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Does the flower girl match the bride or bridesmaids?

When planning a wedding, one of the many details to consider is whether the flower girl should match the bride or the bridesmaids. The flower girl has an important role in the wedding procession, so her outfit should complement the overall look. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding if the flower girl should match the bride or bridesmaids.

Matching the Bride

Having the flower girl match the bride is a popular choice. This helps create a cohesive look for the procession and photos. Here are some pros of matching the flower girl to the bride:

  • It creates a unified aesthetic. The flower girl starts the procession, so having her match the bride ties everything together.
  • Photos will look coordinated. With the flower girl in a similar dress, the wedding party will look cohesive in photos.
  • The flower girl feels special. Matching the bride makes the flower girl feel like an important part of the ceremony.

If matching the bride, consider having the flower girl wear a miniature version of the bridal gown. Many bridal salons offer flower girl dresses that coordinate with the wedding gown. The flower girl’s dress should reflect elements of the bride’s dress like:

  • Neckline
  • Sleeves
  • Silhouette
  • Embellishments
  • Fabric and texture

The flower girl does not need to match perfectly. Focus on picking a dress with one or two of the same major details as the bridal gown. This will create cohesion without looking too matchy-matchy.

Matching the Bridesmaids

Having the flower girl match the bridesmaids is also a nice option. Here are some benefits of coordinating with the bridesmaids:

  • Ties the procession together. As the bridesmaids follow the flower girl, matching outfits connects the group.
  • Affordable and convenient. The flower girl can likely wear an off-the-rack dress in the bridesmaid color.
  • Fun for pictures. Matching bridesmaid dresses makes for cute photos of the girls together.

A few ways the flower girl can match the bridesmaids include:

  • Same color dress. A dress that is the same hue as the bridesmaids is an easy match.
  • Same fabric. Choose the same fabric as the bridesmaid dresses for a cohesive look.
  • Same embellishments. Add similar embellishments like sashes, flowers, or bows.

Keep in mind the formality when matching the bridesmaids. A toddler likely can’t wear a full-length gown. Opt for a flower girl dress with a similar neckline or fabric instead.

When to Match the Bride vs. Bridesmaids

Should you match the flower girl to the bride or bridesmaids? Here are some factors to help decide:

Match the Bride Match the Bridesmaids
The bride’s dress has strong or unique details you want reflected The bridesmaid dresses are very simple
The flower girl is close family, like a niece The flower girl is a family friend’s daughter
The wedding is formal The wedding is casual
Flower girl is similar in age to the bridesmaids Flower girl is a toddler
You want a seamless look in photos You have many bridesmaids and want the flower girl to stand out

As a general rule, match the dress formality to the wedding. For very formal weddings, match the flower girl to the bride. For more casual weddings, coordinating with the bridesmaids typically works best.

Flower Girl Dress Options to Match Bride or Bridesmaids

Once you decide who the flower girl should match, here are some dress options:

Matching the Bride

  • Mini version of the bridal gown
  • Lace dress with sleeves or illusion neckline
  • Satin ball gown with sash
  • Flower details like the bride’s bouquet
  • Pearls or beads to match embellishments
  • Tulle overlay like the bride’s skirt

Matching Bridesmaids

  • Chiffon dress in bridesmaid color
  • Romper or jumpsuit in coordinating fabric
  • Dress with sash or shawl to match
  • Same pattern or print as bridesmaid dresses
  • Dress in ombre effect of bridesmaid color

When picking flower girl dresses, look for chic yet comfortable styles. Consider details like:

  • Moveable Fabric: Chiffon, tulle, and lace that moves well.
  • Comfort Elements: Soft fabrics, stretchy backs, and loose silhouettes.
  • Adjustability: Ribbons, sashes, or belts to tie at the back.
  • Appropriate Length: Knee or tea length hems for toddlers.
  • Easy Fastenings: Hidden zippers, buttons, or snap closures.
  • Non-Slip Footwear: Flats, soft soles, straps, or buckles.
  • Accessories: Flower crowns, pomanders, or flower baskets.

