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Does red go with gold dress?

Does red go with gold dress?

Whether red goes with a gold dress is a commonly debated fashion question. The combination of bold, warm colors like red and gold can look stunning but also runs the risk of clashing if not styled properly. There are tips and guidelines that can help determine if pairing red with gold is the right choice for an outfit.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers on wearing red with gold:

  • Red and gold are both bold, warm colors that complement each other when worn together in an outfit.
  • The shade and tone of red and gold should be considered – darker, muted shades tend to pair more seamlessly than bright, saturated hues.
  • Accessories like shoes, jewelry, purses, and other small details in one color can pull together a red and gold outfit.
  • Styling and occasion matters – red and gold may work for a formal event or night out but be harder for daytime.
  • Balance is key – wear red and gold together in small doses instead of head to toe.
  • Know your skin tone – those with warm, peachy undertones can typically wear red and gold best.

The Color Theory Behind Red and Gold

Looking at color theory helps explain why red and gold are complementing shades. Both sit next to each other on the color wheel, meaning they naturally go well together. Here’s a closer look at each color:

  • Red – This bold, warm color represents passion, energy, and excitement. It pops against other shades and immediately draws the eye.
  • Gold – Also warm in tone, gold represents wealth, prestige, and glamour. It has a luxurious, shiny finish.

By pairing warm tones together, red and gold create an eye-catching combination. They have enough contrast between light and dark to be striking but their analogous place on the color wheel means they won’t clash.

Factors to Consider

However, simply matching any red with any gold doesn’t guarantee fashion success. A few factors come into play:

  • Shade – Lighter, brighter reds and golds may compete. Opt for deeper shades like burgundy, maroon, or mustard gold.
  • Texture – Matte finishes and textures help red and gold pair seamlessly.
  • Occasion – Reserve red and gold for evening events rather than daytime wear.
  • Skin tone – Those with warm peach undertones can typically pull off red and gold best.
  • Quantity – Only wear red and gold together in small splashes – too much can be overwhelming.

Considering these factors results in a classy, complementary red and gold pairing instead of a clashing, haphazard combination.

Tips for Wearing Red and Gold

Here are tips to follow when styling an outfit with red and gold:

  • Choose a dark, muted red like maroon or burgundy to pair with gold jewelry and accessories.
  • Add a red handbag or shoes to an otherwise gold outfit, or vice versa.
  • Look for red and gold pieces in the same texture or fabric – like a brocade jacket and skirt.
  • Only wear one red or one gold item at a time – mix with neutral colors.
  • Make red an accent by pairing a gold dress with a red clutch or lipstick.
  • Tie it together with red and gold nail polish on fingers and toes.

By using red and gold as complementary accent colors, any outfit instantly looks more bold and elegant. Small touches of each shade can make a big fashion statement.

Red and Gold Dress Ideas

From elegant gowns to cocktail attire, red and gold dresses are a perfect way to unite these colors for special occasions. Here are stunning dress options:

Dress Type Red and Gold Pairing
Formal Evening Gown Red dress with gold jewelry and accessories
Cocktail Dress Short gold dress with red heels and clutch
A-line Dress Gold bodice with red skirt
Shift Dress Solid red dress with gold belt
Wrap Dress Maroon wrap dress with gold pumps

Rather than wearing a distracting fully red and gold dress, choose one color for the bulk of the dress and use the other shade for accents. This creates a classy, elegant red and gold dress combo.

General Outfit Ideas

Red and gold can combine beautifully in all types of outfits besides dresses. Here are examples of stylish ways to wear these hues:

  • Black pants and top with a red blazer and gold heels.
  • Red skirt with a gold sweater and maroon tights.
  • Gold pants with a burgundy blouse and red earrings.
  • Maroon coat dressed up with a gold scarf and bag.
  • Red t-shirt and jeans with gold sneakers.

Use most of these outfits for evening events, dates, or cocktails. The laid-back sneaker look can work during the day. Shoes, jewelry, and handbags are easy ways to incorporate small pops of red or gold.


Does red go with gold? It certainly can, when styled strategically. Keep the shade and texture in mind, balance the two colors, and choose one as a dominant hue with the other in supporting accents. With the right pairing, red and gold make a bold, beautiful fashion statement and bring any outfit to the next level of elegance.