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Does Zayn Malik have thin or thick hair?

As one of the most popular members of One Direction, Zayn Malik’s hair has been a topic of much discussion and debate amongst fans. His hair type and thickness has varied over the years as his hairstyles have changed, leading many to wonder – does Zayn have thin or thick hair?

Zayn’s Hair History

When Zayn first rose to fame on The X Factor in 2010, he was known for his short black hair with a soft quiff. As his career took off with One Direction, Zayn began experimenting more with his hairstyles, often opting for longer, messy styles with a fringe covering his forehead.

In 2013, Zayn dyed his hair blonde for the first time. This led to noticeable damage and breakage, likely due to the harsh bleach required to lift his naturally dark hair. Many fans commented that his blonde hair looked quite thin and brittle.

After returning to his dark roots, Zayn continued changing up his hairstyles over the years. He incorporated braids, buzz cuts, fades, and even brightly colored dyes like green and pink.

In 2015, Zayn left One Direction to pursue a solo career. With this transition, he cropped his hair short once again into a buzzcut. Photos from this time period show Zayn’s short hair looking quite thin, particularly when wet or swept to the side.

Recently, Zayn has kept his hair in a longer, messy style between chin and shoulder length. His dark brown locks are often worn pushed back or tucked behind his ears. This length helps add volume and coverage to disguise any thinness he may have.

Evidence for Thin Hair

There are several reasons why Zayn may naturally have thinner hair:

  • Hair changes after bleach damage – Zayn’s blonde experiment likely destroyed hair follicles and thickness.
  • Short hairstyles reveal thinness – Buzzcuts in 2015 showed visible scalp in spots.
  • Fine hair type – Zayn appears to have naturally fine, soft hair, which lends itself to looking thinner.
  • Receding hairline – As early as 2011, some thinning along Zayn’s hairline was noticeable.
  • Family history – Zayn’s own father has faced noticeable hair loss and thinning as he aged.

In addition to these clues, Zayn himself has openly admitted in interviews that his hair is “definitely thinning” and that he expects to lose more of it in the future.

Evidence for Thick Hair

On the other hand, there are also signs that point to Zayn having thick, voluminous hair:

  • Luscious long locks – When allowed to grow out, Zayn’s shoulder-length hair appears quite thick.
  • Styling versatility – He can easily mold his hair into various styles like quiffs, faux hawks, and messy textured looks.
  • Full coverage – Zayn can completely conceal his head with the amount of hair he has.
  • Hair density – Up close photographs reveal dense packing of individual strands on his scalp.
  • Lack of visible scalp – Only when buzzed very close does his scalp become visible, indicating thick hair overall.

Zayn’s ability to achieve volume, flow, movement, and coverage with his hair suggests he has sufficient thickness, especially in the top layers.

The Role of Styling

It’s important to note that various styling techniques can conceal or exaggerate thinness and volume:

  • Blow drying upward and using volumizing products creates lift and fullness.
  • Brushing the hair off the forehead helps hide a receding hairline.
  • Headband styles cover thinning edges around the hairline.
  • Short cuts with shaved sides minimize the look of thinning up top.
  • Dyeing or bleaching makes hair appear thicker by increasing density.
  • Growth stimulators like Rogaine improve thinning areas over time.

By utilizing these techniques, Zayn likely maximizes the thickness of his hair, even if the strands themselves are on the finer side. His stylist’s skills allow him to disguise any thin patches or loss.

Hair Thickness Over Time

Reviewing photographs of Zayn from 2010 to today makes his hair evolution clear. Here is a table showing how his hair thickness has changed over the years:

Year Hairstyle Thickness Level
2010 Short quiff Thick
2013 Blonde straight Thin
2014 Man bun Thick
2015 Buzz cut Thin
2019 Messy topknot Thick
2022 Shoulder-length layers Thick

As shown, the bleach damage of 2013 and very short buzzcuts seem to reveal Zayn’s naturally thin hair density. But allowed to grow out, his locks achieve enviably thick texture and body.


Based on an analysis of Zayn Malik’s various hairstyles over the past decade, the evidence suggests that he likely has naturally thin hair prone to receding at the hairline. However, when given proper care and length, his hair appears quite thick and full.

By utilizing volumizing products and cuts that maximize texture, Zayn is able to disguise whatever thinness he may have and play up his best assets. His naturally soft, smooth hair texture allows for molding into diverse stylish looks.

While genetics may eventually take their toll, Zayn Malik’s hair thickness currently seems to land somewhere between fine and thick. With his stylist’s skilled hands, he is able to wear his hair in a range of fashionable styles that keep fans guessing about his true thickness underneath.