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Does Urbane Bronze go with repose gray?

Welcome back, interior design enthusiasts! Today we’re tackling a common decor dilemma – how to combine gray and bronze tones in a cohesive way. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the color pairing of Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray.

Introducing the Colors

First, let’s get familiar with each shade:

  • Urbane Bronze – A rich, warm metallic bronze with brown undertones. It has a sophisticated and upscale look.
  • Repose Gray – A cool, tranquil gray with lavender-blue undertones. It has a calming, relaxed vibe.

At first glance, these colors seem quite different. One is bold and glitzy while the other is subdued and serene. However, with the right approach they can work beautifully together to create stylish, livable spaces.

Complementary Contrast

The key to combining Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray is understanding they are complementary contrasts. This means they have enough visual difference to create interest, but share similar depth and intensity so they don’t clash.


  • They have similar value – both are middle to dark tones on the light-to-dark scale.
  • They have complementary undertones – Urbane Bronze leans warm while Repose Gray has cool blue undertones.
  • When placed together, there is enough contrast between the metallic sheen of Urbane Bronze and the flat matte finish of Repose Gray.

This balance of contrast and harmony is what allows the colors to be combined successfully.

Tips for Combining Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray

Now that we understand the relationship between the colors, here are some tips for using them together:

Focal Point + Background

Use one color as a bold focal point against a background of the other. For example, an Urbane Bronze sofa as part of a Repose Gray living room. This creates a nice balance where the bronze “pops” against the calm gray.

Metallic Accents

Add metallic bronze accents and decor to rooms painted or furnished in Repose Gray. Vases, throw pillows, table lamps and other accessories provide eye-catching contrast.

Large Scale Neutral + Small Scale Color

Urbane Bronze works best in smaller doses – as an accent wall, artwork frame, occasional chair or decorative item. Keep it to smaller surfaces so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Use Repose Gray in larger applications like sofas, wall paint or window treatments as a neutral backdrop.

Warm + Cool Pairing

Repose Gray has a slightly cool, relaxing effect while Urbane Bronze is bold and warm. Pairing them creates visual interest and a balanced, inviting environment.

Room Ideas

Now let’s explore some rooms where Repose Gray and Urbane Bronze can work beautifully together:

Living Room

In a living room, try a Repose Gray sofa paired with Urbane Bronze accent chairs or metallic throw pillows. Add bronze touches in a table lamp, vase or wall art. Use an Urbane Bronze area rug to define a Repose Gray seating area.


In a restful bedroom retreat, use Repose Gray on the walls and bronze accents in lamps, bedding or drapes. An Urbane Bronze headboard or bench at the foot of a Repose Gray upholstered bed adds a luxurious touch.

Dining Room

Make a stunning dining room with a Repose Gray dining set and Urbane Bronze buffet or bar cart. Chair cushions or placemats in the bronze shade add metallic glam.Bonus tip – displayed dishware like bronze chargers or gray stoneware dinnerware will complement the color scheme beautifully.


In a home office or study, try Repose Gray walls with an Urbane Bronze desk as the focal point. Add bronze accents like a table lamp, framed art or even a desk organizer. Gray and bronze is a classic, stylish combo for a workspace.

Tips for Purchasing and Coordination

If you’re ready to use Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray in your home, keep these purchasing and coordination tips in mind:

  • When buying fabrics like pillows or drapes, get swatches first to view colors together and confirm you like the combination.
  • If you love gray but want a metallic punch, look for items described as “gunmetal gray” or “pewter.” These bridge the gap between gray and bronze tones.
  • Don’t overdo the bronze – remember it works best in small doses against larger applications of gray.
  • View colors in both natural and artificial light to make sure the balance and undertones look how you expect.
  • Tie rooms together with other complementary colors like cream or white.

In Summary

Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray may seem an unlikely pairing at first. But by understanding their complementary contrast and balance of warm and cool undertones, they can be used together to create stylish, inviting spaces. Use the tips in this article to feel confident combining these shades in your home.

The rich glam of Urbane Bronze and relaxed tranquility of Repose Gray come together to form a sophisticated color palette. So don’t be afraid to give this unique combo a try in your next design project!

Example Room Color Schemes

Here are some example room color schemes using Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray:

Room Color Scheme
Living Room
  • Repose Gray walls
  • Urbane Bronze accent chairs
  • Dark wood console table
  • Gray sofa with bronze pillows
  • Repose Gray walls and bedding
  • Urbane Bronze headboard
  • Bronze bedside lamps
  • Gray and bronze area rug
Dining Room
  • Repose Gray dining chairs
  • Urbane Bronze buffet
  • Dark wood dining table
  • Gray dishes with bronze chargers

Paint Color Coordination

If using Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray paint colors, here are complementary shades to consider:

Paint Color Complements Urbane Bronze Complements Repose Gray
Urbane Bronze Cream, stone gray, bright white Navy blue, light gray, soft peach
Repose Gray Warm white, camel, soft sage green Bold teal, bronze, crisp white

This table shows complementary colors that work with each paint color individually or together in one cohesive palette.

The Takeaway

Urbane Bronze and Repose Gray may not seem like an intuitive pairing. But by understanding the relationship between their undertones, values and finishes, they can combine beautifully. Use Urbane Bronze as a metallic focal point against the relaxed backdrop of Repose Gray. The overall effect is stylish, elegant and inviting. Be bold and give this sophisticated color combo a try in your home!