellow, and pale blue denote positive qualities like joy, creativity, and tranquility. Darker colors like gray, brown, and red can reflect unresolved anger, fear, or trauma. Blocky, obscured areas in your aura may signal energy blocks or imbalances in your chakras. Pay attention to which parts of your body each aura color seems strongest around. Colors around your head relate to your mental state, while colors around the heart point to emotional issues. Aura changes around the stomach or solar plexus often tie to instinctive reactions like anxiety.

You can also have someone skilled at reading auras assess yours through psychic observation. An aura camera can photograph your energy field by detecting electromagnetic fields and temperature variations. However you choose to perceive it, interpreting your aura gives you the chance to identify areas for personal growth. Ongoing aura readings let you track how your energetic state changes over time.

Clearing and Balancing Your Aura

Once you have a basic aura reading, you can take steps to clear blockages, balance your chakras, and cultivate a brighter personal energy field. Here are some suggestions:

– Try aura cleansing meditations. Visualize each chakra as a spinning wheel of light, starting from the root chakra at the base of the spine and moving up through the crown. Envision any dim or blocked chakras becoming open and radiant. Picture a beam of light descending through your crown chakra, clearing your channels and filling your body with purity and vitality.

– Use aura cleansing crystals like selenite, quartz, labradorite, or carnelian. Lie down and place these crystals around your body to draw out negative energies. You can also hold crystals during meditation to amplify their aura cleansing effects.

– Perform aura cleansing rituals. Burning sage or palo santo can purify aura blockages. Ritual baths with sea salt, lavender, or cleansing herbs will also wash away unwanted energies.

– Try grounding exercises to stabilize your aura’s lower frequencies. Walking barefoot on grass or soil, sitting against a tree, or visualizing roots growing from your feet into the earth will ground you.

– Release pent-up emotions through journaling, therapy, or support groups. Expressing yourself constructively helps clear heavy feelings that weigh down your aura.

Cultivating a Positive Aura

In addition to aura cleansing practices, there are many ways to cultivate a consistently bright, strong personal aura:

– Adopt positive thinking habits through affirmations, gratitude journaling, or reframing negative thoughts. Your mental and emotional patterns directly impact your energy field.

– Develop your intuition and higher guidance through activities like psychic development classes. Your aura resonates at your spiritual frequency.

– Practice breathwork, yoga, tai chi, or other movement arts to stimulate energy flow. Physical vitality supports auric strength.

– Eat light, fresh, whole foods to avoid dense vibrations entering your field. Hydrate well to fluidly flush your channels.

– Limit electronic use and artificial exposures that can bombard your aura’s natural frequencies. Spend ample time in nature instead.

– Release situations or relationships that drain your energies. Limit time with those who deplete your aura.

– Wear or carry aura boosting stones like amber, amethyst, or black tourmaline. Their high vibrations fortify your field.

– Listen to Solfeggio frequencies or crystal singing bowl meditations tuned to aura balancing vibrations.

– Practice energetic hygiene rituals like hand washing, chord cutting, and psychic shielding to prevent aura infiltration.

– Get ample high-quality sleep to recharge your spiritual batteries each night.

With consistent intention, you can shift your personal aura from depleted to vibrant, transforming your inner world.

Signs of Aura Improvement

How can you tell your efforts to cleanse, balance, and build your aura are working? Here are some positive signs to look for:

– Increased feelings of peace, vitality, and positivity

– Ability to release or manage stress more easily

– People commenting on your radiant presence or positive energy

– Feeling more centered, grounded, and spiritually connected

– Seeing brighter colors and clarity in your aura readings

– Feeling protected from negative energy or influences

– Drawing positive experiences and people into your life

– Trusting your intuition and inner truth

– Feeling aligned with your life path and soul purpose

– Noticing synchronicities and spiritual support

– Amplified creativity, inspiration, and unique self-expression

– Increased energy for pursuing dreams and passions

As you consciously cleanse, balance, and expand your personal aura, you will notice both internal shifts and external evidence of your evolving energy field. Keep track of aura improvements through journaling and occasional aura readings. With time and practice, you can optimize your aura for greater wellness and life fulfillment.


Your aura is the energetic field surrounding your whole being, reflecting your conscious and subconscious states. By learning to perceive, interpret, and optimize your personal aura, you gain a powerful tool for growth. Clearing auric blockages, balancing your chakras, cultivating positive habits, and establishing energetic hygiene rituals will help strengthen your aura. Be patient and persistent in your aura development practices. An improved aura supports spiritual alignment, heightened intuition, inner peace, vibrant health, positive relationships, and greater life purpose. Get to know and care for your aura, and enjoy the benefits of a strong, clear energy field.

Aura Improvement Tips
Aura cleansing rituals like smudging or baths
Chakra balancing meditation and visualization
Using aura cleansing stones and crystals
Emotional release through journaling or therapy
Positive thinking habits and affirmations
Developing intuition through psychic development
Breathwork, yoga, tai chi for energy flow
Eating light, fresh, whole foods
Spending time in nature
Carrying or wearing aura boosting stones
Listening to Solfeggio frequencies
Energetic hygiene like psychic protection
Releasing draining situations and people
Getting enough quality sleep