Prioritize a dress the flower girl can move and play in. Add accessories to complement their outfit and the wedding colors.

Flower Girl Hairstyles

In addition to the dress, the flower girl’s hairstyle is another chance to coordinate with wedding styles. Some matching options include:

  • Wearing hair down with curled ends like the bride
  • Half up style with braids similar to the bridesmaids
  • French braids decorated with flowers from the bouquets
  • Bun wrapped in ribbon to match bridesmaid updos
  • Mini ponytail or pigtails with hair jewelry

Aim for a neat hairstyle that will stay in place. Soft curls, braids, and buns work well for flower girls. Add hair accessories that tie into the wedding palette and their dress.

Here are some tips for flower girl hair:

  • Schedule a trial run a few days before to test hairstyles
  • Use soft hair ties, ribbons, or elastics that won’t snag hair
  • Set hair with hairspray or texturizing spray
  • Have bobby pins and clips on hand for touch ups
  • Consider adding a headband, flower crown, or bow
  • Use a mini can of hairspray for quick touch ups

Keep hair simple but polished. Focus on keeping styles lasting through long wedding days.

Flower Girl Beauty Look

Pull together the flower girl’s look with the right makeup. Keep beauty age-appropriate with a natural look focused on highlighting their best features.

  • Foundation/concealer: Use lightly to even skin tone. Opt for powder or tinted moisturizer for a soft look.
  • Eyes: Mascara and neutral eyeshadow brings out eyes without being overdone.
  • Cheeks: Add a touch of pink or peach blush blended on the apples.
  • Lips: Shiny balm or light pink gloss looks fresh.

Avoid bold looks. Stick to minimal, natural makeup suitable for children. Use products labeled non-toxic and safe for sensitive skin.

Here are some flower girl beauty tips:

  • Apply mascara before dress to avoid smudges.
  • Use a makeup setting spray to help makeup last.
  • Pack extra powder and lip gloss for touch ups.
  • Schedule a makeup trial to test products and looks.
  • Take makeup wipes to quickly fix smudges.

Keep makeup light and natural to let the flower girl’s own beauty shine.

Accessorizing the Flower Girl

Accessories finish the flower girl’s wedding day ensemble. Coordinate accessories with flower girl outfits and the wedding aesthetic.

Flower Girl Jewelry

Delicate jewelry polishes off their look:

  • Pearl necklace and bracelet
  • Diamond or gemstone earrings
  • Monogrammed necklace
  • Bracelet corsage matching bouquet
  • Floral wreath headband
  • Tulle flower crown

Look for pieces that tie into their dress or bouquet. Vintage, floral, and pearl accents suit a flower girl’s style.

Flower Girl Shoes

Coordinate shoes with the dress:

  • White or metallic flats or sandals
  • Ballet slippers to match dress color
  • Mary janes or low wedges
  • Flower accents like her bouquet
  • Satiny, sparkly, or lace details

Focus on dressy yet comfortable shoes. Make sure she can walk smoothly without slipping or tripping.

Flower Girl Accessories

Fun accessories complete her look:

  • Floral pomander instead of bouquet
  • Flower basket lined with fabric
  • Flower wand with ribbon streamers
  • Lace gloves
  • Tulle flower girl pouch for petals
  • Hair bows, bands, or clips

Choose accessories fitting her age that she’ll enjoy carrying. A flower girl basket or wand helps keep hands occupied as she walks down the aisle.


Determining whether the flower girl should match the bride or bridesmaids comes down to the formality and overall vision for the wedding. For formal weddings, go for a miniature bride look with a coordinated flower girl dress. For more casual weddings, match the color and fabric of the bridesmaids.Either way, make sure the flower girl feels comfortable and confident to enjoy her big day. Keep her outfit, hair, makeup, and accessories age-appropriate with wedding-worthy touches. With the right style choices, the flower girl can complement both the bride and bridesmaids for a seamless wedding look.