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Does simply white go with stonington gray?

Decorating a home can be challenging when trying to coordinate paint colors. Two popular neutral paint colors are Simply White and Stonington Gray. But do they work well together? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each color and how they can be combined in your home’s color scheme.

Introducing Simply White and Stonington Gray

Simply White and Stonington Gray are both neutral paint colors that provide a subtle, sophisticated backdrop in any room. Here’s an overview of each:

Simply White

  • Crisp, clean white with hints of gray undertones
  • Versatile color that works in any room
  • Brightens up spaces and makes them feel more open
  • Goes well with any color scheme

Stonington Gray

  • Light gray with greige undertones
  • Provides a cozy, relaxed feel
  • Warmer than other grays
  • Calming color great for bedrooms and living spaces

Comparing Hue, Tone, and Temperature

When combining paint colors, it helps to compare their hue, tone, and temperature:

Color Hue Tone Temperature
Simply White Neutral white Light tone Cool
Stonington Gray Neutral gray Medium tone Slightly warm

As you can see, Simply White and Stonington Gray have complementary tones and temperatures, with Simply White on the cooler, lighter end of the spectrum and Stonington Gray slightly warmer and darker. This contrast creates balance.

Using Simply White and Stonington Gray in the Same Room

Simply White and Stonington Gray work well together in the same room. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint walls Simply White and use Stonington Gray on trim/molding
  • Paint walls Stonington Gray and ceiling Simply White
  • Use Simply White on upper cabinets and Stonington Gray on lower cabinets
  • Select Stonington Gray for an accent wall with Simply White on remaining walls
  • Choose Stonington Gray for furniture upholstery against a Simply White background

Combining the two colors adds visual interest and depth to a space. Simply White gives a room an airy, open feel while Stonington Gray offers warmth and grounding.

Whole-Home Color Scheme

For a cohesive whole-home color scheme using Simply White and Stonington Gray:

Room Main Color Accent Color
Living Room Simply White Stonington Gray
Kitchen Stonington Gray Simply White
Bedrooms Stonington Gray Simply White
Bathrooms Simply White Stonington Gray

Alternating the main and accent colors room-by-room creates a cohesive flow. The colors complement each other perfectly thanks to their well-balanced tones and temperatures.

Paint Finishes

The finish of the paint also impacts how Simply White and Stonington Gray look together. Some options:

  • Flat/Matte: Provides a muted, velvety effect. Works well in bedrooms.
  • Eggshell: Soft sheen, easy to clean. Recommended for hallways, family rooms.
  • Satin: Subtle shine. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms.
  • Semi-Gloss: Brighter finish. Great for kitchens, bathrooms.

Semi-gloss has the most contrast between light and dark colors. In shared rooms, satin is a good middle-ground finish.

Factors that Impact the Colors

Keep these factors in mind when using Simply White and Stonington Gray together:

  • Lighting: Yellow light warms up grays while white light keeps whites crisp.
  • Room Size: Small rooms feel brighter with white walls. Large rooms feel cozy with gray walls.
  • Natural Light: South-facing rooms look great in warm grays. Low-light rooms need white to brighten up.
  • Furniture: Bold colors like black can accent a white background. Pastels complement soothing grays.

Adjusting your color scheme based on the room’s size, lighting, and furnishings helps make sure the final effect is harmonious.

Color Palettes that Complement Simply White and Stonington Gray

There are many colors that look beautiful with Simply White and Stonington Gray:

  • Navy blue: Classic combination, especially with white trim
  • Sage green: Earthy and tranquil with gray walls
  • Soft pink: Romantic pairing for a bedroom
  • Crisp red: Pops against white or gray backgrounds
  • Sunny yellow: Cheerful contrast to cool grays
  • Sky blue: Airy feel alongside white

Add punches of color through artwork, pillows, rugs and other accessories. This prevents an all-neutral scheme from feeling flat or boring.

Benefits of a Simply White and Stonington Gray Color Scheme

Some key benefits of combining Simply White and Stonington Gray include:

  • Timeless and classic
  • Versatile – works in any room
  • Easy to coordinate other colors with
  • Calming and peaceful ambiance
  • Visually expands smaller spaces
  • Easy to update over time by adding pops of color

This soothing, flexible color scheme provides the perfect base for any home décor style.


Simply White and Stonington Gray beautifully complement each other. Simply White lightens up a space while Stonington Gray offers subtle, warming contrast. Coordinating the colors room-by-room creates a cohesive look. Factors like lighting and room size impact the final effect. Both neutrals pair nicely with other colors for added visual interest. Altogether, combining Simply White and Stonington Gray results in a timeless, inviting color scheme.