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Does staples print documents in color?

Staples is one of the largest office supply retailers in the United States. They offer a wide variety of products and services for both home office and business needs. One service they provide is document printing, which includes both black and white and color printing options. For those looking to print flyers, brochures, presentations or other documents in color, this article will provide the key details on Staples’ color printing services. We’ll cover the types of color printing offered, associated costs, paper options and tips for getting the best results.

Color Printing Options at Staples

Staples provides several color printing options to meet various needs and budgets:

Standard Color Copies

This is the basic color copying service, using a laser printer and plain white paper. Documents like flyers, newsletters and presentations can be printed in color through this method. Standard color copies are a cost-effective option for everyday color printing needs.

Premium Color Copies

For documents requiring higher quality color printing, premium color copies use a professional production printer and thicker, brighter paper stock. Photos, brochures, reports and presentations are examples of items best suited for premium color copies. Though more expensive than standard copies, the results are vivid color and crisp details.

Color Posters and Banners

Large format color printing in sizes up to 48 inches wide is available for posters, signs and banners. A variety of paper choices include matte, gloss, adhesive-backed and even canvas. Projects like event signage, oversized presentations, window displays and real estate signs can benefit from Staples’ wide format color printing services.

Custom Color Business Cards

Staples offers design and printing of full color custom business cards on heavy cardstock. Turnaround can be as fast as same day for urgent needs. This is a great option for business owners, freelancers and professionals who want unique, high quality color business cards.

Cost of Color Printing at Staples

Printing costs at Staples vary depending on the service type, print size, paper selected and quantity. Here are some typical color printing costs:

Standard Color Copies

– 8.5″ x 11″: $0.59 per page
– 8.5″ x 14″: $0.79 per page
– 11″ x 17″: $1.19 per page

Premium Color Copies

– 8.5″ x 11″: $1.29 per page
– 8.5″ x 14″: $1.79 per page
– 11″ x 17″: $2.49 per page

Color Posters

– 24″ x 36″: $7.99 each
– 36″ x 48″: $19.99 each

Custom Color Business Cards

– 250 cards for $24.99
– 500 cards for $39.99
– 1000 cards for $49.99

Keep in mind that regular sales and promotions can provide cost savings on color printing. Overall, Staples offers very competitive pricing compared to other printing services.

Paper Choices

An important factor in professional color document printing is paper selection. Standard color copies use a lightweight white paper while premium copies print on brighter 24 lb paper.

For the highest quality color, consider upgrading to 32 lb or 80 lb glossy stock for a photograph-like finish. Other options include color paper, recycled paper and specialty papers like linen or cotton fiber.

Staples also has transparency film for presentations and color vinyl sheets for signs and displays. Check with your local store for the full selection of paper types and weights.

Tips for Best Results

Follow these tips when preparing your files for optimal color printing results from Staples:

Use High Resolution Images

Images should be at least 300 dpi resolution for sharp detail. For larger format printing like posters, even higher resolution is recommended.

Pick the Right File Format

Staples accepts PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS and TIFF files for color printing. For layout and graphics, PDF is the most reliable format.

Use the Correct Color Profile

Files should be formatted with an sRGB or CMYK color profile for accurate color matching.

Add Bleed to Artwork

Any images or colors extending to the edge should include 0.125 inch bleed to avoid white borders.

Do a Test Print

For big projects, do a sample color print first to check quality before printing the full quantity.


Staples makes professional color printing fast, convenient and affordable. From everyday copies to high end brochures and posters, Staples has the color printing services to meet your business or personal needs. Follow the tips in this article to get great looking color documents and graphics. Check with your local Staples store for pricing details or to discuss your next color printing project.