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Does Wednesday have red lipstick?

Wednesdays can be dreary midweek days, neither the excitement of a new week nor the joy of a weekend ahead. Some believe adding a pop of color like red lipstick can brighten a Wednesday. But does Wednesday actually wear makeup? As a temporal concept, the day itself has no physical form. However, metaphorically assigning human traits to Wednesday allows us to explore the idea creatively. Join me as we dive into the notion of Wednesday wearing lipstick and what meaning we can uncover.

Anthropomorphizing Weekdays

Anthropomorphism means assigning human attributes and behaviors to non-human things. We engage in anthropomorphism daily, imbuing pets, devices, brands, and concepts with human-like qualities. Some common examples include the Energizer bunny, the Michelin man, and the animated latest weather system. When it comes to temporal concepts like days of the week, we also anthropomorphize them in sayings like:

  • “Monday has me in a bad mood”
  • “Friday is my favorite day!”
  • “Wednesday is so blah”

In these phrases, Monday, Friday, and Wednesday take on personalities reflecting how we feel about those days. The question of Wednesday wearing lipstick takes this notion further. Let’s break it down.

Wednesday’s Reputed Personality

What reputation does Wednesday have if we think of it as a person? Some common associations include:

  • The middle child or the “hump day” of the workweek
  • Lacking Friday’s excitement or Monday’s freshness
  • Mundane, dull, and boring
  • A day to power through until the weekend

With this reputation, Wednesday becomes someone that lacks vibrancy and energy. This interpretation sets the stage for our lipstick question. Would a day with a perceived dreary personality wear a lively red lipstick?

The Color Psychology of Red Lipstick

Before exploring if Wednesday would wear red lipstick, let’s examine what red lipstick represents:

Attribute Psychological Meaning
Vibrancy Energy, excitement, passion
Confidence Power, self-assurance, determination
Youthfulness Vivaciousness, playfulness, joy

Red lipstick is associated with vibrancy, confidence, and youthfulness. It makes a bold statement and attracts attention. Now let’s explore if this suits a personification of Wednesday.

Wednesday’s Character

Given the personality commonly attributed to Wednesday, it seems unlikely this day would wear bold red lipstick:

Wednesday’s Personality Matches Red Lipstick?
Dreary No, opposites
Boring No, red lipstick is exciting
Lacking vibrancy No, red lipstick is vibrant
Mundane No, red lipstick makes a statement

The qualities ascribed to Wednesday contrast sharply with what red lipstick conveys. The day’s reputation as dull and dreary clashes with the verve and audacity of a red pout. Based on this analysis, it seems unlikely that the metaphorical person of Wednesday would choose bright red lipstick.

Alternate Interpretations

However, metaphors exist for interpretation and imagination. Let’s explore some alternate ways Wednesday wearing red lipstick could make sense:

  • As aspiration – Wednesday dons red lipstick to project the vibrancy it wishes it had
  • As camouflage – Wednesday wears red lipstick to mask its dreary personality
  • As its favorite accessory – Even dreary personalities can have a bold fashion sense
  • As growth – Wednesday starts off dull but comes into its vibrancy by midweek

In these perspectives, Wednesday choosing red lipstick shows the day’s desires, disguises its nature, expresses uniqueness, or indicates growth. So perhaps Wednesday could have red lips after all!

Red Lipstick in Culture

To dig deeper on red lipstick’s symbolism, let’s explore it in pop culture:

Work Use of Red Lipstick
The Matrix Worn by women in the Matrix to signify a false reality
Disney movies Often worn by female villains like Snow White’s Evil Queen
Classic Hollywood cinema Iconically worn by leading ladies like Marilyn Monroe

Here we see red lipstick conveying ideas of empowerment but also falsehoods. These mixed messages further demonstrate the nuances of what red lipstick symbolizes and its complexity when assigned to an anthropomorphized day of the week.


Does Wednesday wear red lipstick? Based on common associations with Wednesday’s personality and red lipstick’s symbolism, it seems unlikely these two would be paired literally. However, exploring the metaphor opens thought-provoking conversations about:

  • The meanings we assign to colors
  • The human traits we project onto intangible concepts
  • Using imagination to move beyond surface assumptions

So while Wednesday may not actually wear red lipstick, imagining that it does inspires creativity, whimsy, and new perspectives. In the end, anthropomorphizing Wednesday with red lipstick leads us to insights about ourselves and our relationship with the world around us.